Steelers are one of the NFL’s most prestigious franchises. Due to that prestige — that’s lasted since the ‘70s — the franchise has amassed a fanbase that stretches far beyond the “Steel City” of Pittsburgh. That’s why it’s zero surprise that the Steelers are commonly one of the most bet-on teams at top-rated NFL betting sites. If you’re looking for a betting edge when it comes to Steelers betting, you’ve come to the right place. This is your complete guide to Pittsburgh betting — the latest odds, full schedule, and the expert tips you need to make this a winning endeavor. There’s a lot to cover so let’s jump right into the goods.

Pittsburgh Steelers Next Regular Season Game

There are no “easy” games in the NFL — for teams and bettors alike. But below, you’ll find the next Pittsburgh Steelers game. This is your next chance at betting money on the team.

My Team's Next MatchPittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers Game Schedule And Betting Line

Underneath you’ll find the complete Pittsburgh Steelers schedule. All 17 games of the season are listed here so you can plan your Steelers bets over the long term.

Results / FixturesPittsburgh Steelers

What Are The Current Pittsburgh Steelers Standings

The NFC North is stacked with Pittsburgh fending off the likes of Baltimore, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. You can see weigh the Pittsburgh Steelers standings below against the three rivals, plus the rest of the NFL too.

StandingsPittsburgh Steelers

How To Bet On Pittsburgh Steelers

You’re going to have five different ways to bet on Steelers. Five because that’s how many betting categories there are on football. Here’s each at a quick glance: 

Pittsburgh Steelers Moneyline

The most straightforward of Steelers odds is the moneyline. With this bet type, you’re simply picking who wins the game straight up — Pittsburgh or its opponent. That’s really all there is to it.

Pittsburgh Steelers Spread

Spreads are the most commonly-used Pittsburgh Steelers betting lines. With this wager, bookies are setting a “handicap” that the Steelers must play the game with. If Pittsburgh is favored, then they can’t just win the game to cash this bet. No, they must win the game by more points than the handicap was set at. Vice-versa, if the Steelers are pegged as the game’s underdog, then they can’t lose by more than the spread to make you money. 

Pittsburgh Steelers Over/Under

Bookmakers will guesstimate the number of points that Pittsburgh and their opponent will combine for. As a bettor, it’s on you to pick whether the final total will be over or under that mark. Another simple bet conceptually, but not the easiest to hit on — especially given the Steelers' new-found questions on offense. Over/under bets can be set for full games or halves.

Pittsburgh Steelers Props

You’ll find the most Steelers betting odds in the prop market. Unlike the previously-named bets, props don’t really deal with final-score results. Instead, these are side bets on mini-events within a game. Which player scores the first touchdown? Is there safety? Prop bets exist for each, but there’s plenty more along those lines. Most props revolve around in-game statistics. 

Pittsburgh Steelers Futures

A prime example of a futures bets is a line on the Steelers to win the Super Bowl (more on this shortly). What characterizes futures bet is their long timeline. Rather than single-game outcomes, futures are tied to yearly results. Not just on the franchise to win titles, but also on individual players to be named award winners (e.g. MVP or Rookie of the Year). 

Pittsburgh Steelers Online Betting Tips

If you’re reading this, you’re likely giddy about betting on the Steelers. Before you jump into the first bet you see, we think you could benefit from taking in our tips — which we had to learn the “hard” way (aka losing a lot of money at first). Anyway, here’s what you should consider before putting money down on Pittsburgh:

  1. Be unemotional as possible: the Steelers are the type of team you either hate or love — there’s no real in-between. That’s fine and dandy until you have to make a betting decision on them. That’s because both love and hate are extremely emotional responses, which often overtake rational thinking. Let us tell you right now, rationally thinking about how to bet is the “secret sauce” of wagering. So if you can’t be even-keeled about your viewpoints, then you’re more likely to make a (costly) error with your decision-making. Whether you’re a fan or hater of the franchise, neither is going to do you much good whilst betting. 
  2. Don’t overreact: given how popular the NFL is, “hot takes” have been commonplace when discussing football — mostly by analysts but fans as well. With so many opinions, the most extreme (both on the positive and negative side) are most likely to stand out. Therefore, overreactions are common, not only with Pittsburgh football but with other teams as well. Our suggestion is to shut off the noise. Just like we mentioned in tip No. 1, you want to be “down the middle” with your thought processes around the team. In the grand scheme of things, one game or event isn’t as big as the national media would lead you to believe. So don’t overblow things when making picks no matter how loud the noise gets. 
  3. Factor in weather: Pittsburgh is one of the quintessential cold-weather stadiums when December and January roll around. Many times, that’s to their playing advantage — especially when playing warm-weather teams. However, bettors can’t just assume cold weather will be a net positive for the Steelers. What if the team develops a pass-heavy offense? We don’t care if the players are used to frigid conditions, extreme wind is still not conducive to throwing the football. That’s going to influence the game’s over/under and whether Pittsburgh can cover the spread. So monitor the weather reports and even consider holding off on wagers until closer to game day when reports are more accurate. 

