Indianapolis spent two decades in the limelight thanks to stellar quarterback play from Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck. This run made them popular options at top NFL betting sites despite playing in a small market. And even with neither QB being around anymore, the Colts still draw plenty of betting action based on their reputation. So if you need help Colts betting, you’ve come to the right place. This guide is packed to the brim with must-know information about Indy betting. Bookmark this cause it’ll be a resource every time you want to bet on Colts. 


Indianapolis Colts Next Regular Season Game

Keep an eye on this widget for the most up-to-date odds on the next Indianapolis Colts game. Odds will change over the week, but our widget always has the latest lines available.

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Indianapolis Colts Game Schedule And Betting Line

Some parts of the Indianapolis Colts schedule are much more difficult than others. It’s on you to pinpoint these patches and bet accordingly. The widget below tracks all 17 games the Colts will play this season.

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What Are The Current Indianapolis Colts Standings

The Colts play in the AFC South next to the Jaguars, Texans, and Titans. You can see how they fare divisionally by viewing the Indianapolis Colts standings below. These too are updated all-season long.

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How To Bet On Indianapolis Colts

Want to bet Colts, but not entirely sure just how? Welp, we’re about to break down Indianapolis Colts betting lines to their simplest forms. Here are the five types of lines you’re most likely to come across: 

 Indianapolis Colts Moneyline

Colts odds don’t get any easier (in theory) than the moneyline. The sole purpose of this wager is to pick the game-winner — Indy or its given opponent that week. That’s really all there is to it. But given Indianapolis' hot-and-cold ways as of late, it’s not always the easiest of bets to actually hit on. 

Indianapolis Colts Spreads

Spreads are also bets on whether the Colts win or not, but with a twist. With this wager, Indianapolis is playing with a handicap. If they are underdogs, for example, then they must not lose the game by more than the pre-set handicap. The opposite applies in the event they’re favored. Indy can’t just win the game to cash the ticket, no that only happens when its winning margin is higher than what the speed was. 

Indianapolis Colts Over/Under

If you’re looking for Colts betting odds unrelated to them winning the game or not then the over/under may be what you’re looking for. This line also deals with the final score, but with the purpose of how many points were scored by both teams together. Bookies will set a number and bettors simply pick “over” or “under” on what the final tally ends up being. 

Indianapolis Colts Props

Props aren’t nearly as concrete as the three aforementioned bets. Being as props are like side bets on different outcomes within a Colts game, the options here are vast. Most revolve around stats, though. Something like the over/under on catching yards by a wide receiver or whether the defense scores a touchdown, for instance. Those are just a few examples, but as we said, props can really range on numerous outcomes. 

Indianapolis Colts Futures

Futures are long-term plays. By long-term, we’re talking end-of-the-season results. This is mostly on team titles (division, conference, Super Bowl) or individual awards (MVP, Rookie of the Year). While futures bets usually tie up your money for longer periods of time, the payouts are usually higher since these bets are harder to predict than single-game outcomes.

Indianapolis Colts Online Betting Tips

Colts owner

If you’re serious about making money off Colts betting, then it’s time to make a plan. And no, it doesn’t have to be a 10-step plan that you never shy away from, but you should have a few hard rules that underpin your betting choices. To help you get started, we wanted to offer three that have personally been instrumental in our betting journey: 

  1. Specialize your knowledge: this is one of the biggest mistakes we see repeated over and over by bettors — betting too much. There’s simply too much going on in the NFL for this to be a viable strategy over the long term. There’s no way you can possibly stay informed on all 32 teams. This is why we advise specializing in a select few, or maybe an entire division. That could be the Colts or the AFC South. But if you repeatedly watch one team over the course of the season, you’re much more likely to learn its kinks — e.g. how aggressive the coach is or whether that team plays up or down to its opponents. These nitty-gritty details are what will make you a smart bettor because it’s information that’s less well-known by other bettors. Focus on a few teams and we guarantee you’ll reap more benefits than betting on anything and everything. 
  2. Factor matchups over everything: once you’ve specialized on a team like Indy, this is what you should do next: evaluate how they match up against the opponent. Since you’re specialized in the Colts, you’ll already know their strengths and weakness. Now it’s time to research the same for the opponents. Then at that point, compare how the Colts matchup against that. Is Indy’s offense run-heavy? Welp, if the opposing team excels at stuffing the running game, then that might be a mismatch and a disadvantage for Indianapolis. That’s one small example, but you can do this up and down the team with proper matchup analysis. What you find out here should be the cornerstone of your betting pick. It’s cliche, but football really is a game of matchups at the end of the day. 
  3. Don’t let losses get to you: spoiler alert — you’re going to lose at this betting thing. Sometimes multiple bets in a row. But that happens to everyone, even the pro bettors. When this cold streak inevitably arises, you have to be careful to not let it snowball into more defeats. How so, you ask? By forcing bets in an act of desperation, many times to make up for prior gambling losses. This is an emotional bet, not a rational one thought out by reviewing matchups or doing hard research. Trust us, you’re not going to best bookies with emotion, not when they’re pumping out lines using computer models that have no emotion in them. Take a break if you’re feeling down from a bad gambling streak, it’ll do you more good than make-up betting. 

