Which NFL Team will Score the Most Points in Week 5?

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Which NFL Team will Score the Most Points in Week 5?

Football fans really are spoiled relative to other sports. So many other leagues roll out the prop-betting red carpet only for the playoffs and championship games. But not the NFL. It is such a draw that sportsbooks offer online NFL prop betting options each and every week, with buckets of wagers for just about every game.

Week 5 of the 2023 NFL season is no different. There are plenty of football prop bets for fans to parse. And for this week’s batch of NFL prop betting predictions, we’ll be focusing on final point totals.

First, let’s begin with the betting odds for which NFL team will score the most in Week 5:

Highest Scoring TeamBetOnlineBovadaBetUS
Miami Dolphins+550+425+500
Kansas City Chiefs+650+600+600
Philadelphia Eagles+950+1000+950
Buffalo Bills+1000+1000+1000
Detroit Lions+1000+1000+1000
San Francisco 49ers+1600+1500+1600
Minnesota Vikings+1900+2000+1900
Cincinnati Bengals+1900+2000+1900
Los Angeles Rams+2100+2000+2100
Denver Broncos+2100+2000+2100
Atlanta Falcons+2400+2500+2500
Indianapolis Colts+2500+2500+2500
New England Patriots+2900+2900+3000
Baltimore Ravens+3100+3100+3100
New York Jets+3400+3500+3400
Jacksonville Jaguars+3500+3500+3500
Dallas Cowboys+3500+3500+3500
Arizona Cardinals+3600+3500+3600
Tennessee Titans+4200+4500+4000
New York Giants+4200+4500+4000
Houston Texans+4200+4500+4500
New Orleans Saints+5000+4500+5000
Carolina Panthers+5000+5000+5000
Pittsburgh Steelers+5000+5000+5000

Like always, please remember to double check these NFL online betting odds right up until you actually submit your wager. All of our NFL prop betting odds are accurate entering Wednesday, October 4. This gives the best NFL online betting sites more than enough time to keep making alterations prior to opening kick-off.

Monitoring these particular online NFL odds is incredibly important. For starters, we’re dealing with 20-something teams, many of which will be kicking off at vastly different times. While one squad’s line might stay the same, a bunch of others could see theirs change. On top of that, it’s also worth noting these prop betting odds on the NFL are for games taking place on Sunday, October 8 only.

But that’s it on the housekeeping notes. We’ll now go through our three favorite picks to score the most points during NFL Week 5. And after that, we will run off a handful of our other favorite NFL Week 5 prop betting predictions.

The Miami Dolphins are Rightful Favorites to Score the Most Points in NFL Week 5

It comes as no surprise that the Miami Dolphins (+550) are the odds-on favorites to score the most points in Week 5. Their 37.5 points per game thus far lead the league by a comfortable margin.

Granted, Miami’s averages are inflated by their 70-point explosion in Week 3. They have turned in two games this season during which they failed to eclipse the 25-point threshold, and they mustered just 20 points in Week 4 against the Buffalo Bills.

Still, it’s hard for us to care about the drawbacks. No team is averaging more yards from scrimmage per play than Dolphins. Beyond that, they’ve pulled an ultra-favorable Week 5 matchup against the New York Giants, who remain a disaster at both ends of the field.

Miami Dolphins To score the most points of any team in NFL Week 5

Don’t Sleep on the Buffalo Bills Leading All NFL Offenses in Week 5 

Plenty of people were worried about the Buffalo Bills (+1000) after their Week 1 loss to the New York Jets. That now feels like a lifetime ago.

Since then, the Bills are averaging 41 points per game, and quarterback Josh Allen and wide receiver Stefon Diggs look like one of the two or three most dangerous duos in football. 

There’s little reason to expect that Buffalo will slow down in Week 5. They’re facing a sturdy Jacksonville Jaguars defense, but they’re also playing at home. What’s more, despite their overall defensive success, the Jaguars still rank in the bottom half of the league in passing touchdowns surrendered and net yards allowed per passing attempt. Sunday could be another big day for Buffalo.

Buffalo Bills To score the most points of any team in NFL Week 5

The Baltimore Ravens Offense is a Dark Horse Candidate to Go Off

Truth be told, the Baltimore Ravens (+3100) offense has been somewhat of a letdown to start the season. 

Indeed, they have done a good job protecting the ball and winning the time of possession battle. But they’re not spitting out big plays or running the offense with a true sense of urgency. Baltimore is averaging under 25 points per game on the season and has yet to eclipse the 30-point benchmark.

The Ravens nevertheless offer great value to lead all NFL offenses in Week 5. Quarterback Lamar Jackson remains one of the league’s top playmakers through the air and on his feet. More than that, Baltimore will play a Pittsburgh Steelers team that scored only six points in Week 4 and may be without starting signal-caller Kenny Pickett in Week 5.

Baltimore Ravens To score the most points of any team in NFL Week 5

So, Which NFL Team will Score the Most Points During Week 5’s Slate of Games?

Anyone hoping we’d journey off the beaten path will be sorely disappointed. We’re picking the Dolphins. 

This isn’t just us boarding the bandwagon. Miami’s 5.5-to-1 payout is genuinely tantalizing. They might be squaring off against the worst team in the league (the Giants), and they’ll get to do so while playing in front of the home crowd. 

To be perfectly honest, if the Dolphins fail to clear the 33-point plateau, we’ll be fairly taken aback.

OSB Prediction: The Miami Dolphins will score the most points of any NFL team in Week 5.

Miami Dolphins To score the most points of any team in NFL Week 5

Other Week 5 NFL Prop Bets We’re Really Digging

Let’s keep in theme with the final-score prop bets. Here are two other categories we’ll be monitoring, with our top-five options for each one.

Which NFL Team will Score the Fewest Points in Week 5?

  • Pittsburgh Steelers (+850)
  • Houston Texans (+1200)
  • New York Jets (+1500)
  • Dallas Cowboys (+1500)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (+1800)

The Steelers (+850) immediately caught our attention. Baltimore’s defense has been that good, and Pittsburgh will be in trouble if they have to start Mitchell Trubisky under center.

However, after further consideration, we’re inclined to go with the Jaguars (+1800). Quarterback Trevor Lawrence and company have been unable to consistently move the ball through the air, and going up against the Bills’ stalwart defense, in Buffalo no less, is a recipe for disaster.

OSB Prediction: Jacksonville Jaguars (+1800)

Jacksonville Jaguars To score the fewest points of any team in NFL Week 5

What Will be the Lowest-Scoring Game in Week 5?

  • New Orleans Saints vs New England Patriots (+600)
  • New York Jets vs. Denver Broncos (+900)
  • Cincinnati Bengals vs. Arizona Cardinals (+1000)
  • Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers (+1000)
  • Philadelphia Eagles vs. Los Angeles Rams (+1900)

Believe it or not, we’re tempted to go with the Cowboys vs. 49ers (+1000). Though both teams have top-notch offenses through their first four games, their respective defenses are even better. We could see either side shutting down the other’s passing attack.

With that said, it feels like too much of a risk. Defaulting to the Saints vs. Patriots (+600) is the safer play.

Neither New England nor New Orleans has a league-average passing attack. Both of their running back rotations have also been hit or miss. If the final score of this game fails to clear 38 points, we won’t be the least bit surprised.

Saints and Patriots To score the fewest combined points in NFL Week 5

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