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State Senator Nicole Mitchell’s recent arrest has apparently threatened the fate of a 2024 Minnesota sports betting bill. OSB explains why.

Bizarre Arrest Threatens Fate of 2024 Minnesota Sports Betting Bill

Article posted on Tuesday 07 May - 21:49 EDT

This year’s already tenuous attempt to legalize Minnesota sports betting may officially be over following the arrest of state Senator for Nicole Mitchell. No preamble is needed here. Let’s dig […]

Familiar Issue Threatens Minnesota Sports Betting Legalization Efforts 

Article posted on Sunday 21 April - 21:28 EDT

Despite a bi-partisan push to legalize Minnesota sports betting in 2024, the current outlook on this matter appears grim. OSB explains why.
The outlook on Minnesota sports betting legalization in 2024 officially doesn’t look so good. Again. This cycle seemingly repeats itself every year. Legislation that legalizes sports betting in Minnesota starts […]

A Big Change is Being Made to the Latest Minnesota Sports Betting Bill 

Article posted on Tuesday 12 March - 21:23 EDT

The push for Minnesota sports betting in 2024 has hit another big, potentially campaign-crippling snag during negotiations.
The latest Minnesota sports betting bill is facing yet another series of hurdles that could ultimately derail its entire campaign. This is basically the status quo when it comes to […]

Republican Senator Unveils New Minnesota Sports Betting Proposal 

Article posted on Monday 19 February - 17:27 EST

The legalization of Minnesota sports betting will require bi-partisan support to pass in 2024. Will the latest bill generate enough of it?
The legalization of sports betting in the USA usually requires bi-partisan support in each state. Exceptions exist, but they are far from the rule. For the most part, states are […]

The 2024 Minnesota Sports Betting Bill Has Already Encountered Strong Opposition 

Article posted on Friday 19 January - 05:23 EST

The hope was that 2024 would be the year Minnesota sports betting gets legalized. But is the latest push already going off the rails?
The push to legalize Minnesota sports betting in 2024 is already getting complicated. As expected, a new sports gambling bill was introduced in The Land of 10,000 Lakes to open […]

Key Questions Facing the Legalization of Minnesota Sports Betting in 2024 

Article posted on Friday 15 December - 07:40 EST

The push to legalize Minnesota sports betting is expected to resume in 2024. OSB tackles a few questions we need answered first.
As the next round of Minnesota sports betting debates gets set to take place at the 2024 legislature meetings, it’s time to take stock of the biggest determining factors. This […]

Minnesota Sports Betting May Be Taking Another Step Toward Legalization 

Article posted on Friday 10 November - 06:47 EST

A prominent gaming operator has spoken with casinos about the possibility of Minnesota sports betting arriving in 2024.
The push for Minnesota sports betting in 2024 is continuing to chug along. And it sounds like it’s getting serious. Multiple reports have already surfaced stating that Minnesota legislators intend […]

Legislators Reiterate Commitment to Pushing 2024 Minnesota Sports Betting Agenda 

Article posted on Friday 13 October - 07:53 EDT

Is 2024 the year Minnesota sports betting gets legalized?
The 2023 calendar year is inching toward a close the same way that it opened: with hope that Minnesota sports betting will be legalized during the next round of legislative […]

Despite Optimism, Minnesota Sports Betting Still Faces Obstacles in 2024 

Article posted on Tuesday 05 September - 12:37 EDT

Is Minnesota sports betting on track for 2024 legalization?
Despite closing the last round of legislative sessions with plenty of support among key officials, Minnesota sports betting still faces obstacles ahead of 2024. To be certain, this is different […]

Minnesota Sports Betting Already Making Progress Ahead of Next Legislative Sessions 

Article posted on Tuesday 08 August - 07:13 EDT

It seems real progress is being made towards the legalization of Minnesota sports betting.
Back in July, reports started to surface that state legislative members were optimistic Minnesota sports betting would be legalized soon.. We were, and remain, skeptical. Rightfully so, too.  Every year, […]



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