If you still have to stop yourself from saying the Oakland Raiders, then you’re not alone. It’s great Las Vegas — the gambling capital of the Western world — has an NFL team now, but not at the expense of Oakland losing theirs. But hey, nothing we can do about it now besides make money off the new Vegas property through the city’s calling card: betting. To do just that, we’ve compiled this Raiders betting guide with all the expert tips and up-to-date info you need as a bettor.

Oakland Raiders Next Regular Season Game

Your next shot at making money off the Raiders is listed below. This widget is updated at all times to feature the most forthcoming Las Vegas Raiders game.

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Las Vegas Raiders Game Schedule And Betting Line

With the NFL’s expansion to 17 regular-season games, no longer 16, you now have an extra opportunity to wager on the Raiders. Below you’ll see the Las Vegas Raiders schedule in its entirety, which helps you know what betting opportunities are on the horizon.

Results / FixturesOakland Raiders

What Are The Current Las Vegas Raiders Standings

Las Vegas competes in the AFC West alongside the likes of Dever, Kansas City, and the LA Chargers (who like the Raiders, also left their original home). The Las Vegas Raiders standings is featured below so you can compare how they stack up inside the vaunted division.

StandingsOakland Raiders

How To Bet Las Vegas Raiders

Generally speaking, you can bet on Raiders in one of five ways at the most popular NFL betting sites. All wagers will fall into one of the following five categories:

Las Vegas Raiders Moneyline

The easiest-to-understand Raiders betting odds will undoubtedly be the moneyline. The sole purpose of this bet is to pick the game's winner. It’s as simple as that but not always easy to hit on given Las Vegas' tendency to play wildly inconsistently from game to game.

Las Vegas Raiders Spread

When it comes to spreads, the Raiders and its opponent will start the game with a point-based handicap. Say Vegas is favored. Well, to cover the spread, they’d have to win by a margin greater than the spread. However, the opposite applies if the Raiders are underdogs in that they must lose by less than that amount.

Las Vegas Raiders Over/Under

Here’s one of the most popular Las Vegas Raiders betting lines — it also deals with the score, but not in the way of who’s winning. Over/unders (also called point totals) are concerned with how many points the Raiders and their opponents are totaling. Bookies set a number — for either the half or the entire game — and it’s on bettors to predict whether the combined score is over or under that number.

Las Vegas Raiders Props

The Raiders odds you’ll find in the prop market will range far more. That’s because it can really be anything. Props are like side bets and mostly center on individual player performances. A prime example of props includes who scores the game’s first touchdown or an over/under on rushing yards by a running back. Betting options are seemingly endless when it comes to props.

Las Vegas Raiders Futures

The name futures tells you everything you need to know about this lucrative bet type. The betting outcomes have to do with future events, usually by the end of the season, not single games. That includes whether the Raiders will win any titles (division or conference) or individual hardware (MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, etc.).

Las Vegas Raiders Online Betting Tips

Raiders Derek Carr

If you plan on being profitable at this betting thing, you’ll need to have a game plan. No one plan is perfect for every bettor, but we did want to share some rules of thumb that have served us well over the years. Here are our best pieces of advice:

  1. Game of matchups: you’ve probably heard NFL coaches and analysts refer to football as a “game of matchups.” Welp, it’s true and also applies to making bets. Before you bet on the Raiders, understand their strengths and weaknesses. Do the same for their next opponent. Compare the teams based on that and if there are any mismatches that are apparent, then there’s a strong likelihood that will be the game’s X-factor. Whether that’s a positive or negative mismatch for Las Vegas is for you to evaluate and then make bets off of.
  2. Value recent results more: the NFL season is long at 18 weeks. The NFL season is also grueling given how many injuries arise. That’s why you should put the most stock on recent Raiders games — not ones played months ago. How Vegas played last Sunday is much more indicative of its current state, which is ultimately what you’re betting on. You should always be up to speed on injuries, coaching adjustments, and overall team morale. Having outdated information is a surefire way to make betting mistakes.
  3. Weather the storm: whether you’re betting on the Raiders, another NFL team, or an entirely different sport, you have to be brutally honest with yourself and admit cold streaks will happen. Multiple losses in a row happen to everyone, even the pro sharps. That’s just statistical variance for you. Once you admit it, it becomes easier to mentally process it in the moment. You won’t get down on yourself. Worse, you won’t “chase” by betting big to make up for all the losses. The latter is a huge no-no. Instead, you must maintain your cool and realize, this too will pass. Half the game that is betting is not beating yourself, especially in those down moments so don’t do it.

