2022 NFL Futures: Best NFC Win Total Bets Include Packers, Giants, Bucs, Rams and More

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2022 NFL Futures: Best NFC Win Total Bets Include Packers, Giants, Bucs, Rams and More

Check out our best NFL win total bets for the NFC ahead of the 2022 season.

With the 2022 NFL draft now in the rear view, the best betting sites for the NFL are releasing 2022 football futures in droves. Among the most important 2022 NFL futures, of course, is the win totals. They remain a fan favorite every year. And since we've already dropped our best 2022 AFC win total bets, we figure it's only fair we unbottle our best NFC win total bets for the 2022 NFL season, as well.

We will start, like always, by taking a look at the NFL win total betting odds for every NFC team:

Arizona CardinalsOver 9.5 (+135)Under 9.5 (-160)
Atlanta FalconsOver 4.5 (+100)Under 4.5 (-120)
Carolina PanthersOver 5.5 (-125)Under 5.5 (+105)
Chicago BearsOver 6.5 (-115)Under 6.5 (-105)
Dallas CowboysOver 10.5 (-105)Under 10.5 (-115)
Detroit LionsOver 6.5 (-105)Under 6.5 (-115)
Green Bay PackersOver 10.5 (-145)Under 10.5 (+125)
Los Angeles RamsOver 10.5 (+110)Under 10.5 (-130)
Minnesota VikingsOver 8.5 (-130)Under 8.5 (+110)
New Orleans SaintsOver 8.5 (+100)Under 8.5 (-120)
New York GiantsOver 7.5 (+135)Under 7.5 (-160)
Philadelphia EaglesOver 9.5 (+100)Under 9.5 (-120)
San Francisco 49ersOver 9.5 (-145)Under 9.5 (+125)
Seattle SeahawksOver 5.5 (-135)Under 5.5 (+115)
Tampa Bay BuccaneersOver 11.5 (-110)Under 11.5 (-110)
Washington CommandersOver 8.5 (+145)Under 8.5 (-170)

Please remember to double-check these odds on the NFL before committing to any picks. Week 1 of the 2022 NFL season doesn't kick off until Thursday, September 8. Our 2022 NFL win total predictions are based off NFL odds that are accurate as of Thursday, May 25. There is plenty of time for them to shift prior to the first game of the year, and they will also continue to move throughout the course of the season, as oddsmakers have the chance to adjust lines based on the results.

With so much time to go before the start of the NFL season, you should absolutely check out our reviews of the top online sportsbooks. They're teeming with information that'll help you spot the best NFL betting sites in 2022.

2022 NFL Futures: Green Bay Packers Win Total

Bettors don't yet seem to be jumping on the Packers' over, most likely because they lost star wide receiver Davante Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders. But that only means you have a chance to pounce on a great opportunity.

Keeping quarterback Aaron Rodgers matters way more to the Packers' offense and win total than anything else. And if you are, in fact, worried about their ability to rack up passing touchdowns, you can find solace in knowing wideout Allen Lazard is a primetime breakout candidate, and the team did well to scoop up Sammy Watkins.

OSB Prediction: Green Bay Packers Over 10.5 (-145)

Green Bay Packers To go over 10.5 wins

2022 NFL Futures: Los Angeles Rams Win Total

There appears to be some skepticism surrounding the reigning-champion Rams. And we don't get it.

Yes, Super Bowl hangovers are real. But the Rams haven't been making deep playoff pushes for years. They won't be especially exhausted. It's also not as if they failed to retain their top-end talent. Everyone who matters most to their on-field product is coming back this season, including quarterback Matthew Stafford and defensive superhero Aaron Donald.

Maybe folks are worried about the Rams getting older. Stafford has been around for a while. But the Rams have the offensive line to protect him. Equally important: The NFC West division is shaking up to be significantly weaker. The Seattle Seahawks have already traded Russell Wilson, and many expect the San Francisco 49ers to move on from Jimmy Garoppolo before long. So, yeah, we'll take over 10.5 wins when it's paying out better than 1-to-1.

OSB Prediction: Los Angeles Rams Over 10.5 (+110)

Los Angeles Rams To go over 10.5 wins

2022 NFL Futures: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Win Totals

Hurry up and pound the Buccaneers' over while you can still get it at -110. It isn't going to stay this way forever.

We see it every year with a Tom Brady team. Bettors and sportsbooks alike seem concerned that he'll fall off, and then he never does. We don't see anything being different this year. The Bucs are bringing back the crux of a core that was billed as last year's Super Bowl favorite, and they also got a little younger in the draft. We see this as a 12- or 13-win team.

OSB Prediction: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Over 11.5 (-110)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers To go over 11.5 wins

2022 NFL Futures: Seattle Seahawks Win Totals

Are we missing something in Seattle? Did they not trade Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos or something? Because a 5.5 win-total line is muuuuch too high.

Yes, we understand every NFL team is now playing 17 games. That doesn't change our low impressions of the Seahawks. Their top-two quarterbacks entering the season figure to be Geno Smith and Drew Lock. If that holds for even a majority of the year, Seattle will be lucky to get three or four victories, let alone eclipse the five-win threshold.

OSB Prediction: Seattle Seahawks Under 5.5 (+115)

Seattle Seahawks To go under 5.5 wins

2022 NFL Futures: New York Giants Win Total


The Giants did nothing to materially improve their roster over the offseason. Most notably, they enter this year with one of the worst quarterback situations in the league. Again. 

Not only did they fail to address the quarterback rotation in the draft, but they also declined Daniel Jones' team option. There is no greater evidence of a lack of faith in your quarterback than when you decline a fifth-year team option typically deemed a formality. 

Could Jones respond to this adversity by turning in a breakout season? Maybe. But it's unlikely. He doesn't have the processing speed or anticipatory accuracy to drastically exceed expectations. And the Giants, for their part, have nowhere to turn aside from him. Tyrod Taylor and Davis Webb are Jones' primary backups. All of which is to say: The Giants are yet again built to have one of the league's worst offenses without turning many heads on the defensive end. Smash New York's under, and don't look back.

OSB Prediction: New York Giants Under 7.5 (-160)

New York Giants To go under 7.5 wins

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