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The Crimson State ended legislative sessions for 2024 without approving an Alabama sports betting bill in advance of this fall’s elections.

There will Officially be No Legalization of Alabama Sports Betting in 2024

Article posted on Sunday 12 May - 10:40 EDT

Another Alabama sports betting attempt has officially failed. Technically speaking, it failed a while ago. The Senate removed the Alabama sports betting provision from a larger state lottery bill and […]

Multiple Obstacles Still Stand in the Way of Alabama Sports Betting Legalization 

Article posted on Monday 08 April - 06:25 EDT

Though a pair of 2024 Alabama sports betting bills are still alive, both face roadblocks on the path to potential legalization.
The legalization of Alabama sports betting in 2024 is starting to desperately want for hope. Can the Crimson State salvage their latest effort to amend and expand their gaming laws?  […]

Officials Still Fighting for Alabama Sports Betting to Get Put to Vote in 2024 

Article posted on Thursday 14 March - 14:05 EDT

Certain officials are still trying to put the Alabama sports betting bill back on track for a 2024 electoral ballot vote.
There is apparently still hope for Alabama sports betting in 2024. Is it real hope? Slim hope? That much isn’t yet sure. But the issue, for now, remains alive. This […]

Alabama Sports Betting Gets Removed from 2024 Gaming Proposal 

Article posted on Friday 08 March - 05:50 EST

After optimism Alabama sports betting could be legalized in 2024, the proposal is now reportedly off the table.
Go ahead and wave goodbye to Alabama sports betting hopes in 2024.  We think. Entering 2024 state legislature meetings, two proposals that created a state lottery and legalized sports betting […]

The Latest Alabama Sports Betting Bill is the State's Most Ambitious Yet 

Article posted on Tuesday 13 February - 07:18 EST

Alabama sports betting legislation has failed on multiple occasions in the past. But the latest development suggests 2024 may be different.
The latest effort to legalize Alabama sports betting is beginning to gain serious momentum. Don’t bother stopping us if you’ve heard this one before. We know you have. Policymakers have […]

The Latest Attempt to Legalize Alabama Sports Betting is Taking a Different Approach 

Article posted on Friday 05 January - 06:31 EST

Attempts to legalize Alabama sports betting have failed before. What makes the latest push in 2024 any different? Apparently, a lot.
Skepticism runs rampant every time the subject of Alabama sports betting comes up. But is that all about to change entering the 2024 legislature sessions? Key stakeholders are certainly trying […]

Efforts to Legalize Alabama Sports Betting May be on the Rise in 2024 

Article posted on Wednesday 13 December - 05:10 EST

The legalization of Alabama sports betting has for so long been painted as a long shot. There’s a chance that changes in 2024.
For quite some time, the legalization of Alabama sports betting has been portrayed as a long shot. As it turns out, that may be about to change in 2024. To […]

Alabama Sports Betting Scandal May Fetch Former Crimson Tide Baseball Coach a Lifetime Ban 

Article posted on Thursday 16 November - 07:00 EST

A former Crimson Tide baseball coach is facing a lifetime gambling ban for his involvement in an Alabama sports betting scandal.
Former University of Alabama baseball coach Brad Bohannon is facing a lifetime ban from sports wagering after his involvement in an Alabama sports betting scandal this past April. As of […]

Voters May Prefer a State Lottery to the Legalization of Alabama Sports Betting? 

Article posted on Friday 06 October - 06:41 EDT

Will Alabama sports betting take a back seat to the formation of a state lottery?
Evidence continues to mount that Alabama sports betting may remain on the backburner for the foreseeable future. Before any gambling enthusiasts in the region panic, this is different from saying […]

State Senator Thinks Alabama Sports Betting Could be Worth $1 Billion Per Year 

Article posted on Wednesday 27 September - 08:12 EDT

How much is Alabama sports betting worth?
Arguments for and against Alabama sports betting usually follow the same formula. But state Senator Greg Albritton recently delivered a unique spin from the pro-gambling camp. He believes that sports […]



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