If there’s any team in the NFL that has dynasty potential, then it’s Kansas City. They’ve already collected one Super Bowl in 2020 and with Patrick Mahomes under center for the future, the Chiefs can threaten for more. That’s what the presence of a proven elite quarterback does. If you want to ride this potential dynasty whilst betting, then you’re in the right place. That’s because the rest of this page will give you the latest and greatest details to bet on Chiefs. Let’s dive right into it.

Kansas City Chiefs Next Regular Season Game

The next Kansas City Chiefs game will be found below — at all times. We’re constantly updating this widget so you’re always up to speed with what’s on the horizon next.

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Kansas City Chiefs Game Schedule And Betting Line

The complete Kansas City Chiefs schedule can be found underneath. All 17 games of the season will be listed here, which allows you to plan ahead.

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What Are The Current Kansas City Chiefs Standings

As long as Mahomes is around, KC should be in contention for titles — division, conference, and yes, the Super Bowl. You’ll be able to track their progress on all those with the widget below. It lists the Kansas City Chiefs standings against the entire league.

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How To Bet On Kansas City Chiefs

Let's talk about Chiefs betting now. Look, you're going to have a large volume of bets available on any given game. We're going to cover the most common ways to bet on not just Kansas City, but on the NFL at large. Let's jump right into it:

Kansas City Chiefs Moneyline

Moneyline is just a bet on the straight-up winner. That's it. Every game, the Chiefs will be given a line to win. It will differ from game to game so odds are really hard to tell. But given the team's recent string of success, you should expect KC to be favored more times than not.

Kansas City Chiefs Spread

Whereas Chief odds are inconsistent on the moneyline, they're almost always -110 on the spread — and that goes whether they're favorites or underdogs. Bookies will give Kansas City a spread to cover beforehand. If they are betting favorites, then the spread will indicate how many points the Chiefs must win by in order to cash the bet. As you'd guess, the opposite applies if they're underdogs. In this scenario, they can not lose by more than the pre-set spread number.

Kansas City Over/Under

Bookmakers at trusted NFL betting sites will set a number on the total amount of points KC and its opponent will tally together. It's then on bettors to wager whether the two teams will score more or less of that figure. With Mahomes under center, this over/under number tends to be on the high side — especially if they're dueling an equally explosive quarterback.

Kansas City Props

Props will be your "best bet" to get the widest selection of Kansas City Chiefs betting lines. These mini-bets don't usually relate to the game's final score like over/under or moneyline. Instead, props focus on other outcomes within a game — such as what color the Gatorade bath will be (this is popular in the Super Bowl) or how many rushing yards Mahomes will have, as an example.

Kansas City Futures

Chiefs betting odds here are not related to single games, rather they're about season-long results. The easiest example is Super Bowl futures, a wager on whether the team will win the "big game." Similar bets can be made on whether Mahomes will win league MVP or whether Andy Reid will win Coach of the Year. Futures are almost about end-of-the-season outcomes on titles and awards.

Kansas City Chiefs Online Betting Tips

Just because the Chiefs are NFL powerhouses doesn’t mean money thrown their way is going to be a guaranteed winner. No, as you’ll see below in our tips for betting success, that line of thinking is incredibly faulty. Keep these three tips top of mind:

  1. Don’t automatically bet on the Chiefs: file this stat in the crazy big true category: in a 20-game stretch that spanned from Nov 2020 to Nov 2022 (and included the team’s Super Bowl run), Kansas City astonishing only went 3-16-1 against the spread. Re-read that last sentence one more time. Yes, the NFL’s best team covered just 15 percent of the time amid a Super Bowl stretch. That stat should tell you the danger of blindly betting on the favorite. Sure, the team might win, but not in blowout fashion as you’d assume. Parity in the NFL remains high so be more nuanced in your betting approach for the Chiefs and other established franchises. 
  2. Keep weather top of mind: Kansas City is known for its rigid temperatures during the Wintertime and if that happens to fall on a Sunday, it will affect the game. Cold-weather games are more conducive to defensive battles and running the ball, for example, which can have an effect on the over/under and even spread. That's why we urge you to check weather reports BEFORE making a bet. And given how erratic weather reports are, it might be best to wait until actual game day before throwing money on a game. At least by then, the weather is known and no longer unpredictable.
  3. Weather the storm: alright, we don't mean this in the literal sense (and we already told you to mind the weather). We mean this figuratively because betting will throw storms your way in the form of multiple-game losing streaks or heartbreaking defeats. When these inevitably happen, you have to keep your cool (pun fully intended). If you don't, then emotions will seep into your betting decisions and more times than not, that's a recipe for complete disaster. If you find yourself down from losing, take a few hours off to recoup. That's better than rushing your next bet.

