The Dolphins are once again being led by a new coach β€” this time it’s Mike McDaniel, a protege of Kyle Shanahan. He is the 14th coach in the once-proud franchise’s history. Once is the keyword because Miami has been woeful since the turn of the century. Since the 2000 season began, the franchise has had a meager four playoff appearances and only one playoff win (2000). Only the Lions have had a longer playoff-win drought than the Dolphins. Still, the franchise remains popular both with fans and at top NFL betting sites.

However, McDaniel has imbued the team with potential. He’s only 39 years old and is known as an offensive wizard. He embodies the modern-day coach that’s authentic, player-friendly, and creative β€” traits that have won plenty of games for the likes of Shanahan, Mike LaFleur, and Sean McVay.

McDaniel has the talent to work with in South Florida, too. In one of the biggest splashes of the 2022 offseason, the team acquired dynamic wide receiver Tyreek Hill from the Chiefs. Hill is one of the fastest players in the entire NFL. Not only can he use that speed to break big plays, but he also “opens the field” for other players since defenses have to divert so much attention to him.

The big question mark for Hill, McDaniel, and Miami betters alike will be Tua Tagovailoa. Despite worldly success at Alabama, it hasn’t translated at the pro level β€” not yet at least. But McDaniel gives him and the whole franchise a fresh start.

If you’re going to be Dolphins betting this season, then this page will be your all-in-one destination. We’ve loaded this page with everything you need to bet on Dolphins β€” current odds, schedule, standings, and expert tips. Dig in before you throw yourself into the next Miami Dolphins betting lines!

Miami Dolphins Next Regular Season Game

How will the Dolphins fare in the their next game? Before placing any wagers, be sure to know the team’s opponent and all the up-to-date gameΒ betting lines.

My Team's Next MatchMiami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins Game Schedule And Betting Line

Check the Miami Dolphins schedule below to gameplan your wagers for the rest of the season. Are they playing on a short week? When is their bye week? Is a big game lingering that they could be potentially looking ahead for? You’ll be able to get answers to all those questions by checking the upcoming Miami Dolphins game below!


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What Are The Current Miami Dolphins Standings

The Dolphins play in the AFC East, a division that was long dominated by New England. Just when the Patriots dynasty ends, a new one is potentially on the rise with the Bills, who many believe has a bright future with Josh Allen under center. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen. Still, you can see the Miami Dolphins standings below all season long (we update it in real-time)!

StandingsMiami Dolphins

How To Bet On Miami Dolphins

There are several different ways to bet on the Miami Dolphins, but we're going to cover the most common types of bets you'll find at bookmakers:

Miami Dolphins Moneyline

Moneylines are straight-up bets whether the Dolphins win or lose β€” it's really as simple as that. Since the Dolphins have been a middling franchise for so long, you'll rarely ever get a lopsided moneyline. Miami is rarely ever a big favorite over anyone, but by the same token, they're not big underdogs unless they're playing a powerhouse team on the road.

Miami Dolphins Against The Spread

Spreads are the most common bet type in sports wagering. Each team will have a pre-set margin they need to win or lose by. If the team is the betting favorite, they must win the game by a higher margin than the spread. But on the flip side, an underdog must lose by under that margin (or win the game entirely) to cover the spread. Like moneyline odds, the Dolphins are typically given close spread lines.

Miami Dolphins Over/Under

Another simple bet here, oddsmakers will set a number of points the Dolphins and another team will combine for. As a bettor, you simply choose whether they'll go over or under that number. Scoring points has been the Dolphins' biggest issue for about twenty years running now. With a constant revolving door of quarterbacks, Miami has been a team likely to score "under." But again, things could change with McDaniel at the helm, who is known for his offensive abilities.

miami dolphins over and under betting

Miami Dolphins Prop Bets

Prop bets are a perfect way to "spice things up" betting-wise. Props are mini-bets on various different game outcomes, many of which revolving the performance of an individual player. Tyreek Hill is the splashy addition to the Dolphins and for a play like him, you'll see props on whether or not he scores a touchdown and over/under on catches or receiving yards. This is one example only, but props like this are common for other players too.

Miami Dolphins Futures

The four bets we mentioned before are all focused on single games. Futures are not as they are long-term bets on outcomes of the Dolphins, such as whether they'll win the AFC East or the entire AFC conference, for example. Because of the added difficulty of this bet, futures odds are typically higher, thus pay out more.

Miami Dolphins Online Betting Tips

There are a few unique things that impact betting on the Miami Dolphins. We wanted to share them with you now so you don't get surprised when they inevitably affect you down the line.

The first is Miami's home-field advantage is very real, especially early on in the season. Look, we don't have to remind you that South Florida is hot, but it's even hotter in September and October β€” the first half of the season. If the Dolphins are playing at home and 1 pm kickoff during those two months, then you should expect opposing teams to be negatively affected. Not only will they tire out faster, but their bodies are more prone to cramping. Just ask the Buffalo Bills, who had issues with this during the 2022 season.

