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Hawaii sports betting efforts once again failed this year. And yet, it’s becoming clear the issue is making progress at the highest levels.

Despite Another Failure, Hawaii Sports Betting Makes Progress in 2024

Article posted on Wednesday 22 May - 06:17 EDT

For a fleeting moment, it looked like Hawaii sports betting might get legalized in 2024. And then, not unexpectedly, it fell apart. In many ways, this is par for the […]

2023 Hawaii Sports Betting Bill Fails to Get Off the Ground 

Article posted on Wednesday 07 June - 08:33 EDT

Hawaii sports betting will not be approved in 2023.
Just as quickly as it came, the hope for sports betting in Hawaii also went. And no one's quite sure when any optimism might return. From the sound of things, […]

Sports Betting in Hawaii Remains Unlikely After 2022 Election Results 

Article posted on Friday 18 November - 06:45 EST

Will sports betting in Hawaii ever be legal?
It has now been almost a half-decade since online sports betting in the USA was legalized by the federal government and left up to the discretion of each individual state. […]


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