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Gambling expansion across the USA has started to slow, which is terrible news for proponents of Idaho sports betting legalization.

Idaho Sports Betting Outlook Remains Unknowable as Gambling Expansion Slows Across United States

Article posted on Monday 27 May - 20:02 EDT

If you thought 2024 would bring any type of progress for the outlook on Idaho sports betting, well, you might want to think again.  The future of sports gambling in […]

Will the Rise of Online Gambling Ever Culminate in Legal Idaho Sports Betting? 

Article posted on Monday 22 April - 15:11 EDT

Idaho sports betting currently remains a non-starter among primary lawmakers. Here’s one thing that might force them to change their tune.
Believe it or not, a national spotlight is starting to make its way over to the Idaho sports betting scene. Or rather, a focus is being cast upon the absence […]

Idaho Sports Betting May Not Yield Enough Revenue to Generate Interest 

Article posted on Thursday 07 March - 06:34 EST

At present, Idaho sports betting is not even a far-off possibility. For that to change, the potential for tax revenue may need to increase.
As most of us realize by now, the future of Idaho sports betting is shrouded in inaction. Ever since the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the Professional and […]

Is Pressure to Legalize Idaho Sports Betting Starting to Mount? 

Article posted on Tuesday 13 February - 07:11 EST

More states are starting to roll out legal gambling. Is that a good sign for the future—or, as of now, lack there—of Idaho sports betting?
As more and more places in the United States legalize sports betting, many are starting to wonder whether even the most stubborn holdouts will reconsider their own stances. And if […]

Why Legal Gambling in Vermont Could be Interesting Case Study for Idaho Sports Betting 

Article posted on Thursday 11 January - 06:54 EST

Idaho sports betting continues to be a non-starter among state officials. But the recent launch of gambling in Vermont could change that.
Let’s not mince words: Idaho sports betting is not getting legalized in 2024. To anyone who didn’t understand as much, we apologize for being the bearer of bad news. Most […]

We May be Underestimating the Disinterest in Idaho Sports Betting 

Article posted on Wednesday 13 December - 10:03 EST

Many recognize that Idaho sports betting is in no way imminent. But what if we're actually underestimating how long that takes to change?
The issue of Idaho sports betting isn’t a very divisive one. That’s because The Gem State hasn’t taken an active interest in discussing it, let alone legalizing it. Most have […]

The Legalization of Idaho Sports Betting Still Doesn't Seem to be a Priority 

Article posted on Friday 17 November - 05:25 EST

Idaho sports betting continues to remain a long shot.
Can anybody predict the future of Idaho sports betting? It’s a question that reverberates throughout the industry and among sports betting fans in the region. After all, it’s that time […]

How Will We Know When Idaho Sports Betting is a Legitimate Possibility? 

Article posted on Friday 06 October - 06:41 EDT

Idaho sports betting has so far remained off the state’s radar. How will we know if that changes in the future?
With just a couple of months to go before 2024 state legislature meetings get underway, a familiar question has once again bubbled to the surface: What’s the deal with Idaho […]

Idaho Sports Betting Unlikely to be Legalized without Online Component 

Article posted on Thursday 21 September - 06:17 EDT

What needs to change for Idaho sports betting to get legalized?
For so long, the Idaho sports betting debate has been all about what's not happening.  The state is not having extensive discussion on the subject. Officials have not shown any […]

Can Tennessee Provide a Blueprint for Idaho Sports Betting? 

Article posted on Tuesday 08 August - 07:09 EDT

Could Idaho sports betting follow in the footsteps of Tennessee’s gambling legalization?
Right now, at this moment, more than 30 states in the USA have some form of legal sports betting. Idaho, of course, isn’t part of this list that includes a […]



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