The Dolphins play in Hard Rock Stadium, which is a partially open stadium. If it's a 1 pm kickoff, then the sun will be blaring on the sideline of the opposing team β€” while the Dolphins' sideline is in the shade. This is no coincidence and was purposedly done to further its home-field advantage.

Speaking of home-field advantage, Miami benefits from having one of the most spread-out fanbases in the entire NFL. Given how successful the franchise was during the 70s, 80s, and 90s, the Dolphins became fan favorites across the country β€” not just in South Florida. Therefore, in road games, you'll usually see Dolphins fans cheering their team. We're not going to see this completely negates the downsides of playing on the road, but it sure helps. Very rarely will you see Miami playing in a completely hostile environment given its large fanbase.

miami dolphins online betting tips

Miami Dolphins History

17-0 β€” that number is burned into the mind of every Dolphins fan β€” or NFL fan, that is. That was the finishing record of the 1972 Dolphins, the only team that's ever finished an entire season undefeated in NFL history. It marked Miami's first Super Bowl win. They followed it with a repeat title, but since then, the franchise has remained Super Bowl-less.

It's been fifty long years since the Dolphins were world champions, and if you ask its fanbase, there should've been more β€” especially during the Dan Marino era. In terms of pure ability, Marino might've been the most gifted passer in NFL history. In 1984, only his second year in the league, he tallied 5,084 yards passing and 48 passing touchdowns. Both figures remained records for decades until they were surpassed more recently in an era where passing is much more common (and easy) than in 1983.

Marino is the best player in franchise history, without question. Most of his career was spent under head coach Don Shula, who currently holds the all-time record for most wins by a coach. Bill Belichick is on pace to break it, but for now, Shula is the NFL's all-time wins king for head coaches.

The franchise has long struggled to find an heir apparent to Marino and Shula, two legends that cast a large shadow over everyone that has followed them. Now it's on Tua and McDaniel, respectively, to fill the void the two left a long time ago.

Miami Dolphins Odds To Win Super Bowl

You shouldn't rush jump on Dolphins odds to win Super Bowl β€” well, not right away at least. That's because a completely new regime is taking over as we mentioned with McDaniel. Until we get a better sense of his style and how players are responding, we'd tread lightly on the Dolphins Super Bowl betting odds.

The team's prior coach, Brian Flores, did lead the team to two consecutive winning seasons, however, so don't expect a complete rebuild job. Miami was already one of the youngest teams in the NFL, though, they were more aggressive in acquiring proven veterans like Hill over the offseason.

Where Can I Bet On Miami Dolphins Online

Ready to put your money on the Miami Dolphins? Here are several online sportsbooks you should start with. Any one of these will carry the full gamut of Dolphins betting odds β€” spreads, moneylines, over/unders, futures, and everything inbetween. Read our unbiased sportsbook reviews to figure out the best site for you!

  • Where can I find Miami Dolphins odds?

    We’ve listed our favorite online sportsbook on this page. These sites would be great places to start!

  • What are the Miami Dolphins Super Bowl odds?

    Well, this line will change as the season progresses. But it’s not high that’s for sure. Miami last won a Super Bowl in 1972 so championships are unlikely.

  • What is the best bet to make on Dolphins games?

    Alright, this is impossible to say because it changes by the week. Look, there are no easy bets in the NFL or the Dolphins. You need to follow the team and assess how they’re playing to narrow down a best bet to make.

  • How many Super Bowls have the Dolphins won?

    The magic number is two β€” in 1971 and 1972. The latter team is the famous undefeated team, the only one in NFL history. 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of that 17-0 Miami team.

  • What is the Dolphins score?

    Look at our schedule widget. Here, you’ll be able to see scores for each and every single Dolphins game during the season.

  • Where do the Miami Dolphins play?

    The Miami Dolphins play their games at the Hard Rock Stadium, a multi-purpose stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

  • Have the Miami Dolphins ever won a Super Bowl?

    The Super Bowl was won by the Dolphins in 1974 (24-7 against the Minnesota Vikings) and 1973 (14-7 against the Washington Commanders).

  • Who is the best Miami Dolphins player of all time?

    Dan “The Man” Marino is undoubtedly the greatest Dolphin of all time. He became the starter in week six of his rookie season, leading the Dolphins to a 12–4 record.

  • What is the Miami Dolphins football schedule?

    The Dolphin’s schedule is available on their website. Having played six games already, we have 12 games left to of the season in this order; Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Buffalo, Green Bay, New England, finishing with the New York Jets.

  • Where to watch Miami Dolphins game?

    You can catch all the Miami Dolphins’ action on a range of great channels, you can see all the games on ESPN.

  • Who owns the Miami Dolphins?

    The Miami Dolphins are owned by Stephen M. Ross, who is the majority stakeholder in global real estate company The Related Companies, who is the owner of various sports team.s