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Nebraska online sports betting is off the table in 2024. However, Ho-Chunk Gaming CEO Lance Morgan believes it’ll happen in 2026.

Sportsbook CEO Believes Nebraska Online Sports Betting will be Legalized in 2026

Article posted on Wednesday 08 May - 06:16 EDT

Despite recent efforts to expedite the process, there will be no Nebraska online sports betting in 2024. However, one industry employee believes the Cornhusker State will change their tune by […]

DraftKings, FanDuel Decline to Fund Push for Nebraska Online Sports Betting Legalization 

Article posted on Monday 22 April - 15:36 EDT

Though residents have interest in Nebraska online sports betting, getting a measure on the 2024 electoral ballot is proving difficult.
The push to legalize Nebraska online sports betting in 2024 is officially over. This news comes as some surprise. Bigwigs across the industry teamed up to conduct a poll determining […]

Casino Industry Pushing for Legalization of Nebraska Online Sports Betting 

Article posted on Tuesday 12 March - 21:23 EDT

State casinos have officially expressed interest in joining the push for the legalization of Nebraska online sports betting.
A new member is joining the push for the legalization of Nebraska online sports betting: The Winnebago Tribe. This is a significant development. The tribe has a casino-developmental company known […]

There is a Growing Demand for Online Nebraska Sports Betting 

Article posted on Thursday 22 February - 06:02 EST

The legalization of on-site Nebraska sports betting was a big deal. But now, consumers seemingly want online wagering added to the equation.
Though Nebraska sports betting operations have yet to be live for a full year, there is already a mounting call to broaden the state’s legal gambling operations. This expansion, of […]

Nebraska Sports Betting Won't Feature New Race Tracks Anytime Soon 

Article posted on Friday 19 January - 05:34 EST

As Nebraska sports betting expansion remains top-of-mind, many have wondered if it would lead to the creation of more race tracks.
The push for more Nebraska sports betting options began almost immediately after retail wagering services went live last year. And it isn’t about to stop anytime soon. It reportedly just […]

Nebraska Sports Betting is Still Losing Money to Iowa 

Article posted on Wednesday 06 December - 10:45 EST

Nebraska sports betting is legal and active, but the state's rule on collegiate gambling has residents flocking to Iowa anyway.
When Nebraska sports betting officially launched in June 2023, it was supposed to help keep money that was already being gambled elsewhere inside the state. A few months into the […]

There is a Clear Demand for Nebraska Online Sports Betting 

Article posted on Thursday 23 November - 06:33 EST

There seems to be a growing demand for Nebraska online sports betting to be legalized.
Retail sports betting in Nebraska has been live for just about one year. And state residents are already, it seems, clamoring for more. To be more specific, there’s apparently a […]

How Long Will It Take for Nebraska Sports Betting Expansion? 

Article posted on Friday 13 October - 07:49 EDT

Will Nebraska sports betting ever add more retail locations or online options?
The WarHorse Casino in Lincoln, Nebraska is currently celebrating the one-year anniversary of their opening. As the first state-sanctioned casino, and the only place to currently offer legal Nebraska sports […]

Nebraska Sports Betting Reportedly Launched without Much Fanfare 

Article posted on Thursday 21 September - 06:03 EDT

Legal Nebraska sports betting apparently opened without much fanfare.
The early returns for Nebraska sports betting have arrived. And they’re not great.  The debut of sports betting in Nebraska ended up taking place in June of this year. Just […]

Why Nebraska Online Sports Betting May Not be Legalized for a While 

Article posted on Monday 14 August - 06:59 EDT

Why isn't Nebraska online sports betting legal?
Evidence continues to mount that Nebraska online sports betting will not be legalized anytime soon. On the one hand, the issue of mobile wagering won’t strike many as center state […]



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