Will the Miami Dolphins Get Back on Track vs New York Giants?

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Will the Miami Dolphins Get Back on Track vs New York Giants?

The Miami Dolphins bungled their chance to establish themselves as a foremost betting favorite to win the Super Bowl in Week 4 by falling 48-20 to the Buffalo Bills. While the loss is no cause for panic, the ‘Phins can’t afford to drop two in a row if they want to keep pace in the AFC East title race. Fortunately for them, their Week 5 opponent will be the lowly New York Giants, and they’ll get to play them at home, on Sunday, October 8, at 1:00 p.m. eastern standard time, on the field at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Of course, we don’t mean to be too dismissive of the G-Men, The NFL remains an any-given-Sunday league. Any team, no matter how bad, can beat another in one-off situations. With that said, the latest NFL online betting odds for Giants vs. Dolphins don’t pain a pretty picture for the former:

Miami Dolphins-590+430Jacksonville Jaguars

As usual, please remember to double-check these online NFL betting odds right up until you place your wager. Our Dolphins vs. Giants betting odds are accurate entering Wednesday, October 4. That gives the best NFL online betting sites plenty of time to make adjustments prior to opening kick-off. 

Granted, we wouldn’t expect too much movement in this case. The Dolphins are already the heaviest Week 5 favorite in the entire NFL. There is only so much their line could move. In fact, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if some of the top betting sites for the NFL wind up pulling their moneyline altogether.

But is Miami’s victory that much of a sure thing? Or are oddsmakers and analysts potentially missing something about the 1-3 New York squad? Let’s get to our Dolphins vs. Giants Week 5 predictions!

The New York Giants Look Dead in the Water Entering Their Showdown with the Miami Dolphins

Is there a more depressing, if not hopeless, team in the NFL right now than the Giants? Aside from the Chicago Bears, who remain winless, we’re not so sure.

Everything about New York’s season so far has been a disaster. Extending quarterback Daniel Jones on a nine-figure contract has done nothing to improve the offense. The Giants are dead last in points per game so far, and bright spots remain few and far between. Not only is New York in the bottom three of net yards per passing attempt, passing touchdowns and interceptions thrown, but they’ve been unable to generate real traction with the ground game. Their running backs have done some damage in the red zone, but they are 22nd in net yards gained per rushing attempt. 

Moreover, the defense has wildly underachieved. The Giants aren’t forcing turnovers or generating much pressure on the quarterback. Their passing prevention is flat-out terrible, and the fro

nt seven have been inconsistent when it comes to stopping the run. 

Facing the Dolphins may offer some reprieve. Miami doesn’t get at the quarterback as much as some of the defenses New York has already squared off against. That bodes well for an offensive line that parts like the red sea at the first sign of pressure. 

But this is merely a tiny silver lining. The Giants still have to worry about stopping the Dolphins offense. That’s something they’re ill-equipped to do. Though Miami mustered only 20 points against Buffalo in Week 4, they still rank first in points per game and net yards per passing attempt. The one-two punch of Tua Tagovailoa and Tyreek Hill remains the NFL’s most lethal, and that pair, specifically, should make mincemeat out of New York’s flimsy secondary. 

OSB Prediction: Miami Dolphins (-590)

Miami Dolphins To beat the New York Giants

This is the Toughest Decision You’ll Face When Betting on Miami vs. New York

True to the moneyline, oddsmakers aren’t messing around with the Giants-Dolphins Week 5 point spread, which you can see below:

  • Miami Dolphins, -10.5 (-110)
  • New York Giants, +10.5 (-110)

Double-digit spreads are always worth munching on for a little bit when you’re thinking about taking the favorite. The Dolphins have played just one game at home, which they won by 50 points (you read that correctly), but they’re not perfect.

Miami’s defense has so far struggled to stop opponents on third downs, and they have done a borderline awful job of covering the middle of the field. Their performance against the run has waxed and waned, as well. That’s potentially problematic when facing Saquon Barkley.

Except, well, will the Dolphins be going up against Barkley? He is listed as “questionable” for Sunday at this writing. And if he can’t suit up, there’s a very real chance the Giants fail to eclipse 14 points for the fourth time in five games.

OSB Prediction: Miami Dolphins, -10.5 (-110)

Miami Dolphins To cover the point spread against the Giants

How Many Points will the Dolphins Pile on the Giants?

The answer to this question will define how you feel about the Dolphins vs. Giants over/under, which can be seen below:

  • Over 49.5 (-115)
  • Under 49.5 (-105)

Color us slightly surprised that the public has flocked to the “over.” Indeed, the Dolphins have shown they can carry this number on their own; they have topped 35 points twice this season. But a 49.5-point total invariably requires the other team to put the ball in the end zone with some semblance of consistency. That’s not the Giants’ strong suit.

Doubt the Dolphins’ defense all you want. Or trust their offense. Whatever. Betting the “under” is not a sure thing. Ultimately, though, we’re that low on everything about the Giants. We’d be more surprised if they topped 14 points than if Miami cleared 40 points.

OSB Prediction: Under 49.5 (-105)

Giants and Dolphins To score under 49.5 combined points

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