The Broncos have been sneakily one of the most successful NFL franchises since the 1990s despite not necessarily getting the attention for it. That success has made them a popular choice across industry-leading betting sites for NFL. In this in-depth guide, you’ll get EVERYTHING you need to know about Broncos betting including tips, tricks, schedules, odds, and so much more! Buckle up because this is about to shape how you bet on Broncos!

Denver Broncos Next Regular Season Game

NFL teams and bettors alike can only take it “one game at a time.” That’s why we’ve featured the next Denver Broncos game below. This will be your closest opportunity to wager on a Broncos matchup!

My Team's Next MatchDenver Broncos

Denver Broncos Game Schedule And Betting Line

What do the chances of another stellar season look like for the Broncos? Use the Denver Broncos schedule below to get an idea for yourself and plan your wagers in advance.

Results / FixturesDenver Broncos

What Are The Current Denver Broncos Standings

The AFC West is widely considered to be one of the most difficult divisions in all of football with the Broncos, Chiefs, Chargers, and Raiders always in title contention. Use our Denver Broncos standings widget to track the progress of all four rivals and get an idea how Denver fits into the whole NFL.


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How To Bet On Denver Broncos

Allow us to give you a macro-view on Broncos betting odds. While there will be an abundance of Denver bets available all year long at respected betting sites for NFL, ALL of them will fall into one of five categories. The categories are as follows:

Denver Broncos Moneyline

If you just want to bet on whether Denver wins its next game or not, then the moneyline is for you. That’s what this bet literally is — pick a winner in the Broncos’ game, them or their opponent. Simply to understand, but not always the easiest to hit on given Denver’s unpredictable nature. 

Denver Broncos Spread

Spread is more nuanced than moneyline betting. When it comes to these Denver Broncos betting lines, there’s a point spread that Denver is playing with to start the game. If they’re favored to win, then the Broncos must win by more than that spread, thus covering. But the opposite is true if they are underdog in which they can’t lose by more than that spread. 

Denver Broncos Over/Under

If you don’t want to concern yourself with Broncos odds on whether they win (and by how many points), then the over/under should be worth a look. This wager focuses on the combined point total by Denver and its opponents. Bookmakers will set a point total beforehand and bettors simply choose over or under on what the actual combined output will be. 

Denver Broncos Props

Props are the biggest category of Broncos betting. That’s because, well, props can really be ANYTHING — and we mean anything. Which player gets the first touchdown? Whether the longest play of the game is over/under 45 yards? Will there be a safety? These are all examples of props, which essentially act as side bets on outcomes not really tied to the game’s final result. 

Denver Broncos Futures

If you’re betting Broncos futures, you’re going to have to wait because most of these bets take the whole season to pan out. Futures are bets on end-of-season outcomes such as Denver winning titles in their division or the AFC. They could also be bets on its players winning an award like MVP or Rookie of the Year. 

Denver Broncos Online Betting Tips

Betting isn’t easy — not for everyday bettors that is. If it were, then the online sportsbooks wouldn’t be open for business from all the losses they’d be taking. Regardless, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bet. You should, so long as you have a betting strategy for winning. If you need help in that regard, start with the below tips we learned the hard way (betting and losing before having an a-ha moment): 

  1. Start at the top: we don’t want to oversimplify football, but the two most important positions on the team are the head coach and quarterback. You have to get at least one right to have a shot in the NFL — probably both to contend for a Super Bowl. Unfortunately for the Broncos, they’ve been playing musical chairs with both positions for several years now. So when evaluating this team for betting, take a hard look at how the coach and QB are trending together. If recent history is any judge, it will influence Denver’s on-field product more than anything else. 
  2. Live to fight another day: you’re inevitably going to lose at this sports betting thing. However, it’s how you react that’s going to have a larger impact on your betting bankroll. Maybe a string of bad losses leads you to quit altogether. Or worse, maybe you “chase” a win. By chase, that means betting for the purpose of making up what you’ve already lost. Both those examples are emotional-ridden responses to losing. We’ll tell you what, emotions are usually more bad than good in a practice like betting where decision-making is of the utmost importance. Try to put bad losses behind you and live to fight another day. Take a break if you have to, whatever it takes to let those emotions go over you, and begin with a clear mindset once again. 
  3. Pay attention to the weather: Denver is a notoriously cold, and at times windy, locale. At times, those conditions fall on game day and if so, it influences how the game is played on the field. For example, both throwing the ball and kicking become more difficult in bad weather. Think about that before betting. Say you have an over bet, now consider how much harder it will be to score when snow is falling down the field? Do this type of research for road games too in case the Broncos are traveling to a similarly cold city. 

