The Ravens go into the 2022 season with familiar faces. John Harbaugh remains the franchise’s head coach, as he has since 2008 β€” the third longest-tenured coach in the NFL. Quarterback Lamar Jackson might’ve not got a contract extension, but the expectation is he remains under center for years to come. The former MVP remains one of the most gifted runners at the position in NFL history. If you’re going to bet on Ravens, this entire page will be your complete guide to doing so as we’ve stuffed it with up-to-date odds, information, and much more!

Baltimore Ravens Next Regular Season Game

In the widget underneath, you’ll find the Ravens betting odds for its soonest game. Lines might change in the lead-up to a matchup based on injuries and volume of bets at a sportsbook. Despite these changes, you can be assured the Ravens odds listed below are most current!

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Baltimore Ravens Game Schedule and Betting Line

You can find the Baltimore Ravens schedule in its entirety β€” all 18 weeks β€” below. This schedule gives you a macro-view of the whole season, which is needed to plan your bets on each Baltimore Ravens game.

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What Are The Current Baltimore Ravens Standings

The Ravens are part of the vaunted AFC North β€” which also includes the Bengals, Browns, and longtime rivals, the Steelers. This is one of the most competitive divisions in all of football year in, year out. We’ll have updated Baltimore Ravens standings underneath as the season goes on. Standings are updated at the conclusion of each game featuring an AFC North foe.

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How To Bet On Baltimore Ravens

When it comes to betting on the Baltimore Ravens, they have an identity of sorts every year β€” which is rare in this league. Baltimore is known for its physical defense and imposing run game. The defensive reputation even predates Harbaugh and is largely credited with its two Super Bowl wins (the 2000 Baltimore defense is considered one of the best of all time).

While you should expect Baltimore to stay in line with that identity, you can't automatically assume they will be successful at doing so. The NFL changes a lot, after all. It's best to evaluate the Ravens on a game-by-game basing when betting. Speaking of which, here are the types of bets you should expect to see:

Baltimore Ravens Moneyline

Moneyline is the simplest of all bets where you're simply choosing whether the Ravens will win the game or not. Due to the Ravens' consistency, we'd expect them to be favored on the moneyline more times than not over the season β€” so long as Jackson is healthy, which he was not during the 2021 campaign.

Baltimore Ravens Spreads

The most popular bet across popular NFL betting sites is, without question, spreads. Bookmakers will add a "handicap" to each side β€” the favorite has to win by a certain amount of points, while the underdog can only lose by a certain amount. Spreads are the perfect alternative in case Baltimore has a staggering moneyline, which lacks value to make money off of.

Baltimore Ravens Over/Unders

Ah, yes, over/unders β€” also called point totals β€” are bets as old as time. Bookies will set a number on the game's final scoring tally for BOTH teams. As a bettor, you simply pick whether the teams will score more or less than that number. This is a tough bet when it comes to the Ravens because they are so run-heavy most of the time. While Baltimore does not struggle to move the ball, they sometimes do so at the expense of the game clock. Keep that in mind when betting over/unders.

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Baltimore Ravens Props

Props on the Baltimore Ravens are literally never-ending. Props are essentially mini-bets on different outcomes based on a game or individual player. We just covered over/under on the game's entire score, but you'll also see this bet as a prop when it comes to Jackson's running yards, for instance. That's a super popular bet given Jackson's ability to scamble out of the pocket and pick up yards with his legs. That's a prime example of a popular Baltimore Ravens prop, but certainly not the only example.

Baltimore Ravens Futures

Unlike the previous bets β€” which are all based on singles games β€” futures revolve around long-term outcomes of the Baltimore season. The most popular bet in this category is Super Bowl betting futures, whether or not the Ravens will claim another championship or not. Futures also exists on individual awards such as Coach of the Year or MVP, both of which, commonly feature a Raven as a top betting option.

Baltimore Ravens Betting Tips

We wanted to offer some general Ravens betting tips to help you out during the entire season. We're calling them our three rules for betting on Baltimore:

