North Carolina Betting News

North Carolina sports betting officially went live on Monday, March 11. OSB goes over everything to know about the long-awaited rollout.

Everything You Need to Know About the Launch of North Carolina Sports Betting

Article posted on Sunday 17 March - 16:58 EDT

Well, it’s official: North Carolina sports betting launched on Monday, March 11, across the entire fate to much fanfare. The road to getting here was anything but smooth. Governor Roy […]

North Carolina Sports Betting Moves One Step Closer to Launch 

Article posted on Sunday 20 August - 06:40 EDT

North Carolina sports betting now has a chief regulator.
The launch of sports betting in North Carolina has moved yet another step closer to becoming a reality. And that’s great news for their planned debut date. In many ways, […]

North Carolina Sports Betting Could Launch by January 2024 

Article posted on Thursday 08 June - 19:31 EDT

North Carolina sports betting is almost here.
At long last, after numerous attempts, there will be legal sports betting in North Carolina. And it's coming soon. The state Senate recently passed a bill that will allow sports […]

Don't Expect North Carolina to Legalize Online Sports Betting Anytime Soon 

Article posted on Friday 18 November - 06:48 EST

North Carolina doesn't seem interested in legalizing online sports betting.
Back in September, yet another sports betting facility opened in North Carolina, much to the delight of gambling enthusiasts. "Could this be a precursor to legal online sports betting," they […]

North Carolina Has Opened Another Legal Sports Betting Facility 

Article posted on Friday 09 September - 07:45 EDT

North Carolina opened a third legal sports betting facility in time for the 2022 NFL season.
There is now one more place to bet on sports in North Carolina legally. Just prior to the start of the 2022 NFL season, the Tar Heel state opened up another […]

Legal Sports Betting May Not Come to North Carolina Anytime Soon 

Article posted on Tuesday 30 November - 04:03 EST

Legal Sports Betting May Not Come to North Carolina Anytime Soon

As many other places in the United States continue their push toward legalized sports betting, North Carolina remains among the places where the future of its approval is in doubt. There has been legislation proposed to greenlight some forms of sports betting, but current loopholes, economic inequalities, and skepticism surrounding projections could prevent the state from introducing legal gambling anytime soon—or maybe at all.


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