North Dakota Legal Sports Betting

Sports betting is heavily restricted in the majority of the United States, including in North Dakota, where many residents have desperately looked for other ways to legally place bets on pro sporting events. While federal laws prevent any type of wagering through street-level bookmakers, there is a new way for residents in the state of North Dakota to get their sports wagering fix. We break it all down for you.

North Dakota Online Sports Betting

There are only a handful of states that can offer legalized sports gambling in America and North Dakota isn’t among that group. We are breaking down all the sports betting rules and regulations for all 50 states and in this instalment, we are looking at the laws in North Dakota.

      As one of the smallest population states in American, North Dakota’s gambling community is a rather large one. The state has several tribal casinos on reservation lands that offer gamblers in North Dakota many types of table games from poker to blackjack as well as slot machines. Under strict federal laws, these casinos are only permitted on tribal lands.

      North Dakota also allows wagering on both horse and dog racing events. As far as other gambling in North Dakota goes, the state does allow other forms of wagering, including pull tab games as well as sports pools operated by charitable organizations.

      What does this mean for sports gamblers in North Dakota? They continue to be on the outside looking in because of strict laws that prohibit any kind of sports betting through brick and mortar bookmakers within the state. Because of this, residents have for years sought out other forms of wagering on sports in a safe and legal manner.

      The rise of offshore, Internet-based sportsbooks has made that much easier for states that are not allowed to place wagers through live bookmakers, such as North Dakota. These sites are legal to use as there is no language in the federal law stating otherwise.

      What if we told you there was a way North Dakotans could legally place a bet on a sporting event online? It may sound too good to be true but it is the truth.

      Legal North Dakota Betting Sites & Online Sportsbooks

      More and more gamblers in states such as North Dakota are tapping into these offshore sportsbooks, who are fully licensed in their respective states. The first step is choosing a reputable online sportsbook, such as or — both considered to be among the best in the online sports betting industry.

      North Dakota may not have a professional sports team to speak of, but residents there still enjoy putting their money down on sporting events when the opportunity arises. The state borders Minnesota to the east, which means there are many fans in North Dakota of Minnesota-based pro teams such as the Vikings, Twins and Timberwolves.

      Whether you’re betting on the spread on a NFL game or just a straight moneyline wager on an English Premier League game, online bookies like Bovada and BetOnline have you covered.

      North Dakota does allow horse racing within state boundaries, but for those looking to place bets from the comfort of their own home, online sportsbooks also offer full horse books with daily odds from race tracks around the world.

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