The Patriot dynasty lasted 20 years but it’s safe to say it is no more. The dynasty ended when Tom Brady left or was forced out — depending on what side of the story you hear — of the franchise. Head coach Bill Belichick remains the organization’s figurehead, but at 70 years old, for how much longer is a reasonable question to ask.

The Belichick-Brady marriage proved to be fruitful while it lasted as the two claimed six Super Bowls and nine conference titles together. If Mac Jones — the heir apparent under center — can even have a sliver of that success, then the first-round pick the Patriots used on him in 2021 will prove to be worthwhile. Anyone looking to jump on Patriots betting odds needs to monitor Jones’ development as a passer. He’s young so he could either improve big-time or fizzle out once his “newness” wears off.


New England Patriots Next Regular Season Game

“On to Cincinnati” is one of coach Belichick’s most memorable phrases, said after New England was trounced in a game by a different team. The saying speaks to the coach’s philosophy of taking it one game at a time — never dwelling on the past and never overlooking the forthcoming opponent. That’s a philosophy bettors would be wise to adopt. If so, you’ll start by weighing the New Englands Patriots game below as it’s the next one on the schedule.

My Team's Next MatchNew England Patriots

New England Patriots Game Schedule & Betting Line

The NFL expanded to a 17-game regular season in 2021, giving you at least one extra chance to bet on Patriots any given year. Below you’ll find the New England Patriots schedule in its entirety. Use this to plan your bets for the season — keeping road games and bye weeks top of mind.

Results / FixturesNew England Patriots

What Are The Current New England Patriots Standings

When Brady was in the mix, it felt like a foregone conclusion the Patriots would win the AFC East every single year (and cash that team futures bet at popular NFL betting sites). Now? Not even close. To monitor the New England Patriots standing in the division — alongside the Bills, Dolphins, and Jets — turn your attention to the table below. We updated AFC East standings after every matchup involving one of its teams.

StandingsNew England Patriots

How To Bet On New England Patriots

There's a multitude of ways for Patriots betting. That includes game-by-game bets (spreads, over/unders, moneylines, and props) or long-term futures (conference winner or coach of the year award). Here's what you can expect from each one one:

New England Patriots Moneyline

When Brady was still with the team, New England was a moneyline favorite about 90 percent of the time. That is no more. For those wondering, moneyline is just a straight-up bet on whether the Patriots win or not. With the dynasty dead, we wouldn't expect New England to go back to its moneyline-favorite-dominating ways anytime soon.

New England Patriots Spread

This will be the most common outlet to bet on New England since bettors love flocking to spreads. Think of spreads like "handicaps." If you're the betting favorite, then you must win the game by a certain amount or more. Vice-versa, the underdogs must keep a game close enough on the points (or pull off the upset entirely) to cover their own handicap.

New England Patriots Over/Under

If you're unsure about picking the Patriots to win (and by how many points), then over/unders will be a popular choice for you instead. This wagers cares only about the score of a New England game — either halftime or full-time. Bookies will set scoring totals that Patriots and its opponents will combine for. As a bettor, you simply decide whether they'll score more or less than that pre-set number. Easy to understand, but harder to execute as you'll find out...

new england patriots over and under betting

New England Patriots Props

The prop market for an NFL game, whether it's a Patriots matchup or another, is usually loaded. That's because there are much more betting options to pick from. What color will Belichick's hoodie be, who will be the first Patriots player to score a TD — those are just two examples of what you can expect out of the prop betting market. As you can see, props are just small bets on different outcomes within a game.

New England Patriots Futures

Futures are longterm bets related to the Patriots. Examples of this include whether the team will win the Super Bowl (more on that shortly). Unlike the game bets we mentioned before, you're going to have to wait to see whether you won or lost these bets since most futures revolve around end-of-season results (e.g. who wins the conference title, Super Bowl, or division crown).

New England Patriots Online Betting Tips

Want to make money off Patriots-related bets? Then you'll want to read this section closely. We're giving you our expert pieces of advice when betting on New England — or another NFL team for that matter.

The first and most important tip is to evaluate each matchup. The number-one mistake we see bettors make is judging teams based on a common opponent. Let's say the Pats are playing the Dolphins. If each team played the Chiefs already, you might lazily think since New England lost that game by four, whereas Miami lost by 14, that the Patriots are the better team. This is an awful assumption that neglects the age-old truth of the NFL being a game of matchups.

You must be much more nuanced if you want to win at betting over the long haul. The Dolphins might have a terrible secondary, which is a bad matchup against Patrick Mahomes. But do the Patriots have a quarterback that can make Miami pay like Mahomes? Well, probably not (Mahomes is one of a kind, after all). You're much better off evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the Patriots and its next opponent rather than comparing games against an entirely different team.