Denver Broncos History

The Broncos emerged as an AFL team in 1960. They started in Denver and have never left, unlike many older franchises which flip-flopped around before settling into one city.

John Elway

Despite the Broncos’ successful performances in recent years, they were in a very different situation during their first decade of franchise history. Even with the presence of star running back Floyd Little from 1967 to 1975, Denver came out with a 39-97-4 record during the 1960s and did not make a postseason appearance until 1977. Despite their lackluster performance in the first 17 NFL seasons, the Broncos made it to the Super Bowl in 1977. The franchise was propelled by Elway, who played 16 seasons with the team. Denver won consecutive Super Bowls during Elway’s final two seasons as the signal caller and he retired "on top."

Ironically, that was also the case for the next Hall-of-Fame quarterback to grace the team, Peyton Manning. After an illustrious career in Indianapolis, Manning spent the final four years of his career with Broncos Country. The last ended with a Super Bowl victory in 2016.

When most fans or bettors think of NFL's best-ever franchises, familiar names come to mind — Dallas, Pittsburgh, New England, and San Francisco. But honestly, Denver should also be in consideration. The team has appeared in eight Super Bowls — which is tied for second-most all-time (behind only the Patriots' 11 appearances).

If the Broncos want to catch up to New England in the Super Bowl department, then they'll need new quarterback Russell Wilson to play like the one of old, who trounced a Manning-led Denver team in the Super Bowl. Wilson joined Broncos Country in the 2022 offseason and inked a $245-million deal that'll keep him under contract to Denver for most of the decade.

Denver Broncos Odds To Win Super Bowl

The Broncos Super Bowl betting odds are futures, as we covered earlier. This line will change constantly during the season based on injuries, game results, and general sentiment around the team. 

Before you decide to bet on a Denver Broncos Super Bowl win or not, consider this: the franchise has won three championships. John Elway led them to two, while Peyton Manning was the other. Perhaps having a Hall of Fame-level quarterback is the key to Denver adding a fourth ring. If so, is the new acquisition Wilson at that level? Your answer to that question should influence whether these Super Bowl futures are worth your money or not. 

Denver Russell Wilson

Where Can I Bet Denver Broncos Online?

Ready to put your money on the Denver Broncos? Here is a list of the leading online sportsbooks to consider before placing your wagers. You can read our up-to-date sportsbook reviews to get an idea of what awaits you at these sites.

  • Where do Denver Broncos play?

    For sponsorship reasons, Denver’s home is called Empower Field at Mile High. Mile High Stadium was the name of the team’s old playing facility that’s been demolished.

  • Have the Denver Broncos ever won a Super Bowl?

    Denver has three Super Bowl victories, which is tied for the fourth-most in the NFL.

  • Who is the best Denver Broncos player of all time?

    The only right answer here is John Elway. He’s one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Period.

  • What is the Denver Broncos schedule?

    Denver’s schedule is featured on this page. Scroll up on this page and you’ll see who they are playing all 17 games of the season.

  • Where to watch Denver Broncos games?

    Amazon Prime, CBS, ESPN, FOX, or NBC — those channels all have exclusive rights to air the NFL on TV and streaming. You’ll find the Broncos games one of of those outlets.

  • Who owns the Denver Broncos?

    The newest NFL owner is Walmart heir Rob Walton, who purchased the Broncos for $4.65 billion in 2022. Walton bought the team from the Bowlen family. Walton is the wealthiest NFL owner with a $60 billion net worth.