The Buffalo Bills Bag Another Much-Needed Win Over Chargers in Week 16

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The Buffalo Bills Bag Another Much-Needed Win Over Chargers in Week 16

Everyone waiting for the Buffalo Bills to inject life into their odds to win Super Bowl 58 was given their wish in Week 14. Buffalo was able to take down the Kansas City Chiefs. But is this the start of a long-overdue trend? Or just a one-off performance?

  • What: Los Angeles Chargers vs. Buffalo Bills
  • Date: Saturday, December 23, 2023
  • Time: 8 p.m. eastern standard time
  • Where: SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California
  • Point Spread: Chargers (TBA), Rams (TBA)

Part of the answer will be revealed during the Bills’ Week 15 matchup against the red-hot Dallas Cowboys. But regardless of that outcome, they will need a win in Week 16 against the Los Angeles Chargers. Will the Bills get a victory? The latest NFL online betting odds suggest they will:

Buffalo Bills-115-105Los Angeles Chargers

Please remember to double-check these online NFL betting odds until you actually submit your wager. Our Chargers vs. Bills odds are accurate entering Tuesday, December 12. That gives the best NFL online betting sites plenty of time to make adjustments leading into opening kick-off on December 23

And since we’re delivering these NFL Week 16 picks so far in advance, we’ll be looking at the Chargers vs. Bills moneyline and Chargers vs. Bills point spread alone. The over/under will drop later. For now, we’ll lay out the case for each team and deliver our final prediction.

Given how much the Bills have struggled during the middle of the season, it makes sense that they’re not heavier favorites Especially when they’re on the road. But the Chargers just ceded valuable ground in the NFL AFC Wild Card race by losing to the Denver Broncos in Week 14. And with quarterback Justin Herbert currently combatting injury issues, there’s a chance they won’t have their best crop of players on the gridiron. Does that render this game a no-sweat victory for the Bills? Or is Los Angeles more equipped to sneak up on them than their record implies?

The Case for Betting on the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 16 

Offense would normally fuel the Chargers’ case in any given week But Justin Herbert is dealing with a fracture in his right index finger that sidelined him in Week 14. There’s no telling whether he’ll be back for Week 16 Especially with Los Angeles out of NFL playoff contention.

Still, the defense has started getting their act together. The Chargers have allowed more than 20 points just twice over their past seven games. And during that time, they have done a better job getting to the quarterback and limiting massive passing performances. 

Facing the Bills’ offensive line will be a tough task. They have helped make Buffalo’s run game slightly more dynamic this season. However, the Bills offensive line continues to have cracks on the weak side of their protection. The way Los Angeles is playing right now, they have the strong side attackers to get on the inside and capitalize on any mistakes. 

Los Angeles Chargers To beat the Buffalo Bills

The Case for Betting on the Buffalo Bills in Week 16

Turnovers and inconsistent defense drove the Bills’ Super Bowl stock into the ground just a few weeks ago. But they’ve started to settle down on both fronts

Buffalo has committed just three turnovers over their three games, during which time they’re 2-1 against a fairly tough schedule. On top of that, the Bills defense is putting inordinate amounts of pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Buffalo is sacking QBs on nearly 9 percent of defensive possessions this season. That number has dipped in recent weeks, but not because they’re slumping. The Bills are merely forcing signal-callers to scramble and make poor throws—a huge asset when going up against a team like the Chargers that airs it out so often.

And let’s not overlook the Justin Herbert element of this game. Whether he plays almost doesn’t matter. His fractured finger is on his throwing hand. It will impact him even if he’s clear to play. That’s a potential gift for Buffalo.

Buffalo Bills To beat the Los Angeles Chargers

Official Chargers vs Bills Week 16 Prediction

To be honest, we would have expected the Bills to be heavier favorites. The Bills vs. Chargers betting lines clearly think Herbert will be ready to rock for Los Angeles. 

That’s fine. It shouldn’t be enough to slow the Bills. They have been playing much better against a harder schedule. There’s no overstating that importance. The fact that they were even able to hang in an overtime shootout with the Philadelphia Eagles before losing 37-34 is a big deal. 

Equally big: Buffalo’s playoff odds. They have more to play for than the Chargers in this game. Intangible factors like that don’t mean everything. This late in the season, though, they mean something.

OSB Prediction: Buffalo Bills (-115)

Buffalo Bills To beat the Los Angeles Chargers

Who Covers the Week 16 Point Spread: Buffalo Bills or Los Angeles Chargers?

Fortunately for us, a batch of early Bills vs. Chargers point spread betting lines have been released. Remember: These NFL point spread betting odds are accurate entering Tuesday, December 12. They will move between now and this December 23 matchup. Keep that in mind as you decide when to place your wagers.

Anyway, here are the latest Chargers vs. Bills Week 16 point spread betting lines:

  • Buffalo Bills, -1 (-110)
  • Los Angeles Chargers, +1 (-110)

A one-point spread isn’t worth touching unless you’re making it part of a parlay. The smarter play here is looking to give more points to the Chargers on behalf of the Bills. If you juice the Buffalo point spread to -5 or more, you should significantly increase your return. 

Make no mistake, there’s real risk involved. The Bills are on the road, and Herbert could play. But there’s also a chance Herbert sits. And if he does, this could be a game in which Buffalo emerges with a double-digit victory.

OSB Prediction: Buffalo Bills, -1 (-115)

Buffalo Bills To cover the point spread against the Los Angeles Chargers

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