2024 Super Bowl Predictions: The NFL Teams Most Likely to Win It All Next Season

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2024 Super Bowl Predictions: The NFL Teams Most Likely to Win It All Next Season

As a general rule of thumb, it's never too early to start betting on the Super Bowl. Naturally, then, we're here with our best bets to win the 2024 Super Bowl.

Roughly one month removed from earning their second Super Bowl victory in four years, the Kansas City Chiefs enter as odds-on favorites to win it all again. They, of course, need to rank among the NFL teams most likely to win Super Bowl 58. But who else should make that cut?

Before we answer that, here are the latest 2024 Super Bowl betting odds for all 30 NFL teams:

Team to Win Super BowlBovadaBetOnlineBetUS
Kansas City Chiefs+600+550+600
Philadelphia Eagles+800+800+800
Buffalo Bills+900+650+650
San Francisco 49ers+1000+650+750
Cincinnati Bengals+1000+1000+1000
Dallas Cowboys+1400+1600+1500
New York Jets+1600+3500+3500
Baltimore Ravens+1800+4000+4000
Detroit Lions+2200+3000+3300
Jacksonville Jaguars+2500+2600+2500
Los Angeles Chargers+2500+2200+1800
Miami Dolphins+2500+3500+3500
Cleveland Browns+2800+4500+4500
Minnesota Vikings+3500+5000+5000
Seattle Seahawks+3500+5000+5000
Green Bay Packers+4000+3500+3500
New Orleans Saints+4000+4500+4500
Denver Broncos+4500+4500+4500
Pittsburgh Steelers+4500+5000+5000
New York Giants+4500+3500+3500
Atlanta Falcons+5500+10000+10000
New England Patriots+5500+4500+4500
Chicago Bears+6000+10000+10000
Los Angeles Rams+6000+3500+3500
Carolina Panthers+6000+7000+7000
Washington Commanders+6000+7000+8000
Las Vegas Raiders+6000+4500+4500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+7500+4500+5000
Tennessee Titans+7500+7000+7000
Indianapolis Colts+10000+8000+8000
Arizona Cardinals+18000+10000+10000
Houston Texans+18000+25000+25000

It is imperative that you continue rechecking these online NFL betting odds until you actually submit your wager. Our 2024 Super Bowl betting odds are accurate entering Tuesday, March 7. The big game won't be taking place until Sunday, February 11, 2024. With almost a full year to go until the opening kick-off, you're bound to see significant tweaks to these lines. That's how betting on NFL futures works, after all. Linemakers release early odds before rosters are set and games are played and then they adjust based on results later on.

Keeping up to date with the odds to win the 2024 Super Bowl can be a little difficult at times. That's the danger of wading into the waters so early. Oddsmakers will futz and fiddle around the 2024 NFL draft, during 2023 NFL free agency, heading into the preseason and on numerous other occasions. This is why it's a good idea to check out our reviews of the top online sportsbooks. All the information we've provided can help you identify the best NFL online betting sites. And that, in turn, will allow you to link up with a sportsbook that always keeps you in the know with the latest Super Bowl 58 odds.

So, who are the best bets to win the Super Bowl in 2024? Read on to find out!

The Kansas City Chiefs Have Earned Their Place Atop the 2024 Super Bowl Betting Field

Winning at the highest level for an extended period of time is difficult in the NFL. Oftentimes, the Chiefs make it look easy. They are the NFL's the constant, a team that has won two Super Bowls and been to three total over the past four years.

Nobody is stripping Kansas City of this title next season. They will still have Travis Kelce and superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes, as well as a sturdier offensive line and a defense that has taken great strides over the past two seasons. That should leave them in the mix to take home championship hardware—just like they did this past year.

Kansas City Chiefs To win the 2024 Super Bowl

Don't Sleep on the Cincinnati Bengals Next Season

After making the Super Bowl to close out the 2022 season, the Cincinnati Bengals delivered a worthwhile encore this past year. They went 12-4 and made it all the way to the AFC Conference Championship, where they fell to the eventual Super Bowl-winning Chiefs.

Returning to these heights for a third consecutive campaign won't be easy. But the Bengals are built to make it happen.

Quarterback Joe Burrow and wideout Ja'Marr Chase remain incredibly young, as does the rest of the roster. What's more, the Bengals are currently slated to have over $35 million in outright cap space—the sixth most in the entire NFL. That should arm them with the flexibility to improve the roster even further.

Cincinnati Bengals To win the 2024 Super Bowl

The Philadelphia Eagles Remain Contenders to Win the 2024 Super Bowl

Some teams can fall apart after a single Super Bowl appearance. The Philadelphia Eagles should rank among the exceptions.

Jalen Hurts, their star quarterback, will be only 25 when next season kicks off. The defense, which many believed to be the best in the NFL this past year, is also armed with a bunch of young standouts. And though Philadelphia isn't armed with a ton of spending power in free agency, they have the trade ammo to help beef up their secondary on defense and pass catchers on offense. They will be right back in the mix for a title.

Philadelphia Eagles To win the 2024 Super Bowl

Best Super Bowl Dark Horse Bet

This comes down to a pair of options for us: The New York Giants (+3500) or Miami Dolphins (+3500).

Rolling with the Giants is tempting. They are coming off a surprise playoff run, and their $46-plus million in cap space ranks as the third most in the NFL entering free agency. New York will have the opportunity to make dramatic upgrades in the span of a couple of months.

Still, the quarterback situation remains uninspiring. Daniel Jones improved his decision-making under center as the year went on, but the Eagles exposed his ability to deliver reads and big plays under pressure. Unless the Giants look to enter the Aaron Rodgers trade sweepstakes, they're likely going to be stuck in mediocrity.

The Dolphins are a different story. They appeared on the cusp of Super Bowl contention this year. Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was lighting it up, they were completing big-yardage plays, and the defense, though imperfect, was disruptive. 

Injuries to Tua ultimately did them in. But if he's healthy next year, the limit to this team's potential does not exist.

Miami Dolphins To win the 2024 Super Bowl

Better Bet to Win the 2024 Super Bowl: San Francisco 49ers or Buffalo Bills?

The Buffalo Bills (+650) spent much of last season as the Super Bowl favorites before turning in a disappointing playoff performance. The San Francisco 49ers (+600), meanwhile, turned a bunch of heads with top-shelf defense before seeing their offense crater later in the playoffs.

Entering next year, we're most drawn to the latter.

San Francisco needs to figure out the quarterback rotation. Relying on Jimmy Garoppolo or Brock Purdy won't cut it, and who knows how much progress a healthy Trey Lance will show in Year 3. But there will be veteran options in free agency and on the trade market. And even if the Niners don't do anything, they still have an historically stingy defense on their hands.

San Francisco 49ers To win the 2024 Super Bowl

Way-Too-Early 2024 Super Bowl Prediction

No surprises here: We're going with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Indeed, winning back-to-back Super Bowls is incredibly hard. And this selection is subject to change depending on how free agency and the draft shake out.

For now, though, no NFL team comes close to rivaling the combination of offensive star power and defensive versatility. The Chiefs have the best player in football (Patrick Mahomes), a roster that should remain intact through offseason, and a stack of trade assets that should allow them to make some aggressive upgrades before opening night.

OSB Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs (+550)

Kansas City Chiefs To win the 2024 Super Bowl

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