The Cleveland Browns are the lovable losers of the NFL, and cause of that sterling reputation, the franchise draws plenty of action at top-rated NFL betting sites. That’s why we’ve written this Browns betting guide. It’s packed with all the must-know information to bet on Browns — current odds, schedule, tips, and sportsbook suggestions. Keep reading for a complete betting breakdown! 


Cleveland Browns Next Regular Season Game

Check out who the next Cleveland Browns game below. We’ve also listed the game’s odds so you can begin your decision-making process on who to put money on.

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Cleveland Browns Game Schedule And Betting Line

Plan your bets well in advance by referencing the Cleveland Browns schedule. You’ll be able to get the maco-view on the entire playing season, which will help formulate a long-term betting plan.

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What Are The Current Cleveland Browns Standings

You can track the Cleveland Browns standings with the underneath widget. Pay close attention to how they fare against the Bengals, Ravens, and Steelers — their divisional foes in the AFC North.

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How To Bet On Cleveland Browns

Browns fans

While there’s no shortage of Cleveland Browns betting lines, all of them will fit into one of five categories. Allow us to give you the breakdown on Browns betting odds: 

Cleveland Browns Moneyline

The moneyline bet is the most straightforward of all Browns odds. This bet is literally a pick on whether Cleveland wins or its opponent. 

Cleveland Browns Spread

This is also a wager on the Browns winning or not, but with a twist. Cleveland is playing the game with a points handicap. As favorites, they must win the game by more than that handicap in order to “cover the spread.” However, if underdogs, the Browns can either win the game straight up or lose by less than their handicap to cover. 

Cleveland Browns Over/Under

Never mind whether Cleveland’s gets a win or lose, the over/under bet is concerned with something entirely different — how many points they tally, along with their opponent. Bookmakers will peg a number and its bettors to either choose over or under. Simple in theory, but harder in practice given how erratic the Browns tend to be. 

Cleveland Browns Props

No category will have a wider variety of bets available at top-used NFL betting sites than props. These wagers can really be on ANYTHING, but most of the time, it’s on statistical outcomes. Say who scores the game's first touchdown or over/under on rushing yards gained by a lead running back. Props are a perfect way to “spice up” the betting routine. 

Cleveland Browns Futures

Futures, as the name suggests, are bets on distant outcomes far beyond one game like the previously-mentioned wagers. A perfect example of this would be a Cleveland Browns Super Bowl victory. All 32 teams have a line to win it and this futures bet draws heavy attention. Similar bets can be made on whether the Browns win the division or conference too. 

Cleveland Browns Online Betting Tips

If you want to win Browns bets more than you lose them, then you'll need a plan. Sports betting is way to hard for things to "just happen." You might get a way with that in the short-term, but to consistently win over the long haul, a strategy is a must. It's on you to create this strategy that fits your style, but we have a few pointers to incorporate:

  1. Don't bet on reputation alone: Look, it's easy to clown on the Browns. This franchise has been a runaway dumpster fire for twenty years now, but that doesn't guarantee the flames will continue. Things change fast in the NFL, not only year to year but within a season too. You need to update your opinions regularly. Did Cleveland acquire a new player (yes, more on that later)? Do they have injuries? Who's the new coach? The answers to these questions are constantly evolving — that's just the nature of the NFL. Factor in recent decisions and games into your Browns betting analysis, not what happened years ago when they were winless. And do the same to whoever Cleveland is playing on Sunday. Priority should always be on current information when making betting choices.
  2. Monitor weather reports: When November and December roll around, Cleveland is cold. Really cold, in fact. That's going to have an effect on its home games, sometimes for the better but sometimes for the worse. Browns players might be accustomed to frigid temperatures and harsh winds, but if the Dolphins are visiting for a Winter game, then the advantage swings Cleveland's way. But if the opponent is, say, in-state rival Cincinnati? Welp, they're used to it to so the weather might be a non-factor — unless it's snow, which will change how the game is played. Look, we could go on and on here but the point remains: check weather reports regularly. Perhaps wait until closer to game day (when reports are more accurate) to place a bet.
  3. "Weather the storm": alright, we don't mean weather the storm in the literal sense this time, we mean it figuratively. You're going to have a string of losses when betting, you just will no matter who you are. Those losses are the "storm" and they can have a negative effect on you mentally. Perhaps desperation seeps in, or worse, the thought of quitting altogether. If either happens, then we urge you to remember that betting is a practice where having a high 50-percent win ratio is insanely good. Winning 70 to 80 percent of your wagers is completely unrealistic. Either you accept that and aim for a, say, 55-percent win percentage or look for another hobby. Betting isn't easy, but believe us, it's worth it if you can find success, which takes time.

