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Another year has passed without the legalization of Georgia sports betting. And a handful of industry insiders believe they know why.

The Reason Georgia Sports Betting Legalization Failed in 2024

Article posted on Wednesday 15 May - 06:20 EDT

Another Georgia sports betting bill has officially flopped. The fallout, as always, has people asking one question: Why? In previous years, failure to legalize sports betting in Georgia has often […]

There will be No Legalization of Georgia Sports Betting in 2024 

Article posted on Sunday 14 April - 14:48 EDT

The latest efforts to legalize Georgia sports betting have officially failed after the state legislature adjourned without an agreement.
Another attempt to legalize Georgia sports betting has officially failed. The state legislature adjourned for the year without coming to an agreement on one of the sports gambling proposals set […]

State Lawmakers Preparing to Vote on 2024 Georgia Sports Betting Bill 

Article posted on Monday 25 March - 07:41 EDT

Lawmakers are expected to contemplate future of Georgia sports betting because of 2025 March Madness projections.
If Georgia sports betting is legalized in 2024, it may be the opportunities presented through betting on March Madness that drives the current initiative home. To be sure, betting on […]

Are the Latest Georgia Sports Betting Bills Destined to Fail in 2024? 

Article posted on Thursday 29 February - 06:14 EST

Remember when many seemed optimistic that Georgia sports betting could be legalized in 2024? Well, that sentiment is now waning.
Optimism surrounding the latest Georgia sports betting bill is officially on the decline.  Talk about your 180-degree turns. The Senate thoroughly approved a Georgia sports betting initiative at the start […]

BREAKING: Senate Approves 2024 Georgia Sports Betting Bill for State Residents to Vote On 

Article posted on Tuesday 13 February - 07:07 EST

After the latest Georgia sports betting measure was approved by the Senate, the fate of legal gambling will be up to voters.
It looks like the future of Georgia sports betting will now be in the hands of voters during the 2024 general elections. We don’t blame you if you’re skeptical. The […]

Prospects of Georgia Sports Betting in 2024 Remain Bleak 

Article posted on Thursday 11 January - 06:54 EST

Georgia sports betting is expected to be on the table for discussion in 2024, but most aren’t holding their breath for much progress.
Many have long held out hope that 2024 could be the year Georgia sports betting gets legalized. Well, we have bad news for those people. It turns out the legalization […]

The Legalization of Georgia Sports Betting is on the Table in 2024 

Article posted on Wednesday 13 December - 05:48 EST

The legalization of Georgia sports betting will apparently be on the table in 2024. But will the push be successful this time around?
Initially, it looked like Georgia sports betting would not be a primary focus when the state legislature set up shop in early 2024. But that speculation has apparently proven premature.  […]

Gambling Operator Meets with Legislators to Discuss Georgia Sports Betting 

Article posted on Tuesday 28 November - 19:26 EST

Legislators met with a gambling operator recently to discuss the future of Georgia sports betting.
The legalization of Georgia sports betting continues to be a fickle topic. Support for prospective initiatives and ultimate approval isn’t quite scarce. Advocates are easy to find. But the issue […]

Will Crackdown on Illegal Gambling Rings Hurt Georgia Sports Betting Chances? 

Article posted on Friday 13 October - 07:27 EDT

Will Georgia Sports Betting be Impacted by Illegal Gambling?
The state of Georgia has recently cracked down on a handful of illegal gambling activities. While not unusual on its face, the focus does lend itself to a question: How […]

Georgia Sports Betting Initiatives Need More Organization to Succeed in the Future 

Article posted on Tuesday 05 September - 07:03 EDT

Why do Georgia sports betting measures continue to fail?
Well, it's that time of year again: The Georgia sports betting debate is about to be reignited.  To some, this might be odd timing. The state legislature doesn't meet for […]



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