Sports Betting To Win Book Review

In the crowded marketplace of sports betting guides, Steve Ward's Sports Betting To Win presents a guide aimed at keeping bettors disciplined and rational when it comes to wagering on the world of athletics.

Sports Betting To Win Book Summary

Just like sports themselves, sports betting is an activity where it never hurts to improve your fundamentals. Steve Ward's 2011 tome Sports Betting To Win says discipline and reasonable expectations are the name of the game when ponying up dough on athletics and offers up the 10 keys on how to improve your odds in the world of, um, odds.

Ward's book is a counterstrike to the riverboat gambler mentality some bettors have, offering up a cold shower to those that view wagering as an easy way to strike it rich and never tumble down to earth. Inside the pages, Ward stresses the basics of gambling and argues that you need to understand what type of gambler you are. It's not a dour fingerwag at the optimistic sports betting enthusiast, but rather a friendly reminder that this is an activity with risk baked into its soul.

The advice provided is more sensible than earth-shattering and that's not a bad thing. For example, Ward suggests that those seeking to make betting their job should approach the activity with that sort of discipline. Essentially, the book endorses doing your research, recording your findings and results, understanding the value of creating a betting strategy and putting your money on the line with a mindset locked on profits over thrills.

Consider this book to be of the Spock camp: Sports Betting To Win champions logic, encourages emotional discipline and believes in the merits of sensible strategy. It may read a touch elementary to experienced gamblers that have already locked these attributes down, but it never hurts to get a refresher course. If you're key fundamentals aren't there, what good is the latest betting movement? The elementary has just as much value as the revolutionary.