Our second tip is on overreactions. Bettors have a tendency to overweigh one single performance. Remember how many times we heard the Patriots dynasty was over only for them to bounce back and win another Super Bowl? While we do think the dynasty is over now without Brady, this just speaks to bettors having a preconceived notion in their mind and finding the first piece of evidence to support it.

When you have an all-timer coach like Belichick, you want to drop those preconceptions now. Belichick made a career out of adjusting on the fly and he's likely prone to doing it some more. Yes, weigh recent performance, but don't make it your sole sticking point when deciding on how to bet on the Patriots next time out.

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New England Patriots Team History

The history of the Patriots can be split into two chapters: before Belichick-Brady and after the pair. Seriously, because the franchise looks completely different in each chapter.

Let's begin in the pre-Belichick and Brady days. New England was a struggling franchise for three decades. Founded in 1971, the team had zero Super Bowl wins. They did make it two title games, however, but each ended in double-digit losses (most famously, they were trounced by the 1985 Bears in the Super Bowl).

But that all changed in 2000 when Belichick was hired. He controversially spurned the New York Jets to take the New England job, which is one big reason behind the two's charged rivalry (another is the usual Boston vs. New York beef). That same year, he would select Brady in the sixth round. And as they say, the rest is history.

Brady and Belichick would form arguably the greatest coach-quarterback duo of all time. Together, they've won 249 games (both regular season and postseason), which is an NFL record. The six Super Bowls the two won together give the franchise a tie for most all-time with the Steelers.

But as we already touched on, Brady and Belichick divorced in another example of "all good things must come to an end." But Brady and Belichick weren't just good, they were historically good. Seriously, we might never see another pair match the success of the two together.

New England Patriots Odds To Win Super Bowl

Just a few years ago, the Patriots Super Bowl odds were among the highest in the whole league. That is no longer the case as New England is now in the middle of the pack. Unless we see a huge step-up in play from Jones, we would stay far away from Patriots odds to win the Super Bowl. That's not discrediting Jones, but it's a quarterback-driven league, and Jones has a long way to prove himself in the same class as Patrick Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers.

For now, betting on weekly games feels like the most opportune way to cash in on New England Patriots betting lines. That's because this team is still finding its identity post-Brady and due to that, they'll be too inconsistent to bet serious money on Patriots' odds when it comes to Super Bowl futures.

Where Can I Bet On New England Patriots Online

Ready to put your money on the New England Patriots? Here are a few online bookmakers to consider before placing your wagers. The table includes our up-to-date online sportbook reviews so you can compare and contrast between sites.

  • When did the Patriots last win a Super Bowl?

    That would be in 2019 when they beat Sean McVay and the Rams. It was the sixth and final Super Bowl between the Brady-Belichick marriage (Brady would win another by himself).

  • What are Patriots odds to win the Super Bowl?

    During the regular season, Super Bowl odds change on a weekly basis based on game results, injuries, and recent play. Visit an online sportsbook to see up-to-date lines on the Super Bowl winner.

  • When did Bill Belichick start with the Patriots?

    Back in 1996, Belichick was the assistant head coach of the team under Bill Parcells. It would not be until 2000 when Belichick assumed control of the franchise — an infamous move that involved spurning the Jets in favor of the Patriot’s job.

  • What is the best bet on the Patriots?

    Impossible to say as the best bet is different each game based on the matchup. NFL betting is hard and you need to adjust betting strategies as you go, whether you’re betting the Patriots or another NFL team.

  • Will Bill Belichick ever retire?

    We mean, yes, eventually he has to but it doesn’t seem like that day will come any time soon. Belichick is a coaching lifer and doesn’t seem like the type to enjoy laying on the beach all day anyway.

  • Where do the New England Patriots play?

    The Patriots play in the Gillette Stadium, which is a multi-purpose stadium located in the town of Foxborough, MA, United States.

  • Have the New England Patriots ever won a Super Bowl?

    The Patriots have won six Super Bowl titles (2002, 2004, 2005, 2015, 2017, and 2019) and 11 American Football Conference (AFC) championships.

  • Who is the best New England Patriots player of all time?

    Tom Brady is one of the most recognizable names in the modern NFL, and a big part of his time and success was with the Patriots, making him the best player of all time.

  • What is the New England Patriots football schedule?

    The Patriots have played six games so far this season, with the following games yet to play; Chicago, New York, Indianapolis, New York, Minnesota, Buffalo, Arizona, Las Vegas, Cincinnati, Miami, and Buffalo.

  • Where to watch New England Patriots game?

    The New England Patriots games can be viewed in various ways, including via online streaming channels, though ESPN is probably the most common.

  • Who owns the New England Patriots?

    Robert Kenneth Kraft is an American billionaire businessman and the New England Patriots owner.