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DraftKings CEO Jason Robbins recently said he's optimistic that Texas online sports betting could be legalized in 2025. But should he be?

DraftKings CEO 'Optimistic' Texas Online Sports Betting will be Legalized in 2025

Article posted on Tuesday 21 May - 07:04 EDT

Will Texas online sports betting be legalized by 2025? At least one prominent person thinks so. That person is DraftKings CEO Jason Robbins. He conveyed his optimism during a recent […]

The Push for Texas Sports Betting and Casino Legalization in 2025 is Already Underway 

Article posted on Tuesday 07 May - 06:22 EDT

The new Dallas Mavericks ownership group recently donated $1.9 million to a super PAC attempting to legalize Texas sports betting and casinos.
New Dallas Mavericks majority owner Miriam Adelson has reportedly given millions of dollars to a political committee that could end up advancing the issue of Texas sports betting and casino […]

It May Still be a While Before Texas Sports Betting Gets Legalized 

Article posted on Sunday 28 April - 19:31 EDT

Industry expert Sue Schneider hinted that the legalization of Texas sports betting, while inevitable, may still be a ways off.
Are you among those anxiously waiting on the legalization of Texas sports betting? Well, get ready to…potentially keeping waiting Most understanding sports betting in Texas is off the table until […]

Dallas Mavericks Ownership Launches Petition to Legalize Texas Casino Gambling 

Article posted on Monday 08 April - 06:26 EDT

The Dallas Mavericks’ new ownership group has filed a petition that would legalize Texas casinos—and potentially pave the way for sports betting.
A petition recently launched in partnership with the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks majority owner, Las Vegas Sands Corp, would legalize the commercialization of Texas casinos.  The move, which was considered inevitable, […]

Houston Texans Trade for Stefon Diggs Raises Texas Sports Betting Interest 

Article posted on Thursday 04 April - 06:32 EDT

The Houston Texans traded for Stefon Diggs on Wednesday. The acquisition is already having an impact on Texas sports betting interest.
The Houston Texans agreed to trade for Stefon Diggs from the Buffalo Bills on Wednesday. The addition of an All-Pro receiver to the team’s offense is already having a seismic […]

Houston Rockets Owner Voices Hope for Texas Sports Betting, Casino Legalization and A New NHL Team 

Article posted on Sunday 17 March - 16:57 EDT

Pro sports owners are generally in favor of Texas sports betting. And Houston Rockets owner Tillman Fertitta is no exception.
When it comes to sports betting in the United States, owners of pro sports organizations generally support its legalization. Indeed, they often overtly advocate and influence policies that shape gaming […]

BetMGM CEO Thinks Texas Sports Betting Gets Legalized Before Gambling in California 

Article posted on Thursday 07 March - 06:34 EST

Though Texas sports betting isn’t in the cards for 2024, BetMGM’s CEO thinks it’ll be legalized long before California makes the transition.
Not too long ago, the legalization of sports betting in California was deemed a sure thing while the Texas sports betting timeline was considered inconclusive—at best. Now, however, these two […]

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick Remains Primary Obstacle to Texas Sports Betting 

Article posted on Thursday 29 February - 06:15 EST

After years of debates and policy proposals, the primary roadblock facing the legalization of Texas sports betting remains the same.
After years of trying and, ultimately, failing to legalize Texas sports betting, the gambling outlook in The Lone Star State apparently remains the same. This is to say: Lieutenant Governor […]

Construction of Hard Rock Casino Could Lead to Increase in Texas Sports Betting 

Article posted on Wednesday 07 February - 06:43 EST

Plans to build a new Hard Rock Casino could lead to increase in Texas sports betting—but not how you think.
Plans to build a Hard Rock Casino right on the border of The Lone Star State and The Sooner State could lead to a dramatic uptick in Texas sports betting. […]

New Players are Entering the Push for Texas Sports Betting and Casino Gambling 

Article posted on Thursday 18 January - 04:49 EST

As it turns out, the Las Vegas Sands Corporation is not the only casino operator ready to angle for Texas sports betting legalization.
It turns out the push for the legalization and expansion of Texas sports betting and casino gambling is about to get a lot more crowded. This will not come as […]



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