Smart Sports Betting Book Review

Former SportsGrid associate editor Matt Rudnitsky navigates the world of sports betting and offers up advice on how to have a shot when you wager on the NFL.

Smart Sports Betting Book Summary

A healthy chunk of books on sports betting are jampacked with cautionary tales and stories of how big losses helped set the table for realistic gains. Matt Rudnitsky (formerly of SportsGrid) has written a guide that falls under that umbrella and presents tips on how to keep winning long-term wagering on sports.

Rudnitsky's book comes equipped with a number of tips and philosophical notions that can straddle across a number of sports, but this offering leans heavily into the football side of things. As is the case with a lot of strategy guides, Smart Sports Betting preaches 17 commandments to follow when it comes to placing your money on the line. Advanced statistics and analytical investigating are held in high regard by Rudnitsky and the subject is approached with the goal of making those concepts accessible to the average Joe/Jane.

Smart Sports Betting presents metrics are a valuable portion of winning long-term as a sports bettor, but there's also a premium on learning the basics of sensible wagering. Effective money management, recognizing reasonable pricing on wagers, spotting profitable bets and simply learning how to bet are all outlined within the pages. It's designed to be a relatively quick and easy read that invites the novice in and provides the essential truths on what comes with the pursuit.

Rudnitsky has put together a book aimed to assist the sports betting hobbyist in their goal of becoming a better disciplined and more well-researched gambler. Experienced bettors may find themselves flipping past the more basic advice (how to bet, financial discipline) but there's much to be gleaned from Rudnitsky's insight.