For the longest of times, the Jacksonville Jaguars have been doormats for the rest of the NFL. That hasn’t quite changed (yet), but ownership has put the pieces in place to do so. A Super Bowl-winning coach has been hired (Doug Pederson, formerly of the Eagles) and a talented quarterback was picked first overall (Trevor Lawrence). Only time will tell if anything changes in Jacksonville but while we wait, we can make money off the team whilst betting. We’ve compiled this handy betting guide that covers all things Jaguars. Keep scrolling to see what we have for you when it comes to betting on the franchise.

Jacksonville Jaguars Next Regular Season Game

The widget will help bettors look ahead to the upcoming Jacksonville Jaguars game. Keep a close eye on the game odds, as they will change with many intangibles such as injury reports and weather conditions.

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Jacksonville Jaguars Game Schedule And Betting Line

This feature charts the entire Jacksonville Jaguars schedule. Divisional matches are the most important since each team in the AFC South plays a home-and-away game against their rivals, six in total for the season.

Results / FixturesJacksonville Jaguars

What Are The Current Jacksonville Jaguars Standings

Sometimes, you have to dive into the numbers to gain a betting edge. Your team may have a winning record but they’re brutal in conference play. This feature may help you find those answers. You’ll see Jacksonville Jaguars standings against the whole NFL.

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How To Bet On Jacksonville Jaguars

You can bet on Jaguars in a multitude of ways — and we mean a multitude. Next, we’re going to cover the five umbrellas which all Jaguar-related bets will fall into. You have these five betting options across top-rated NFL betting sites:

Jacksonville Jaguars Spread

Jaguars betting is most common when it comes to spreads. The spread is a “handicap” bettors will put on each team in a game. The favorite must “cover” this handicap and win the game by more than that. However, the underdog — which Jacksonville commonly is — must lose the game by less than that handicap, if not win it outright. Spreads can be denominated in whole numbers or half too (e.g 3.5 or 4.5, which is commonplace in the NFL). 

Jacksonville Jaguars Moneyline

Moneyline bets are not nearly as intricate as spreads. This wager is a simple outright bet on who wins — that’s it. However, Jaguars betting odds will be much more sporadic in this case. Whereas spreads are almost always -110 bets, moneylines will change from game to game. 

Jacksonville Jaguars Point Totals

Point total bets can be used interchangeably with over/unders as they’re the same thing. Rather than picking who wins or loses and by how much, point total bets are strictly on combined points scored by Jacksonville and its opponent. Like spreads, -110 is the standard for Jacksonville Jaguars betting lines with over/unders.

Jacksonville Jaguars Props

The most amount of Jaguar odds will be available in the prop market. That’s because props, which are essentially mini-bets, can stretch a lot of boundaries. Think of props as fantasy football-type bets. That’s because you’ll find plenty of props around the statistical performances of players. Who scores the game’s first touchdown and over/under on catches for a tight end would be examples of props. 

Jacksonville Jaguars Futures

Something like the Jaguars odds to win Super Bowl would be a futures wager. Futures are long-term bets on season-long outcomes. The Super Bowl is an obvious and popular example, but similar bets exist for conference and division champions, or award winners like Rookie of the Year.  

Jacksonville Jaguars Online Betting Tips

Jacksonville Jaguars Online Betting Tips

If you’ve read this far into our betting guide, you’re armed with all the information to bet on this struggling franchise — that is, besides actually choosing which bets to make. We can’t help you there (there are too many Jaguars bets out there), but we can pepper you with overarching tips. Whenever dropping money on this team, keep these three tips top of mind:

