Swimming With The Sharps Book Review

Like practically everything in Las Vegas, the world of sports betting is filled with thrilling highs and soul shattering lows. David McIntire took the plunge to immerse himself in a full NFL season in Sin City and his experiences and insight bubble forth in Swimming with the Sharps.

Swimming With The Sharps Book Summary

Can one man survive life in Vegas "Swimming with the Sharps?" That's what writer David McIntire investigates in this fascinating look at what he learned and experienced spending a full NFL season camped out in Sin City.

McIntire's first-hand account of his experience navigating this terrain serves as an intriguing read that combines the personal with the professional. It's that special connection that McIntire crafts with the reader that helps the subject matter tied into the book crackle. Not only are we learning about the characters and dynamics of Vegas sports betting culture, but we're being shepherded by someone we like and (mostly) want to root for.

Mind you, likability isn't something that offers up aid in sports betting. The book touches on how gamblers have sorted out what they do with relative precision. Analysis of metrics trumps hunches and those that fail to learn this way of life are quickly separated from their dough. The book benefits from a willingness to explore the assorted facets of Vegas. Not just the bettors and how to wager, but also a deeper plunge into how this industry operates.

Written in a style that's inviting and accessible, McIntire's strange journey makes an intriguing piece of journalism that extends beyond betting dynamics. It's a full immersion into everything that makes the Vegas betting experience its own unique animal. Swimming with the Sharps is informative in every sense of the word.