Buying or Selling the Best NFL Super Bowl Futures Entering Week 10

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Buying or Selling the Best NFL Super Bowl Futures Entering Week 10

Now that we’re entering Week 10, there is a definitive tier of compelling NFL Super Bowl futures. We know the primary contenders. We know their strengths. And their flaws. We know their injury issues and risks. And perhaps most importantly, we know their betting lines to win the Super Bowl.

With all of this in mind, we’ve decided it’s time to take stock of the flashiest options in 2023 NFL Super Bowl futures. Sure, we know last year’s participants, the reigning champion Kansas City Chiefs (+490) and NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles (+500) feature prominently in the discussion. But are their Super Bowl betting odds worth investing in with so much of the 2023 NFL regular season already in the rear view? What other teams are topping the NFL Super Bowl betting lines? And are these alternative options worth the placement they’re receiving?

Before we go any further, here’s a look at the latest NFL online betting odds to win Super Bowl LVIII:

To Win the Super BowlBetOnlineBetUSBovada
Kansas City Chiefs+490+500+500
Philadelphia Eagles+500+500+500
San Francisco 49ers+600+600+600
Baltimore Ravens+850+850+850
Dallas Cowboys+1100+1100+1100
Miami Dolphins+1200+1200+1200
Cincinnati Bengals+1300+1300+1300
Detroit Lions+1500+1500+1500
Buffalo Bills+1500+1500+1500
Jacksonville Jaguars+2000+2000+2000
Cleveland Browns+2900+3000+3000
Seattle Seahawks+3400+3500+3500
Los Angeles Chargers+3900+4000+4000
New Orleans Saints+4200+4000+4000
Pittsburgh Steelers+8500+8500+8500
Atlanta Falcons+9500+10000+10000
Minnesota Vikings+10000+10000+10000
Green Bay Packers+14000+15000+10000
Los Angeles Rams+14000+15000+15000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+14000+15000+15000
Houston Texans+14000+15000+15000
New York Jets+14000+15000+15000
Washington Commanders+15000+15000+15000
Tennessee Titans+19000+20000+20000
Indianapolis Colts+20000+20000+20000

As usual, keep double-checking these online Super Bowl betting futures until you actually submit your wager. Our NFL online betting odds to win the Super Bowl are accurate entering Thursday, November 9. Meanwhile, Super Bowl LVIII will not kick off until Sunday, February 11, 2024. This allows the best NFL online betting sites to adjust their lines depending on how the market continues shaking out and on how well all of these teams play down the stretch of the regular season.

Here’s how this exercise will work. We will go through the top seven NFL teams with the best odds to win Super Bowl LVIII and buy or sell their chances of winning relative to their returns. We will finish off with our updated pick to win the Super Bowl

Kansas City Chiefs Clinging to Top Sport in NFL Super Bowl Futures Field

At the start of the season, NFL online betting sites generally had one of three teams favored to win Super Bowl LVIII: The Eagles, Buffalo Bills (+1500) or Chiefs. Entering Week 10, just about every sportsbook has decided Kansas City is the consensus favorite. 

This feels like the right decision.

Though there has been some turbulence on the offensive end, quarterback Patrick Mahomes remains an MVP candidate. More critically, the Chiefs currently have the most electrifying defense of the Mahomes era

The fact that Kansas City’s NFL Super Bowl futures still almost payout 5-to-1 is incredible. We’d pounce on it.

Verdict: Buy the Chiefs’ Super Bowl betting odds (+490)

Kansas City Chiefs To win Super Bowl LVIII

The Philadelphia Eagles Continue Nip at the Chiefs’ Super Bowl Betting Heels

Entering Week 10, the Eagles have the second-best odds to win Super Bowl LVIII. This is also probably the right call.

Indeed, Philly’s defense has slipped a bit. They are now 20th in points allowed per game. But the offense has grown a great deal under quarterback Jalen Hurts

Not only that, but the NFC suddenly lacks certifiable contenders. The San Francisco 49ers (+600) were supposed to take the cake, but they’ve been slipping. While the Dallas Cowboys (+1100) loom, their lack of a rushing threat has us skeptical. 

At 5-to-1 Super Bowl odds, the Eagles continue to lay great value.

Verdict: Buy the Eagles’ Super Bowl betting odds (+500)

Philadelphia Eagles To win Super Bowl LVIII

Do the San Francisco 49ers Still Belong in the NFL Super Bowl Futures Discussion?