Las Vegas Raiders History

"Da Raiders" are one of the most iconic franchises in NFL history and there's zero disputing that. The franchise, with its silver and black coloring and outspoken owner, long symbolized rebellion. Now that the team is playing in Las Vegas, that lawless reputation has been cemented even more.

The team started in Oakland in 1960 as a member of the American Football League. The first years were shoddy with multiple owners at the helm of the team. Stability was finally found in 1963 when Al Davis bought the team. He would go on to own the team for 57 years, mostly successful years too.

Raiders owner Al Davis

During Al's reign, the Raiders had 29 winning seasons, including 16 in a row from 1965 through 1980. Two of those years, 1978 and 1980, resulted in Super Bowl victories. It was during these high years were terms like "just win, baby" and "commitment to excellence" became part of Raiders lore.

But it just wasn't winning that engulfed the franchise at the time, and controversy as well, mainly from its owner. Davis moved the franchise to Los Angeles, but not without having to use litigation against the NFL and its owners. The Raiders would remain in the City of Angels — where many argue they remain the city's most popular football team today — until 1995 when they returned to Oakland. Here again, Davis sued the NFL for what he alleged was them sabotaging the construction of a new stadium in LA.

Davis died in 2011, but it was not long after his franchise once again became embroiled in moving controversy. When the team couldn't get a brand-new football stadium, they bolted to Las Vegas in 2020, marking the first time ever an NFL team called the city home. NFL long avoided Las Vegas due to a taboo on gambling, but that is no more, which has caused an explosion in betting (and probably why you're reading this right now).

Las Vegas Raiders Odds To Win Super Bowl

The Raiders have not won a playoff game since the last time they played in a Super Bowl — two decades ago in 2002. As a bettor, you might want to wait for them to get a postseason victory before jumping on any Raiders Super Bowl betting odds. Rarely do inexperienced teams win a title without gradual playoff success. Not never (2020 Tampa Bay did it) but it’s incredibly rare.

If the odds of a Las Vegas Raiders Super Bowl win are to go up, it’ll be because the team can either develop or recruit game-changing players. For what it’s worth, playing in Sin City — an adult playground with no state income tax — will certainly help the team build through free agency.

Where Can I Bet On Las Vegas Raiders Online

Raiders betting doesn't get easier than the bookmakers we've listed underneath. If you've read our in-depth sportsbook reviews, you'll know the sites featured in the table below are the "cream of the crop" for not only Raiders wagering, but the whole NFL at large!

Las Vegas Raiders FAQs

  • Where do the Las Vegas Raiders play?

    Allegiant Stadium is its home, which opened in 2020. The stadium is right off the famous Las Vegas Stripe and is a pure beauty of a facility.

  • Have the Las Vegas Raiders ever won a Super Bowl?

    Both of the franchise’s Super Bowl wins came during its Oakland Raider years in 1978 and 1980.

  • Who is the best Las Vegas Raiders player of all time?

    This is a tough question given how many Hall of Famers were part of the Silver & Black. We’re going with wide receiver Tim Brown. He spent 15 of 16 career years with the Raiders, giving him a longevity few other players had with the franchise.

  • What is the Las Vegas Raiders schedule?

    It’s on this page. Scroll up and you’ll see the entire 17-game schedule for the Raiders.

  • Where to watch Las Vegas Raiders game?

    That would be at one of the NFL’s TV partners. There are five right now — Amazon Prime, CBS, ESPN, FOX, and NBC. We’d look into these channels first.

  • Who is the Las Vegas Raiders owner?

    When Al Davis died, his son, Mark, inherited the team. Among current NFL owners, Mark is believed to be the least wealthy.