Betting On MMA Book Review

Jason M. Rothman claims to have the strategy necessary to turn mixed martial arts bouts into a source of cash for savvy gamblers. Betting on MMA explores for to turn action inside the octagon into a profitable proposition for today's sports bettor.

Betting On MMA Book Summary

Earning dough betting on mixed martial arts involves a far keener eye than just sorting out who looks better in the pre-fight package. Jason M. Rothman's book Betting on MMA presents a guide to how to bet on the sport and come out ahead with a tidy profit. It's an intriguing exploration of what's still a relatively new gambling proposition.

Rothman's book places a strong value on taking a value investor approach. Hype isn't the bettor's friend in the traditional sense, but it does allow for savvy wagering in relation to how the odds roll out. Rothman presents MMA as an opportunity to participate in some "extremely low risk and high reward" betting scenarios which oversells things a tad, but there's loads to be gained from traveling through the pages.

Betting on MMA looks at key facets of gambling on fights. The reader's providing with the author's betting methodology and explores the dynamics of odds in these tilts. Rothman's tone aims for accessibility and to allow the reader the opportunity to keep up with the information doled out.  That said, rookies to the betting world might find themselves rereading certain passages to lock down essential information.

Rothman presents this book as an opportunity to earn money gambling in a sport that's still somewhat new. It may not be as successful as he hypes it up to be (your mileage may vary), but Betting on MMA is a valuable tool for anyone looking to gamble on mixed martial arts.