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Since the relaunch of Florida sports betting in late 2023, calls to gambling help hotlines have reportedly increased at an exponential rate.

Calls to Gambling Help Hotline Have Reportedly More Than Doubled Since Florida Sports Betting Relaunch

Article posted on Sunday 12 May - 10:41 EDT

Since the return of Florida sports betting at the end of 2023, there has reportedly been a substantial increase in calls to problem gambling hotlines. According to FOX 35 in […]

Hard Rock CEO Says Florida Sports Betting Business is Doing 'Good' 

Article posted on Tuesday 07 May - 06:22 EDT

As the future of Florida sports betting continues to play out in court, Hard Rock CEO Jm Allen says business is doing well.
Even after Florida sports betting relaunched in December 2023, the speculation over the future of gambling in the Sunshine State has never once abated.  Sure, everyone is quick to recognize […]

Hard Rock CEO Offers Pointed Thoughts on the State of Florida Sports Betting 

Article posted on Sunday 28 April - 19:31 EDT

Hard Rock CEO Jim Allen recently offered a couple of important thoughts on the status and future of Florida sports betting.
Is Florida sports betting on the verge of being overturned, again, if and when its current case gets heard by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS)? Will we […]

West Flagler Associates Files Florida Sports Betting Brief to Supreme Court of the United States 

Article posted on Monday 08 April - 06:27 EDT

West Flagler Associates has officially filed a Florida sports betting brief with the Supreme Court of the United States. What happens next?
The fate of Florida sports betting is now officially in the hands of the Supreme Court of the United States. West Flagler Associates, the plaintiffs attempting to overturn the Sunshine […]

How Much is Florida Online Sports Betting Worth to The Sunshine State? 

Article posted on Sunday 17 March - 17:05 EDT

The battle over the future of Florida online sports betting is, quite literally, a multi-billion dollar issue.
As the litigation over the future of Florida online sports betting continues to drag on, it can be easy to lose sight of what’s at stake. Indeed, this is a […]

The Litigation Over the Future of Florida Sports Betting Isn't Ending Anytime Soon 

Article posted on Wednesday 06 March - 06:02 EST

The battle over the future of Florida sports betting continues to rage on. And as of now, there doesn't appear to be an end in sight.
Are you ready for the litigation over the future of Florida sports betting to finally end? Hopefully not. Because it doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. This saga […]

Daily Fantasy Sports Sites are Preparing to Exit Florida Sports Betting Market 

Article posted on Tuesday 27 February - 03:34 EST

Amid extra scrutiny, a wave of Daily Fantasy Sports sites appear set to leave the Florida sports betting market at the start of March.
The Florida sports betting market is cracking down on daily fantasy sports sites. According to a recent report, Florida sports betting regulators recently cease and desist letters to DFS operators. […]

Important Deadline Approaching in Florida Sports Betting Legal Battle 

Article posted on Tuesday 06 February - 05:36 EST

As Florida sports betting continues to remain in legal limbo, an important deadline that could impact its future is quickly approaching.
The battle over the future of Florida sports betting is nearing an important deadline. Again. Back when the Supreme Court decided not to repeal sports gambling inside the state after […]

Could Florida Sports Betting Expand to Other Casinos in 2024? 

Article posted on Wednesday 24 January - 06:11 EST

As the future of Florida sports betting is still playing out in the courts, a bill to expand the state's gambling offerings is on the table.
The battle over the future of Florida sports betting is not yet settled, and it’s not quite clear when that’ll change. Even so, that hasn’t stopped one Senator from proposing […]

Florida Sports Betting Laws Could Incorporate Daily Fantasy Bill 

Article posted on Wednesday 10 January - 08:21 EST

Amid concerns about the use of Daily Fantasy in The Sunshine State, another Florida sports betting bill has been proposed to address it.
A new Daily Fantasy bill has officially been added to the Florida sports betting agenda. This news comes on the heels of yet another sports betting controversy in The Sunshine […]



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