San Francisco 49ers vs Dallas Cowboys Could be NFC Championship Preview

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San Francisco 49ers vs Dallas Cowboys Could be NFC Championship Preview

Did anyone order a Week 5 NFL matchup that will significantly alter betting odds for the entire NFC conference? Because that’s what is on tap for us this Sunday, October 8, at 8:21 eastern standard time, on the field at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California when the San Francisco 49ers play host to the Dallas Cowboys.

Both teams so far look like juggernauts. The Niners remain unbeaten while the Cowboys enter with a 3-1 record, their lone blemish coming in Week 3 against a plucky Arizona Cardinal squad. You can see who linemakers are favoring below by looking at the latest NFL online betting odds for this matchup:

San Francisco 49ers-178+150Dallas Cowboys

Always remember to double-check these online NFL betting odds right up until you place your wager. Our 49ers vs. Cowboys betting odds are accurate entering Tuesday, October 3. That gives the best NFL online betting sites plenty of time to make adjustments prior to opening kick-off on Sunday night. 

Though the Niners enter as favorites, their hold on the betting lines aren’t exactly airtight. Plenty of people became concerned when the Cowboys fell to the Cardinals in Week 3. But most are jumping back on the bandwagon in earnest after their 38-3 dismantling of the New England Patriots. Which team will ultimately win this matchup? Let’s get to our predictions for 49ers vs. Cowboys!

Should the San Francisco 49ers be Heavier Favorites to Beat the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday?

Our first reaction upon seeing this betting line? Why aren’t the 49ers heavier favorites to win?! It’s a fair question. San Francisco is 4-0 on the season, averaging nearly 34 points per game and once again sporting one of the league’s scariest defenses.

This could simply be more about the Cowboys. Their offense is high-powered, but statistically speaking, they also enter with the NFL’s best defense. Dallas is allowing under 11 points per game and fields one of the deadliest passing defenses in existence. No team has allowed fewer touchdowns through the air so far, and the Cowboys are also second in interceptions forced.

Still, Dallas has not exactly faced a murderer’s row of quarterbacks during this span. They got to beat up on Daniel Jones of the New York Giants in Week 1; dismantled the Aaron Rodgers-less New York Jets in Week 2; and lost to the Arizona Cardinals and their backup quarterback in Week 3. Indeed, Mac Jones of the Patriots probably qualifies as their toughest task yet. That’s not exactly saying too much. 

Of course, Brock Purdy of the 49ers isn’t a superstar himself. Even now, San Francisco often treats him as an offensive steward rather than the engine. And yet, Purdy is absolutely killing it in his role. He is completing over 72 percent of his passes, has zero interceptions and the 10 adjusted yards per passing attempt he’s posted is so far the best mark of any quarterback in the league. If nothing else, Dallas’ front seven has yet to face an offensive line like the one deployed by San Francisco. Forcing turnovers and pressure will be harder for the Cowboys at every level.

That doesn’t necessarily make this an easy pick. Both teams have been pleasant surprises on offense thus far. But while the Cowboys have the bigger name under center (Dak Prescott), their passing attack has actually underwhelmed relative to what the Niners are doing. San Francisco is second in net yards per passing attempt and ranks inside the top half of touchdowns thrown. And this all says nothing of Christian McCaffrey, the superstar running back who has amassed 600 total yards from scrimmage and seven touchdowns through just four games. Factor in home-field advantage, and betting on the 49ers is looking like the right choice for this Sunday night showcase.

OSB Prediction: San Francisco 49ers (-178)

San Francisco 49ers To beat the Dallas Cowboys

Will Dallas vs. San Francisco Come Down to the Wire?

Point spreads below five always give us some pause. That’s the case here. You can see the latest NFL point spread betting odds for 49ers vs. Cowboys below:

  • San Francisco 49ers, -3.5 (-106)
  • Dallas Cowboys, +3.5 (-114)

Bettors are currently flocking to the Cowboys. We’re tempted to do the same. But we can’t. 

Consider this our way of saying “We’re all in on the Niners.” Their offense has looked truly absurd through the first four weeks, delivering a nice mix of steady short-yardage plays and big-time gains down the field. 

Sure, the Cowboys have the secondary to really halt San Francisco’s quicker decision-making. But there’s also the other side of the ball to consider. It would be foolish to say Dallas’ points-scoring machine is a mirage. However, they have yet to face a top-12 defense. 

Then again, the same goes for the 49ers. The Cowboys have actually faced the tougher collection of defenses when digging into the numbers. In the end, this is a vote of confidence in the Niners’ offense. They have a mixture of play-calls to adjust their game plan to Dallas’ schemes. The Cowboys do not have that same flexibility, in our humble opinion.

OSB Prediction: San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers To cover the point spread against the Dallas Cowboys

Will Defense or Offense Prevail in 49ers vs. Cowboys?

Cobbling together the points total for this matchup feels like an impossible task. What are you supposed to do when teams with elite offenses and defenses square off against one another? In this case, you default to a middle-of-the-road points total, as you can see from the latest NFL over/under betting odds on Dallas vs. San Francisco: 

  • Over 45 (-110)
  • Under 45 (-110)

This number feels a touch low at first glance. The 49ers have hit 30 or more points in all four games, and the Cowboys, on average, are clearing the 30-point benchmark themselves. On the flip side, though, San Francisco and Dallas probably have the two best passing defenses in the league.

After much hemming and hawing, we’re leaning ever so slightly towards the “over.” It’s just low enough that we’re comfortable going that route.

OSB Prediction: Over 45 (-110)

Cowboys and 49ers To score under 45 combined points

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