Super Bowl 58 Halftime Props: Which Songs will Usher Sing? Will Taylor Swift Be Involved?

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Super Bowl 58 Halftime Props: Which Songs will Usher Sing? Will Taylor Swift Be Involved?

Have you submitted your Super Bowl 58 halftime props yet? Because if you haven’t, you’re in luck. We have pored over the latest online Super Bowl 58 prop betting lines and found a handful of NFL Super Bowl Halftime Show predictions we’re just itching to unbottle.

  • What: Super Bowl 58
  • Matchup: San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs
  • Date: Sunday, February 11, 2024
  • Time: 6:30 p.m. eastern standard time
  • Where: Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada
  • Most Interesting Halftime Super Bowl 58 Prop Bet: Will Usher cover a Taylor Swift song during his halftime performance? Yes (+600); No (-1500)

Indeed, many people may only care about betting on the Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers outcome. That’s fine. But Super Bowl halftime show betting has become its own institution over the years. It is a pastime that attracts both religious NFL bettors as well as more casual and totally detached observers.

The 2024 Super Bowl halftime props market is sure to incite a ton of attention. Usher will be starring in the festivities. While he’s not at the peak of his career, he has a massive following, achieved through his decades’ worth of music and ubiquity when it comes to hosting events. And so, we begin our journey into Super Bowl 58 halftime prop betting by looking at the odds on which songs Usher will perform at Allegiant Stadium:

Songs Usher will Play During Super Bowl 58 HalftimeBetOnline
DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love-1450
My Boo-250
Caught Up-170
Love In This Club-170
Confessions Part II-125
Her Daddy (Daddy's Home)-125
Good Good-110
My Way-110
You Make Me Wanna...+115
U Remind Me+125
Moving Mountains+200
Nice & Slow+250
Without You+250
U Got It Bad+350
Think of You+900
U Don't Have to Call+1400

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Continue to double-checking these prop betting odds for the Super Bowl halftime show right up until you submit your wager. Our Super Bowl 58 halftime prop betting odds are accurate entering Friday, February 2. That gives the best NFL online betting sites plenty of time to make adjustments—or even entirely remove wagers from the market—prior to opening kick-off on Sunday, February 11, at 6:30 p.m. EST.

Fortunately, with Super Bowl halftime show betting, you don’t have a hard deadline. The best football betting sites in the United States will accept wagers right until it starts. That typically happens sometime between 8:30 p.m. EST and 9:30 p.m. EST. So, keep that in mind as you mull over all your betting options.

And without further delay, let’s get to some Super Bowl 58 halftime show predictions

The Super Bowl 58 Halftime Props Market is Headlined by Usher’s Song Choices

We will not rehash the looong list odds on which songs Usher will sing at the Super Bowl 58 halftime show. They are visible above for anyone who scrolled past them.

Many of the options are considered locks, so you’re free to invest in the following: Yeah (-100000), OMG (-330), DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love (-1450), Love in This Club (-170) and Confessions, Part II (-125). Other songs are considered near-locks, as well.

With that said, we do not feel good about More (-285), My Boo (-250) and Caught Up (-170) paying out so much less than even money. We’d recommend avoiding them entirely.

To be honest, we’re on the hunt for some better-than-even money payouts. A couple of standouts from that department include Burn (+100), U Remind Me (+125), Without You (+250), U Got It Bad (+350), Without You (+250) and U Don’t Have to Call (+1400).

Our first inclination is to select Without You (+250). But that was an ensemble song. That leaves us to roll with U Got It Bad (+350).

Remember: The Super Bowl halftime show tends to play up nostalgia. Usher merely taking the stage shows a commitment to spotlighting hits from a different era, and U Got It Bad was among his most earwormy hits. Granted, Usher’s catalog is large enough that any choice can feel prohibitive. But we’re willing to throw a few dollars on a 3.5-to-1 payout for U Got It Bad

OSB Prediction: U Got It Bad (+350)

Usher To perform U Got It Bad during the Super Bowl 58 Halftime Show

Will Usher Cover a Taylor Swift Song During the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

You had to know this would be an option. And so it is. Here are the latest Super Bowl Halftime prop betting odds on whether Usher will cover a Taylor Swift song:

  • Yes (+600)
  • No (-1500)

Make no mistake, this is a stab-in-the-dark wager. The NFL generally avoids nodding toward pop culture trends. But Usher is a whiz at preserving relevance. Working in a Taylor Swift song amid her relationship with Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce would be a great Easter Egg.

Of course, the NFL could potentially ban him from doing so at the risk of angering a portion of their fanbase. But Super Bowl 58 halftime prop betting is all about taking measured risks. We’re willing to throw a couple of dollars on a 6-to-1 payout.

OSB Prediction: Yes (+600)

Usher To perform a Taylor Swift cover of the Super Bowl 58 Halftime Show

Could Justin Bieber Make a Cameo at the Super Bowl 58 Halftime Show?

On-state cameos are a staple of the Super Bowl halftime show. This year, the best online betting sites for the NFL offer odds on whether Justin Bieber will join Usher:

  • Yes (+200)
  • No (-300)

Bagging Bieber for the halftime show would be a huge win for the NFL. He is far more culturally relevant at the moment. He’s also a known friend of Usher. But Usher’s list of collaborations is extensive. It’s a list that includes everyone from Beyonce and Gucci Mane to P. Diddy and David Guetta.

To be honest, we have a tough time believing Bieber would join the Super Bowl XLIII halftime show as somebody’s co-headliner. It seems more likely that Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Alicia Keys or someone else will take the stage beside Usher.

OSB Prediction: No (-300)

Justin Bieber To NOT appear in the Super Bowl 58 Halftime Show

Yes, the Market for Super Bowl 58 Halftime Props Does Include Usher’s Sunglasses

Will Usher be wearing sunglasses when he first appears at Super Bowl 58? Yes, there are absolutely betting lines on this:

  • Yes (-300)
  • No (+200)

Sunglasses are an Usher staple—even when he’s performing indoors or hosting on live television. So, we have to go with “yes.”

However, if you’re a conspiracy theorist who thinks Usher will want to mess with Super Bowl 58 Halftime props, you’re free to take the other side of this coin.

OSB Prediction: Yes (-300)

Usher To be wearing sunglasses when he first appears at Super Bowl 58

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