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Nearly 40 states have now legalized some form of sports gambling. Yet, there is now Alaska sports betting. Will that ever change?

Will Alaska Sports Betting Ever Be Legalized?

Article posted on Monday 01 April - 20:04 EDT

Almost 40 states have now legalized some form of sports betting. Even more have active bills that could greenlight it. But some states have shown little to no appetite to […]

Legal Alaska Sports Betting Remains a Ways Off 

Article posted on Tuesday 06 June - 08:46 EDT

Legal Alaska sports betting is still a ways off.
Up until a few years ago, there was little to no talk about sports betting in Alaska. They were among the states considering it the least. In some ways, that […]

Alaska Makes Slow Progressive Toward Legalized Sports Betting 

Article posted on Wednesday 04 May - 03:29 EDT

Alaska Slowly Legalizing Betting
Alaska governor Mike Dunleavy has been leading the charge to legalize sports betting since 2020. Dunleavy hasn't quite crossed the "goal line", but when the governor is on-board with a […]


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