No need to mince words here. We are officially out on the 49ers.

The offense has been a mess of turnovers under quarterback Brock Purdy in recent weeks. And the oblique injury running back Christian McCaffrey suffered a few games ago also seems to be impeding him as a rusher, screener and pass-catcher. 

Make no mistake, San Francisco continues to have a championship defense. But the offense is questionable at best. We’d steer clear of their odds unless they shift to +700 or higher.

Verdict: Sell the Chiefs’ Super Bowl betting odds (+600)

San Francisco 49ers To win Super Bowl LVIII

The Baltimore Ravens Look Like a Real Threat to Win It All

Do you remember the last time the Baltimore Ravens (+850) lost entering Week 10? We don’t, either.

No other defense is better right now. The Ravens are first in points allowed per game and appear near the top of the leaderboard in the most important categories. Most notably, they rank in the top eight of third-down defense, fourth-down defense and red zone defense.

While the passing offense can be a little hit or miss, Lamar Jackson’s ability to extend plays ensures it’s good enough. He also gives them one of the most lethal rushing attacks on his own. 

If it weren’t for the Chiefs, we might be ready to call the Ravens favorites to win the AFC. They are great value at an 8.5-to-1 payout.

Verdict: Buy the Ravens’ Super Bowl betting odds (+850)

San Francisco 49ers To win Super Bowl LVIII

Are the Dallas Cowboys the Second Best Team in the NFC?

The answer to this question might be yes. That doesn’t mean we’re sold on the Cowboys. We’re not.

Yes, the defense ranks sixth in points allowed per game. But they are 20th in total passing touchdowns surrendered and have forfeited some big-time performances to mobile QBs.

Ultimately, however, the lack of quality options in the NFC bumps Dallas up a few notches. It will be easier to make it out of the NFC than the AFC. For that reason, we’ll take the ‘Boys while they’re paying out 11-to-1.

Verdict: Buy the Cowboys’ Super Bowl betting odds (+1100)

Dallas Cowboys To win Super Bowl LVIII

The Miami Dolphins Have Seen Their NFL Super Bowl Futures Slip

Doubt is starting to creep into the Miami Dolphins’ (+1200) Super Bowl stock. Shaky passing defense and the absence of a trademark are to blame.

And yet, we’re not worried.

The Dolphins might have one of the most dangerous passing offenses the NFL has ever seen. Nobody can slow down star wideout Tyreek Hill, and quarterback Tua Tagovailoa pairs arm strength with good ball protection. 

People say defenses win championships. They’re not wrong. But despite some of their losses, the Dolphins have the offense to beat any defense. 

Verdict: Buy the Dolphins’ Super Bowl betting odds (+1200)

Miami Dolphins To win Super Bowl LVIII

Are the Cincinnati Bengals Actually Positioned to Win the Whole Thing?

This is really two separate questions. Are the Cincinnati Bengals (+1300) contenders? Absolutely. They just made the AFC Championship last season, and they’ve started rattling off wins this year in droves.

Now, are the Bengals also a threat to beat the Chiefs and then win the Super Bowl? We can’t get there. The offense remains too inconsistent, even with Joe Burrow making better decisions

If the Bengals’ NFL Super Bowl futures eventually payout 15-to-1 or more, we’d endorse an investment. At 13-to-1, we can’t recommend it.

Verdict: Sell the Bengals’ Super Bowl betting odds (+1300)

Cincinnati Bengals To win Super Bowl LVIII

So, Who Will Win Super Bowl LVIII?

Two other teams we feel the need to mention before delivering our Super Bowl LVIII prediction: The Bills and the Jacksonville Jaguars (+2000).

Go ahead and sell the Bills’ Super Bowl betting odds. They have been a mess against good teams this year. The Jaguars’ Super Bowl betting odds are far more intriguing. Though the offense needs to top the 25-point marker more regularly, they have the potential to cobble together big plays at both ends of the field. We buy the Jaguars’ Super Bowl futures so long as they continue to payout 20-to-1.

Of course, we are not picking Jacksonville to win it all. That honor belongs to our preseason pick: The Kansas City Chiefs.

Nothing we’ve seen from the Chiefs this season suggests they’re any less than a worthwhile favorite—and likely repeat Super Bowl champion. As we already mentioned, you should consider boarding the bandwagon while they’re still paying out nearly 5-to-1.

Prediction: The Chiefs will win Super Bowl LVIII (+490)

Kansas City Chiefs To win Super Bowl LVIII

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