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Massachusetts sports betting officials are exploring the possibility of joining a United States-wide self-exclusion gambling program.

Massachusetts Sports Betting Regulators Could Add Bay State to USA-Wide Self Exclusion Program

Article posted on Wednesday 15 May - 15:05 EDT

As the Bay State looks to join the mounting number of places attempting to combat problem gambling, Massachusetts sports betting officials are expected to consider joining a voluntary self-exclusion program. […]

Fewer Young People Than Expected May be Participating in Massachusetts Sports Betting 

Article posted on Sunday 14 April - 14:49 EDT

Despite initial fears to the contrary, a new poll shows younger people may not be participating as often in Massachusetts sports betting.
Despite initial concerns to the contrary, a recent poll may show that Massachusetts sports betting is not particularly prevalent among the younger demographic in the Bay State. The study in […]

Massachusetts Sports Betting Regulators Officially Send Cease and Desist Letters to DFS Sites 

Article posted on Tuesday 12 March - 08:28 EDT

Massachusetts sports betting officials have officially taking action against daily fantasy sports sites operating in The Bay State. What now?
The battle between Massachusetts sports betting regulators and daily fantasy sports sites is officially underway. Amid a crackdown across the United States on “Pick ‘Em” gaming operators, officials announced plans […]

Massachusetts Sports Betting Officials to Take Action Against Daily Fantasy Sports Operators 

Article posted on Thursday 22 February - 06:10 EST

Massachusetts sports betting officials are preparing to take action against Daily Fantasy Sports sites currently operating in The Bay State.
Massachusetts sports betting regulators are officially setting their sites on Daily Fantasy Sports operators. This action has been brewing for quite some time. Daily Fantasy Sports sites in the United […]

DraftKings Files Massachusetts Sports Betting Lawsuit Against Former Employee Hired by Fanatics 

Article posted on Wednesday 07 February - 06:42 EST

DraftKings is filing a lawsuit against a former employee recently hired by Fanatics sportsbook. Will it impact Massachusetts sports betting?
A Massachusetts sports betting lawsuit has been filed by DraftKings against a former executive hired by Fanatics Sportsbook. The filing in question is civil and essentially claims the former executive […]

Massachusetts Sports Betting Regulators Investigating DraftKings 

Article posted on Thursday 11 January - 06:16 EST

DraftKings is facing scrutiny from Massachusetts sports betting regulators for allegedly accepting payments from out-of-state sources.
DraftKings Sportsbook is beginning the 2024 calendar year under scrutiny from Massachusetts sports betting regulators. The news comes following reports that the company allowed “out-of-state credit card funding” to bankroll […]

DraftKings Facing Class Action Massachusetts Sports Betting Lawsuit Over Signing Bonus 

Article posted on Saturday 16 December - 03:03 EST

A class action Massachusetts sports betting lawsuit has been filed against DraftKings over their signing bonus practices inside the state.
Another Massachusetts sports betting lawsuit has been filed. And this time, it’s against a familiar industry face: DraftKings. The lawsuit in question is a class action filing. It takes aim […]

Massachusetts Sports Betting Officials Concerned About Gambling Operators Targeting College Students 

Article posted on Sunday 03 December - 15:24 EST

Massachusetts sports betting officials have recently expressed renewed concern over the advertising practices of gambling operators.
Sports betting in the USA is more popular and, by extension, more accessible than ever before. While this trend has resulted in tax revenue windfalls, it has also created a […]

Massachusetts Sports Betting Officials Expressed Concerns Over ESPN Bet Launch 

Article posted on Friday 17 November - 05:26 EST

Massachusetts sports betting officials almost didn’t approve the launch of ESPN in The Bay State.
The launch of ESPN Bet has been making waves throughout the sports betting industry since it went live on November 14. And that makes sense. It represents a stark shift […]

Will Massachusetts Sports Betting Adopt Stricter Rules for Gambling on NCAA Events? 

Article posted on Friday 06 October - 06:53 EDT

Will Massachusetts sports betting head NCAA's call for stricter college gambling rules?
The regulation of Massachusetts sports betting has been among the most aggressive in the United States. Ever since legal sports gambling in The Bay State debuted in January 2023, officials […]



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