  1. Develop specialized knowledge: if you haven’t realized it, sports betting is hard in the long run. That’s because the betting lines you’re betting on have been developed and matured by information that bookmakers possess. Most of this data is spun into an algorithm and that’s where odds are spewed out from. If you plan on outsmarting this algorithm, it won’t come from making bets with your gut. No, the only way is through the specialized knowledge you have over one team. So we suggest following Jacksonville closely to really understand how they play. Doing so likely means you have to follow other teams less but it’s a necessary sacrifice to build up your specialized knowledge. 
  2. Pick and choose your bets: alright, let’s say you do develop expertise in the Jaguars over everyone else. You can just win bets at will now, right? Welp, not exactly. That’s because not every Jacksonville-related bet is worth wagering on. “Pick your battles” is what we advise, and pick wagers based on probability. Of all the Jaguar bets available (which is a lot), which has the highest chance of hitting? Answer that question first then decide how to deploy capital. You want to “double down” on the best opportunities, first and foremost. 
  3. Change your beliefs regularly: the NFL season is now 18 weeks long. Do you know how much can change in that span? A whole lot. That’s why if you’re making a bet on Jacksonville, say, in Week 16, then you shouldn’t really weigh what happened in Week 3 into that decision. Believe us, the Jags are a completely different team from then to now. Injuries, coaching adjustments, and internal confidence have changed the dynamic. That’s why we encourage you to make picks based on recent performance more so than months ago. 


Jacksonville Jaguars History

The Jaguars and Carolina Panthers joined the NFL as expansion teams in 1995. In years since, the Jaguars have qualified for the playoffs seven times, most recently in 2017. That was also the last year Jacksonville had a winning record. They've won two division titles, in 1998 and 1999. The team plays their home games at EverBank Field and moved from the Central Division of the American Football Conference to the AFC South in 2002. The Jaguars have struggled since entering the AFC South fray.

The No. 71 worn by offensive tackle Tony Boselli, the Jaguars’ very first draft pick, has not been worn since his retirement in 2002. The number has been taken “out of service,” according to team officials. Boselli became the first Jags player elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2022.

Quarterback Mark Brunell is the team’s all-time passing leader throwing for more than 25,000 yards and 144 touchdowns. Fred Taylor is the club’s all-time rushing leader, with more than 11,000 rushing yards and 62 TDs.

Jacksonville Jaguars Odds To Win Super Bowl

Remember earlier when we were talking about futures betting? Welp, the Jaguars Super Bowl betting odds are exactly that. And as you can guess for this franchise, those odds are usually on the longer end. If Lawrence can develop into a franchise quarterback, things might change. But for now, we’d say to be cautious if betting Jacksonville Jaguars Super Bowl lines — keep bets small, if any.

This franchise came oh so close to making a Super Bowl a few seasons ago when, get this, Blake Bortles was under center. They would blow a double-digit lead to the Patriots in the AFC Conference championship game that year. Without an elite-level QB, that’s probably as far as any team in the NFL can really go in this QB-driven league. 

Where Can I Bet On Jacksonville Jaguars Online

If you've read this far, you know enough about the Jags to put money down on them. Have a look at the online sportsbooks below and pick the one that fits you best. If you need help picking, then pour over our latest online sportsbook reviews.

  • Where do the Jacksonville Jaguars play?

    TIAA Bank Field is the home of the Jaguars and has been since its founding. The stadium is famous for having a pool section in the north zone where fans can swim and watch at the same time.

  • Have the Jacksonville Jaguars ever won a Super Bowl?

    No, they haven’t nor have they even appeared in the Super Bowl.

  • Who is the best Jacksonville Jaguars player of all time?

    It has to be Fred Taylor, who spent ten whole years with the franchise. As it stands, Taylor ranks 17th in rushing yards in NFL history — most of which was accumulated in a Jacksonville uniform.

  • What is the Jacksonville Jaguars football schedule?

    Scroll up on this page because we have it for you right here. No need to Google cause the full 17-game slate is available on-page.

  • Where to watch Jacksonville Jaguars game?

    Jacksonville is rarely ever on national TV — which is aired on ESPN, NBC, or Amazon. Therefore, you’re most likely to find the Jags on CBS or FOX on Sundays.

  • Who owns the Jacksonville Jaguars?

    Shahid Khan owns the team and has since 2011. He is one of three NFL owners born outside of the United States.