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Following the addition of Circa sportsbook, the Kentucky sports betting market is now home to eight retail bookmakers.

Kentucky Sports Betting Market Adds Another Retail Sportsbook

Article posted on Sunday 14 April - 14:56 EDT

The Kentucky sports betting market continues to expand.  This is par for the course inside the Bluegrass State. Since sports betting in Kentucky launched in September 2023, the offerings have […]

Kentucky Sports Betting Regulation Undergoing Structural Changes 

Article posted on Wednesday 27 March - 06:37 EDT

Kentucky sports betting regulation will be undergoing a facelift following the approval of House Bill 281. Here's what you need to know.
The regulatory structure of Kentucky sports betting is about to undergo a significant change. Earlier this month, House Bill 281 garnered the necessary votes and was recently signed into law […]

There Remains Moral Opposition to the Legalization of Kentucky Sports Betting 

Article posted on Tuesday 13 February - 07:22 EST

The legalization of Kentucky sports betting has not stopped certain groups from maintaining that gambling is morally wrong.
The legalization of Kentucky sports betting in March 2023 was generally met with widespread approval. One year, though, the market still has more than its fair share of detractors.  To […]

The Legalization of Kentucky Sports Betting May be Helping Horse Racing Industry 

Article posted on Thursday 11 January - 06:33 EST

The launch of Kentucky sports betting has proven lucrative for online retails. But it’s also apparently helping the horse racing industry.
We already know the legalization of Kentucky sports betting has been a hit. But it might be an even bigger revenue-generator than the already-mounting expectations. The early returns for sports […]

Kentucky Sports Betting Launch is Already Impacting Other States 

Article posted on Sunday 03 December - 15:23 EST

The Kentucky sports betting launch has been deemed a rousing success—unless you're one of the neighboring states. OSB explains why.
Less than two months into the legal Kentucky sports betting era, the rollout is already starting to have a massive economical impact on both The Bluegrass State itself and surrounding […]

Kentucky Sports Betting is Already Starting to Expand 

Article posted on Wednesday 29 November - 05:21 EST

The expansion of Kentucky sports betting is already underway.
Kentucky sports betting only went live on September 28, but it’s already undergoing expansion. To be sure, the state’s gaming laws and structure are not undergoing massive overhauls. It’s way […]

Kentucky Online Sports Betting is Officially Live 

Article posted on Thursday 19 October - 07:04 EDT

The early returns from the launch of Kentucky online sports betting are in.
Kentucky online sports betting officially went live on September 28, just a few short weeks after the launch of retail gambling. And, well, it’s safe to say the introduction of […]

Kentucky Sports Betting Launch is Off to a Scorching-Hot Start 

Article posted on Friday 22 September - 08:53 EDT

Kentucky sports betting is already a rousing success.
Legal Kentucky sports betting has only been live for a couple of weeks, and it’s apparently already blowing expectations out of the water. Retail gambling operators inside The Bluegrass State […]

Legal Kentucky Sports Betting is Officially Live 

Article posted on Thursday 14 September - 09:12 EDT

Kentucky sports betting is officially available to the public.
At long last, Kentucky sports betting is officially live.  Retail wagering across all sports was made available to residents on Thursday, September 7, at 10 a.m. And there was reportedly […]

BetMGM Opening Massive Kentucky Sports Betting Operation 

Article posted on Sunday 13 August - 14:44 EDT

BetMGM is opening a Kentucky sports betting operation as the state gets set to roll out legal wagering across the region.
With legal sports betting coming to Kentucky in time for wagering on the 2023 NFL season, news about the rollout is dropping quickly and relentlessly. From licensing updates to rules […]



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