2022 NFL Futures: Bucs, Bengals, Cardinals or Chiefs Will Have BEST Regular-Season Record

2022 NFL Futures: Bucs, Bengals, Cardinals or Chiefs Will Have BEST Regular-Season Record

You know the regular season is right around the corner when the best online NFL betting sites are busting out all of the top 2022 NFL futures. And would we really be self-respecting football fans if we didn't pounce on the most intriguing lines available to us?

The last time we met, the Atlanta Falcons were picked to finish with the worst record of the 2022 NFL regular season. It only makes sense for this edition of 2022 NFL futures to cover the other side of the coin: Which NFL team will finish with the best win-loss record of the regular season?

Oddsmakers seem to believe it'll be the Buffalo Bills (+450) over everyone else. Well, we're here to tell you that they're wrong.

First, though, here are the latest odds to finish with the bet 2022 NFL regular season record, courtesy of Bovada:

Worst Record PickBovada
Buffalo Bills+450
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+500
Green Bay Packers+700
Kansas City Chiefs+900
Los Angeles Rams+900
Dallas Cowboys+1000
Baltimore Ravens+1400
Denver Broncos+1400
Los Angeles Chargers+1600
Indianapolis Colts+1600
San Francisco 49ers+2000
Philadelphia Eagles+2500
Cincinnati Bengals+2500
Cleveland Browns+3500
Arizona Cardinals+3500
Tennessee Titans+3500
New England Patriots+5000
New Orleans Saints+5000
Minnesota Vikings+5000
Miami Dolphins+5000
Washington Commanders+5000
Las Vegas Raiders+6000
Pittsburgh Steelers+10000
New York Giants+10000
Chicago Bears+15000
Detroit Lions+15000
Jacksonville Jaguars+15000
Carolina Panthers+15000
New York Jets+15000
Seattle Seahawks+15000
Atlanta Falcons+20000
Houston Texans+20000

Always remember to double-check these odds on 2022 NFL futures until you actually place your wager. Football betting lines on win-loss records will continue moving throughout the actual season, and our predictions are accurate prior to Week 1.

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Better 2022 NFL Futures Bet: Buffalo Bills or Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Anyone who has read this space in the past understands that we're a little lower on the Bills than most. They have been advertised as Super Bowl favorites at many outlets, and we just don't have enough trust in their offense replicating last year's pace.

This, of course, means we're more drawn to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+500) when it comes to investing in 2022 NFL futures. With Tom Brady back under center and a young, up-and-coming defense still intact, we can easily see this squad rattling off between 13 and 15 victories.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers To finish with the NFL's best record in 2022

The Cincinnati Bengals Could Be a Win-Loss Bargain in 2022

Whether the Cincinnati Bengals (+2500) are bargains for this specific batch of 2022 NFL futures depends on whether you trust last year's performance. Are they really so good that they could flirt with another AFC title game appearance, or were they more of a flash in the pan?

We are inclined to believe the former.¬†The Bengals defense is terrifying at every level‚ÄĒup front and in the secondary. Bake in another year of development from quarterback Joe Burrow, as well as a sturdy ground game, and we wouldn't be shocked if Cincinnati once again takes the league by storm with another mega leap.

Cincinnati Bengals To finish with the NFL's best record in 2022

Are the Green Bay Packers a Better 2022 NFL Futures Bet Than Kansas City Chiefs?

Bettors still appear to be very high on the Green Bay Packers (+700), even though they lost Davante Adams during 2022 free agency. That's not an irrational line of thought. Aaron Rodgers still exists, after all.

But we also think the Kansas City Chiefs (+900) are being oddly ignored when discussing the most elite teams in the league. People are placing too much emphasis on the departure of star wideout Tyreek Hill. Patrick Mahomes has always been the engine that makes the Chiefs offense go, and he still has superstar tight end Travis Kelce to hook up with downfield.

What's more, the Chiefs' defense showed a lot of growth by the end of last season. A 14-win finish is not outside the realm of possibility for this crew.

Kansas City Chiefs To finish with the NFL's best record in 2022

Oddsmakers Continue to Sleep on the Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals (+3500) continue to be slept on in pretty much every 2022 NFL futures conversation.

Perhaps bettors are turned off by a lackluster 2021 campaign. That's fair. But quarterback Kyler Murray turned out to be a dark horse MVP candidate last year and is only just entering his prime, and the addition of Hollywood Brown to their wide receiver core should significantly diversify their offensive packages.

Indeed, everything still hinges on the Cardinals' defensive performance. They struggled to limit big plays last year and didn't add much talent on that side of the football this past offseason. But we're absolutely buying their league-best stock at 35-to-1 odds‚ÄĒespecially knowing they play in an NFC West division that could wind up being a lot weaker than expected with both the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers undergoing changes at the quarterback position.

Arizona Cardinals To finish with the NFL's best record in 2022

Official 2022 NFL Futures Prediction: Which Team Will Have the Best Regular Season Record?

Go ahead and laugh at our prediction for the Bucs' record if you must. Tom Brady is old. The offense is a tad shallow on the receiving end. We get it.

But the NFC South is weaker than it's been in years past, and matchups with the potentially league-worst Falcons, Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints will account for six of the Bucs' 17 games in 2022. That matters a great deal in this discussion.

Just as the Brady-era New England Patriots often fattened up their win totals by gorging on the rest of the AFC East, we see Tampa Bay doing the same to the NFC South this year. However, if these 5-to-1 odds aren't lucrative enough for you, we'd suggest taking a harder look at the Cardinals and their 35-to-1 payout.

OSB Prediction: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+500)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers To finish with the NFL's best record in 2022

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