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As movement on the South Carolina sports betting front remains nonexistent, OSB tries to map out a realistic timeline for legalization.

Is There Any Chance South Carolina Sports Betting Gets Legalized in the Near Future?

Article posted on Friday 05 July - 01:01 EDT

Waiting for new developments on the future of South Carolina sports betting? Well, you’ll need to keep waiting.  Mum continues to be the word on this front. Though bills have […]

Could South Carolina Sports Betting be Impacted by Lack of Successful New Legislation in 2024? 

Article posted on Wednesday 19 June - 07:39 EDT

Though South Carolina sports betting has long lacked traction, this year has done little to increase the pressure on policymakers to change.
The 2024 calendar year is not off to a great first half if you’re someone hoping for clarity on the future of South Carolina sports betting. No new legislation been […]

Opposition to South Carolina Sports Betting Remains Strong 

Article posted on Tuesday 28 May - 06:44 EDT

Though some form of sports betting is now legal in more than half the United States, South Carolina sports betting remains an ultra-long shot.
Here’s hoping that you’re not holding your breath for the legalization of South Carolina sports betting. Because it sounds like it’s not happening anytime soon.  To some extent, this is […]

NCAA Women's Basketball Championship Game Spotlights South Carolina Sports Betting Void 

Article posted on Sunday 21 April - 21:28 EDT

The absence of South Carolina sports betting is far more conspicuous following the 2024 NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship game.
The absence of South Carolina sports betting is far more conspicuous these days. Indeed, this is partially because legal sports gambling is so prevalent. Thirty-eight states have now green lit […]

Will Daily Fantasy Sports Sites in South Carolina be Forced to Shut Down Operations? 

Article posted on Wednesday 06 March - 06:31 EST

Amid increased scrutiny of the DFS industry, will daily fantasy sports sites in South Carolina be forced to shut down?
As gambling regulators in the United States continue to crack down on daily fantasy sports sites, concern is mounting among customers who play these games in places without any form […]

How Far Away is the Legalization of South Carolina Sports Betting? 

Article posted on Tuesday 27 February - 13:40 EST

Will the legalization of South Carolina sports betting ever come? That’s the question we find ourselves asking every year around this time.
As state legislatures around the USA continue their annual (or bi-annual) meetups, a familiar question is cropping up inside The Palmetto: When will South Carolina sports betting get legalized? Better […]

South Carolina Sports Betting Isn't Legal, But One Local Tribe Has Found a Workaround 

Article posted on Thursday 25 January - 06:46 EST

South Carolina sports betting may not be legal, but that isn't stopping Catawba Nation, a local tribe, from finding a workaround.
Though South Carolina sports betting isn’t yet legal, that hasn’t stopped one local tribe from finding a workaround.  The Catawba Nation is a sovereign tribe that counts The Palmetto State […]

Delayed North Carolina Gambling Launch Could be Bad News for South Carolina Sports Betting 

Article posted on Sunday 03 December - 15:43 EST

North Carolina sports betting won’t be launching in time for Super Bowl 58. And that’s bad news for South Carolina sports betting hopes.
The future of South Carolina sports betting is shrouded in mystery. Never mind full-blown legalization. It’s impossible to discern whether debating the topic is even a priority entering January 2024 […]

South Carolina is Closely Watching Launch of North Carolina Online Sports Betting 

Article posted on Friday 17 November - 04:45 EST

Could the rollout of North Carolina online sports betting impact the future of sports betting in South Carolina?
Could 2024 be the year that the South Carolina sports betting discussion gets off the ground? The answer may hinge on the rollout of North Carolina sports betting. As direct […]

Does the Lack of Professional Teams Hurt South Carolina Sports Betting Chances? 

Article posted on Thursday 19 October - 07:00 EDT

Why isn’t South Carolina sports betting garnering more support?
With each passing month, the continued absence of South Carolina sports betting grows ever more glaring.  Mind you, this isn’t because of anything The Palmetto State has done. Rather, it’s […]



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