Indianapolis Colts History

The foundation of the Colts was forged in December of 1946, not long after the conclusion of World War II. In the All-America Football Conference, an existing franchise, Miami Seahawks, went broke. That team was purchased by Bob Rodenberg and a few other investors, who promptly moved the team up north to Baltimore. The franchise was renamed the Colts, and as they say, "the rest is history."

The Colts joined the NFL a few years later when it merged with the AAFC. The team had some up-and-down years before finally winning back-to-back NFL championships in 1958 and 1959. Another would follow a decade later in 1968. The latter team was led by head coach Don Shula, who is sometimes forgotten as the Baltimore coach due to his success with Miami. But in one of the more famous Super Bowls ever, that '68 Colts team lost to "Broadway" Joe Namath despite being double-digit favorites to win beforehand.

However, Baltimore would redeem itself two years later by winning the fifth-ever Super Bowl. Behind quarterback Johnny Unitas, the Colts edged the Cowboys 16-13 in the "big game." What followed that triumph was mostly losing for two decades straight. From 1971 to 1994, the franchise made the postseason only five times.

The Colts played its final game in Baltimore on December 18, 1983. In one of the most controversial moves in NFL history, the team relocated up north to Indianapolis in the dead of the night. Fourteen tractor-trailer trucks were used to take the team 600 miles up the road, a move that continues to sour the city of Baltimore.

The now Indianapolis Colts received new life when they drafted Peyton Manning first overall in the 1998 NFL Draft. Along with head coach Tony Dungy, the duo became an NFL powerhouse. During that era, the Super Bowl almost always felt like a tug-of-war between Indy and the New England Patriots. Only once did Indy win this war when they won their second-ever Super Bowl (first in Indianapolis) during the 2006 season. The Colts quite never reached that high, despite replacing Manning with another stud quarterback in Andrew Luck.

Colts Super Bowl

Indianapolis Colts Odds To Win Super Bowl

During the Manning-led years, Colts Super Bowl betting odds were typically top-5 in the league. With Luck, they were in the top 10 or so. But now without an upper-echelon signal caller? They’re in the bottom 10 of the league. That’s not likely to change if the franchise can’t find a long-term solution for the position. 

That’s why we’d advise treading carefully on any lines concerned with an Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl win. Honestly, it’s throwing money away until there’s a legit QB on the team. That’s just being honest with the state of the NFL which is driven by QB play over anything else. 

Where Can I Bet On Indianapolis Colts Online

Ready to bet on the Colts? Have a look below to find the online sportsbook that fits your betting needs. We've written in-depth sportsbook reviews on each listed site in case you want to compare and contrast them before choosing one over the others.

  • Where do the Indianapolis Colts play?

    Lucas Oil Stadium opened in 2008 in downtown Indianapolis. This domed stadium is where the Colts play home games.

  • Have the Indianapolis Colts ever won a Super Bowl?

    The Colts franchise has two Super Bowl titles, but only one of those came in Indianapolis.

  • Who is the best Indianapolis Colts player of all time?

    Peyton Manning, hands down. In fact, Manning is one of the best NFL players ever league-wide.

  • What is the Indianapolis Colts schedule?

    You can find Indy’s 17-game slate on this very page. Just scroll up and see it in its full glory right there!

  • Where to watch the Indianapolis Colts game?

    The NFL has five TV partners that will share Colts coverage over the season. They are Amazon Prime, CBS, ESPN, FOX, and NBC.

  • Who owns the Indianapolis Colts?

    Jim Irsay is the team owner. His father was Robert, who was responsible for the overnight move from Baltimore to Indianapolis.