Pittsburgh Steelers History

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the seventh-oldest franchise in today's NFL. Art Rooney founded the team back in 1933, originally as the Pirates. They would then change their name in 1940 to Steelers in honor of the city's booming steel industry at the time. What followed was about three decades of ineptitude that featured one playoff appearance. One, which is hard to fathom now given the Steelers' recent history of success.

Chuck Knoll was hired in 1969 and he proceeded to change the course of the franchise in the decades that followed. Knoll helped the Steelers become the team of the decade in the '70s. During that stretch of years, Pittsburgh earned eight consecutive playoff berths and four Super Bowl wins. The Steelers won back-to-back Super Bowls on two separate occasions.

Pittsburgh Defense

The backbone of that dominance was the team's "Steel Curtain" defense. Behind defensive tackle Joe Greene, linebackers Jack Ham and Jack Lambert, and other defensive stalwarts, Pittsburgh ate up opposing offenses. Not only that, but the Steelers' own quarterback, Terry Bradshaw, proved to be efficient as a passer.

Knoll retired in 1992 with a career record of 209-156-1 with Pittsburgh. Typically, it's hard to follow a Hall-of-Famer coach, but the Steelers did just that by hiring Bill Cowher next. He amassed an even better record than Knoll at 149–90–1. Cowher would lead the team to Super Bowl No. 5 with a young Ben Roethlisberger at quarterback.

Just when you thought Pittsburgh's luck of hiring elite coaches was finished, they next hired Mike Tomlin, the second most-tenured coach in the NFL today. He has zero losing seasons since taking the job in 2007 and won a Super Bowl of his own in 2010. Amazingly, the Steelers have employed just three head coaches since 1969.

All in all, the Steelers have amassed an eye-popping resume — six Super Bowl wins (tied for most in NFL history), 28 division crowns, and 33 playoff appearances. The Black & Gold is truly a model franchise, both on and off the field, in today's NFL era.

Pittsburgh Steelers Odds To Win Super Bowl

“Stairway to seven” that’s the term Pittsburgh faithful use to describe Pittsburgh's plight for Super Bowl No. 7, the one that would break their tie with New England for most ever. But let’s be real, until we really know what the franchise has at quarterback post-Roethlisberger, it’s tough to say whether the Steelers' Super Bowl betting odds are worth taking a shot on or not. 

Pittsburgh spent a first-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft to select quarterback Kenny Pickett so that’s who they’re at least eying to replace Roethlisberger’s elite production. Pickett’s progression — not just in year one but two and three as well — will say a lot about the Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl chances. He doesn’t have to completely match Roethlisberger, but Pickett at least needs to come close to make title seven more than just a pipe dream. 

Where Can I Bet Pittsburgh Steelers Online

Ready to put your money on the Pittsburgh Steelers? Here are a few of the top online sportsbook websites to consider before placing your wagers. You can read our in-depth sportsbook reviews to learn more about each site.

  • Where do Pittsburgh Steelers play?

    The stadium is now called Acrisure Stadium — but you may still remember it as Heinz Field. Same stadium, just a different sponsor name now.

  • Have the Pittsburgh Steelers ever won a Super Bowl?

    The Steelers are up to six Super Bowls, which is tied with the Patriots for most of all time by an NFL franchise.

  • Who is the best Pittsburgh Steelers player of all time?

    So many legends have suited up for Pittsburgh that makes this difficult. However, we’re going with “Mean” Joe Greene. He was the centerpiece of the team’s famed Steel Curtain defense, which won four Super Bowls.

  • What is the Pittsburgh Steelers schedule?

    We’ve listed the schedule on this page. All you have to do is scroll up and you’ll see all 17 games of the season for Pittsburgh right there.

  • Where to watch Pittsburgh Steelers game?

    The Steelers are on national TV plenty and often due to their popularity. So you’ll be able to find their games on Amazon Prime, CBS, ESPN, FOX, and NBC.

  • Who owns the Pittsburgh Steelers?

    The Rooney family shares ownership of the franchise. Art Rooney was the Steelers’ founder and his heirs inherited and kept the team.