  1. Take it game by game: The NFL season is a long one and injuries will have a major influence on a team's ability. That's why you can't blindly bet on the Ravens based on previous results. Say Baltimore beat up on Pittsburgh in Week 2. Since they are divisional foes, they'll have a rematch later down the line. But you can't expect prior results to hold up β€” not completely at least. For all you know, Baltimore's secondary is playing back-ups in the rematch, which will hurt its pass defense greatly. That's one prime example, but something you have to account for up and down the team. Approach every Baltimore Ravens betting line with caution and weigh recent events heavily.
  2. Shop for betting lines: Betting isn't solely about picking winners and losers. Yes, that matters greatly, but another important facet that flies under the radar is maximizing betting value. If one bookie has the Ravens as +140 on the moneyline, another could potentially have them at +155. The +15 difference is no small thing. If you bet a $100 on both, then the +155 line would pay out an extra $15 in profits. Those small differences in lines add up over a long NFL season and can make huge differences in your yearly profit and losses. That's why we suggest you cross-check Ravens betting lines across many sportsbooks. If you find discrepancies, drop bets at bookies that are giving you the most value-rich odds.
  3. Specialize your knowledge: Obviously, there are 32 different teams in the NFL. It's going to be hard for you to follow all 32 closely. Therefore, you won't have ALL the information on each team to make smart betting decisions. This is a formula for losing because oddsmakers do have information on everyone (most of which comes from algorithms). If you want to outsmart bookies, you'll need to do so with specialized information. That's why we recommend really focusing on a few select teams when betting. The more you follow these teams, the more you'll know about how they'll perform next time out. The Ravens, with its high-flying offense and defense, are a good choice for specializing on. Believe us, you won't get bored with Jackson's herculean efforts over the season.

Baltimore Ravens History

The Baltimore Ravens are keeping their winning tradition alive. Established in 1996 as an expansion franchise, the club wasted little time leaving a mark in the National Football League. Just four years after entering the league, the Ravens captured their first of two Super Bowl championships, defeating the New York Giants in the final. Ray Lewis was the heart and soul of the Ravens that season, as the linebacker was named Super Bowl MVP β€” a rarity for defensive players.

The Ravens would have to wait 10 years to taste glory once again as the club won the title in 2012, this time defeating San Francisco β€” a Super Bowl final that pitted Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh against his own brother Jim Harbaugh, then coach of the 49ers. It marked the first time in NFL history two brothers played in the Super Bowl as opposing head coaches and it was the Ravens’ John Harbaugh that prevailed in the Harbaugh Bowl, as it was dubbed.

baltimore ravens betting history

Baltimore Ravens Odds To Win Super Bowl

As usual playoff contenders, it's quite common to see the Ravens odds to win Super Bowl to be on the high side. Whether or not a Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl win happens or not likely comes down to your opinion of its signal caller, Jackson. Some think he's the perfect QB for today's NFL, while others prefer a quarterback more consistent with his throwing production. We have no dog in this fight, but just bring it up to guide your decision-making on Ravens Super Bowl odds.

Where Can I Bet Baltimore Ravens Online?

To lock in odds on all the bets we just covered, turn your attention to the below table that lists our favorite bookmakers on the Internet. These bookies are our favorite for a multitude of reasons β€” cheap betting prices, tons of bonuses, and an overall great betting experience. You can read our updated online sportsbook reviews to learn more about each site.

  • Where do the Baltimore Ravens play?

    That would be M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland.

  • Have the Baltimore Ravens ever won a Super Bowl?

    Yes, they are two-time champions despite only being in existence for about 25 years.

  • Who is the best Baltimore Ravens player of all time?

    The two names that immediately come to mind are linebacker Ray Lewis and safety Ed Reed. Both personified the franchise and its tough-nose defense. If we had to pick one, we’d say Lewis since he was a key member of both title-winning teams while Reed was only on one.

  • Where to watch Baltimore Ravens game?

    NFL broadcast partners this year (and for the foreseeable future) are CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, and Amazon Prime. The latter three always air prime-time games. Ravens, depending on their matchup, will appear on these networks.

  • Who owns the Baltimore Ravens?

    The majority owner is Steve Bisciotti. He first bought into the team in 2000, before becoming the majority owner four years later.

  • Where do the Baltimore Ravens play?

    The Baltimore Ravens play in M&T Bank Stadium, a multi-purpose stadium in Baltimore, Maryland.

  • Have the Baltimore Ravens ever won a Super Bowl?

    The Baltimore Ravens have had success in the Super Bowl twice, winning it in 2013 (34-31 against the San Francisco 49ers) and 2021 (34-7 New England Giants).

  • Who is the best Baltimore Ravens player of all time?

    Ray Lewis is the Baltimore Ravens. Lewis is undoubtedly one of the best players of all time. He spent every minute of his 17-year career with the Ravens, beginning in 1996.

  • What is the Baltimore Ravens football schedule?

    Having played six weeks of the season already, the remaining games for the Ravens are as follows; Cleveland, Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Carolina, Jacksonville, Denver, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati.

  • Where to watch Baltimore Ravens game?

    With so many great streaming services available, it’s easy to catch the Ravens’ action. Tough, the most popular channel is probably ESPN.

  • Who owns the Baltimore Ravens?

    American business owner Steve Bisciotti, the founder of Allegis Group and Aerotek, is the owner of the Baltimore Ravens.