The Philadelphia Eagles Need a Week 16 Win Over the New York Giants

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The Philadelphia Eagles Need a Week 16 Win Over the New York Giants

Is it time to worry about the Philadelphia Eagles? That’s the question NFL analysts and fans everywhere find themselves asking after the reigning NFC champions dropped consecutive games against the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys

  • What: New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles
  • Date: Monday, December 25, 2023
  • Time: To Be Announced
  • Where: MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey
  • Point Spread: Giants (TBA), Eangles (TBA)

Regardless of where you land on the Eagles panic meter, not even optimists can deny they need to make the most of their winnable matchups to close out the regular season. Their odds to win Super Bowl 58 have already taken a substantial hit. They can ill afford unexpected letdowns. That includes dropping the ball in their Week 16 matchup with the New York Giants. Kick-off is scheduled for Christmas Day 2023, on Monday, December 25, at a to be determined time. Here are the latest NFL online betting odds for Giants vs. Eagles before we go any deeper into this divisional head-to-head: 

Philadelphia Eagles-295+245New York Giants

Please remember to double-check these online NFL betting odds until you actually submit your wager. Our Eagles vs. Giants Week 16 betting odds are accurate entering Tuesday, December 12. That gives the best NFL online betting sites plenty of time to make adjustments leading into opening kick-off on Christmas Day 2023. You also need to pay attention to the schedule. The NFL has yet to lock in a time for this game. They will likely do so after the Week 15 slate of games. Definitely keep this in mind as you mull over your own picks.

And since we’re delivering these NFL Week 16 predictions so far in advance, we’ll be looking at the Eagles vs. Giants moneyline odds and Eagles vs. Giants point spread odds alone. The over/under will drop later. For now, we’ll lay out the case for each team and deliver our final prediction.

Now, back to the Eagles. Is the concern for their Super Bowl stock manufactured? Overblown? Is it valid yet irrelevant against a lowly team like the Giants? Or does New York have a real chance to play spoiler following three straight victories over the Washington Commanders, New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers?

The Case for Betting on the New York Giants in Week 16

So, uh, what has gotten into these Giants? They staked their claim to the worst team in the NFL just a few weeks ago. Since then, they’ve rattled off three victories amid a quarterback change. Is Danny DeVito the real deal? Have they just gotten lucky with their schedule? Some combination of both?

We’re not quite sure luck has anything to do with it. The Giants have not been facing the glitziest opponents, but when you’re as bad as they are, there’s no such thing as pushover matchups. Beating the Commanders on the road (Week 11), holding off the Patriots at home (Week 12) and then keeping the Packers at bay (Week 14) is a fairly big deal for this squad. 

DeVito has done a good-not-great job stewarding the offense during this stretch. The Giants mustered just 10 points against the Patriots, but he tossed three touchdowns against the Commanders and helped New York hang 24 points on Green Bay. 

New York’s defense is the real story over these games. Not only are they allowing just 16 points per contest, but they have forced a combined 12 turnovers in just three tilts. The Eagles have not always failed to protect the ball this season, but they’re not immune to getting a little turnover-happy. And given that New York’s defensive pressure isn’t too reliant on getting to the QB, this could be a huge deal.

New York Giants To beat the Philadelphia Eagles

The Case for Betting on the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 16

Look, the Eagles are clearly going through a rough stretch. And their defense isn’t anywhere nearly as talented as last year, when they made it all the way to the Super Bowl. Philadelphia is now down to 28th in points allowed per game.

Still, we needn’t pretend as if their championship stock is dead on arrival. There’s no shame in losing to fellow Super Bowl contenders like the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers. 

Perhaps we’ll need to revisit the panic meter if they fall to the Seattle Seahawks in Week 15.  But in the meantime, the Giants defense isn’t built to stop an offense that combines Jalen Hurt’s mobility with an arm that has the Eagles ranking eighth in net yards allowed per passing attempt.

Philadelphia Eagles To beat the New York Giants

Official Giants vs. Eagles Week 16 Prediction

This decision isn’t especially hard for us to make. The Giants might be hot, but the Eagles are actually good. 

We also need to be talking about how tough of a schedule Philadelphia has recently faced. Consider their last six opponents entering this matchup in New York: Dallas (twice), Buffalo, Kansas City, Seattle and San Francisco. Playing .500 or better football through this stretch is an absolute win.

And speaking of wins, Philly is finally getting a reprieve in the level of competition they’re going up against. Don’t expect them to squander it

OSB Prediction: Philadelphia Eagles (-295)

Philadelphia Eagles To beat the New York Giants

Who Covers the Point Spread in Week 16: Philadelphia Eagles or New York Giants?

Oddsmakers have already dropped Week 16 point spread betting lines for the divisional showdown between the Eagles and Giants. But before we tackle our point spread prediction, we’d just like to remind you yet again that these NFL point spread betting odds are accurate entering Tuesday, December 12. Keep this in mind as you plan when to submit your wager. 

Below you can see the latest Giants vs. Eagles point spread betting lines:

  • Philadelphia Eagles, -7 (-110)
  • New York Giants, +7 (-110)

Philly does not have a lot of blowout victories under their belt. The last time they won by more than a touchdown was in Week 5 against the Los Angeles Rams. That’s a looong time.

Schedule difficulty has something to do with it. But the Eagles defense has also facilitated some inexcusably close games or losses against the New York Jets, Washington Commanders and others. 

The Giants’ defense, meanwhile, is playing well. And these two teams have yet to meet this season. That means Philly’s scouting report on Danny DeVito and the team’s newly rejuvenated defense won’t be too extensive. We can easily see this game being uncomfortably close.

OSB Prediction: New York Giants, +7 (-110)

New York Giants To cover the point spread against the Philadelphia Eagles

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