Kansas City Chiefs History

Renowned sports team owner Lamar Hunt founded the Chiefs in 1959. In its founding years, the Chiefs called Dallas home and went with the team name Texans (not to be confused with the current NFL franchise, the Houston Texans). They would eventually move to Kansas City in 1963 and have not left since.

Betting On Kansas City Chiefs Online

The franchise won its first-ever Super Bowl in 2020. In that game, the Chiefs trailed most of the game against San Francisco until Mahomes and company staged a fourth-quarter comeback to deliver the city its maiden championship (in the modern era, the team did win 3 AFL championships before the merger). The team would return to the big game the following year but came up short this time against Tampa Bay.

Ironically enough, Hunt is credited with coining the name "Super Bowl." The term was not used until the third-ever championship game but has obviously stuck since then.

Moving on elsewhere, Len Dawson, who played with the Chiefs from 1962 to 1975, still holds the franchise record for passing yards with 28,507 and touchdowns, with 237. If Mahomes keeps at his current pace, then those records could be shattered sooner rather than later.

Dawson is one of 10 players that have their numbers retired by the team. Other ones include Derrick Thomas, Emmit Thomas, Buck Buchanan, and more.

Kansas City Chiefs Odds To Win Super Bowl

Since Mahomes burst into an NFL star in 2018, the Chiefs Super Bowl betting odds have been either the shortest or one of the shortest in the whole league. Modern-day NFL puts a premium on offenses that can score in bunches and quickly, which has been the exact brand of football Mahomes has brought to Kansas City since 2018.

However, Mahomes' greatness also has its drawbacks. One is the franchise had to pay the man $450 million to extend his contract for 10 years. Is he worth the near-half-a-billion price? Yes probably, but it also means the team will be more cash-strapped to surround him with equally-good talent. So before you blindly jump on a Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl bet, also factor in how the team is complimenting its $450-million player cause he can't do it alone.

How Can I Bet On Kansas City Chiefs?

Ready to put your money down on the Kansas City Chiefs? Here are a few online sportsbooks to consider before placing your wagers. We've written unbiased sportsbook reviews for you to compare and contrast the sportsbooks.

  • Where do Kansas City Chiefs play?

    That would be Arrowhead Stadium, which has been the Chiefs’ home since 1972. That’s more than 50 years of service by now!

  • Have the Kansas City Chiefs ever won a Super Bowl?

    At least, the franchise won a Super Bowl in 2020, beating the 49ers in a thrilling game.

  • Who is the best Kansas City Chiefs player of all time?

    This isn’t an easy choice given the greats that’ve suited up for KC over the years. However, Derrick Thomas has a strong case here. Before tragically dying at only 33 years old, Thomas was elected to nine Pro Bowls and two First-Team All-Pros. His career was still going strong before a car crash ended his life way too soon.

  • What is the Kansas City Chiefs schedule?

    We have a widget on this page that breaks down the Chiefs schedule in full. Scroll up to see it in full!

  • Where to watch Kansas City Chiefs game?

    Mahomes on the team means the Chiefs play on prime-time television A LOT. So expect to see KC available to watch on the likes of Amazon Prime, ESPN, NBC, FOX, and CBS.

  • Who owns the Kansas City Chiefs?

    The Hunt family continues to own the team even after the death of Lamar in 2006.