Cleveland Browns History

Winning hasn’t come easy in the last couple of decades for the Cleveland Browns. In fact, it hasn’t come at all. The franchise was founded in 1946 and went on to win eight league championships — four in the AAFC along with four NFL titles. By 1995, owner Art Modell planned to relocate the organization to Baltimore, but not without a fight from fans and the city of Cleveland. Modell was eventually granted permission to move the team to Baltimore and the Cleveland franchise was suspended by the NFL until 1998 when the Browns were reborn as an expansion team.

Since then, Cleveland has been one of the league's most miserable franchises — and that's putting it lightly. Since being re-established, the team has made the playoffs just twice, in 2002 and 2020. That's it.

Most of the Browns' historical success came long, long before the AFL-NFL merger. The team collected eight championships between 1946 and 1964. Not only has a championship eluded the franchise since then, but even a division title has been hard to come by. Cleveland was last atop their division in 1989.

Jim Brown

Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown is the most beloved player to ever don a Browns uniform. Brown is the club’s all-time rushing leader with 12,312 yards to go along with 106 touchdowns. Brian Sipe, who played with the Browns for 10 seasons from 1974 to 1983, holds the franchise record for passing yards with 23,713.

Could that record be eclipsed by newly-acquired Deshaun Watson? That's what the "Dawg Pound" — the affectionally-named bleacher section of the home stadium — is banking on. Cleveland traded a random for Watson in the 2022 offseason in hopes he can finally turn the franchise around.

Cleveland Browns Odds To Win Super Bowl

We mentioned this earlier, but it bears repeating: there are Browns Super Bowl betting odds on them winning. Of course, the franchise remains Super Bowl-less but there’s optimism for the future with Watson now in the picture. Yes, he has a questionable past but he can also flat-out light the field up with his arm and legs. 

The NFL is a QB-driven league. In fact, that’s one of the very reasons why the Browns have struggled so much over the years, they’ve had an inability to find competence in the position. Welp, Watson might be their long-lost answer. We’d expect Cleveland’s title odds to remain solid to win a Super Bowl so long as Watson can stay on the field.  

Where Can I Bet On Cleveland Browns Online

Ready to put your money on the Cleveland Browns? Here are a few of the top online sportsbooks to consider before placing your wagers. You can read our in-depth sportsbook reviews to see what each respective site has to offer you.

  • Where do Cleveland Browns play?

    For sponsorship reasons, the Browns’ home is named FirstEnergy Stadium. It’s the same home they’ve had since being re-founded in 1999.

  • Have the Cleveland Browns ever won a Super Bowl?

    Nope, the Browns are Super Bowl-less. They are one of a dozen NFL franchises without a Super Bowl ring.

  • Who is the best Cleveland Browns player of all time?

    Jim Brown, without question. Brown is considered one of the best rushers in NFL history. Period.

  • What is the Cleveland Browns schedule?

    Scroll up on this page and you’ll see Cleveland’s playing schedule right there — all 17 games!

  • Where to watch Cleveland Browns game?

    Browns games can be seen on TV or streaming. The NFL’s partners for this are Amazon Prime, CBS, ESPN, FOX, and NBC.

  • Who owns Cleveland Browns?

    The team is co-owned by Jimmy and Dee Haslam. The husband and wife bought the team in 2012.