For the longest of times, Arizona was a laughing-stock NFL franchise. Not only competition-wise on the field, but at the sportsbooks too with most bettors taking zero interest in Cardinals betting. That is starting to change with the Cards finding more on-field success. That’s why we’ve created this betting guide for all things Arizona betting — updated schedules, betting odds, tips, and so much more. You’ll want to bookmark this page and keep coming back every time you want to bet on Cardinals. 


Arizona Cardinals Next Regular Season Game

Watch this widget for the most up-to-date odds on the Cardinals and their upcoming opponents. All season long, we’ll update it to feature the next Arizona Cardinals game.

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Arizona Cardinals Game Schedule And Betting Line

This feature charts the entire Arizona Cardinals schedule. Try to find any stretches where fatigue might be an issue (e.g. a Thursday night game or long road trip) since that has a bigger impact than most realize.

Results / FixturesArizona Cardinals

What Are The Current Arizona Cardinals Standings

The NFC West, where the Cards compete, also features the 49ers, Rams, and Seahawks. You can find the Arizona Cardinals standings below. Pay close tabs on how they stack up with their fellow division foes.

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How To Bet On Arizona Cardinals 

There are a lot of Cardinals odds to be had over the course of the NFL season. But they might not ALL be right for you. An important part of betting is figuring out which are. To help you decide just that, let’s quickly cover the five Arizona Cardinals betting lines most widely available: 

Arizona Cardinals Moneyline 

It doesn’t get simpler than NFL moneylines. With this bet, you’re simply picking who wins the game. Cards will either be listed as the betting favorite (- sign on their odds) or underdog (+ odds). These odds will shift drastically from game to game so don’t expect any sort of consistency on the betting lines. 

Arizona Cardinals Spread

No wager draws more action across the top NFL betting sites than spreads. That’s because odds are consistently -110 across the board, making it a more valuable opportunity for bettors than erratic moneylines. Spreads refer to the handicap each team is playing with. For the favorite, they must win the game by a larger point total than their spread. Vice-versa, underdogs must keep the deficit below their spread. Only one of the two options can hit (unless it’s a tie and no winner) so it’s on bettors to make the right choice. 

Arizona Cardinals Over/Under

How many points will Arizona and its opponent combine for? That’s the central question of over/under bets. Bookmakers will set their number beforehand. It’s then on bettors to pick whether the actual total is over or under that number. Over/under bets can be applied to entire games or just halves. 

Arizona Cardinals Props

Alright, prop bets are where things can get really fun. That’s because props can be bets on a myriad of outcomes within a game. Will the Cards score a touchdown on their first possession? Which player scores the first said touchdown? Those are two examples of props, but there are plenty more. Most of these prop bets are on results not directly tied to the game’s final score. 

Arizona Cardinals Futures

Murray and Kingsburry

Unlike the previous bets, futures have far longer timelines than a single game. Most futures are concerned about end-of-the-year results both on the Cardinals team and its players. That includes whether Arizona wins the conference title or a player is named league MVP, for instance. Futures are almost always about yearly awards and championships. 

Arizona Cardinals Online Betting Tips

Alright, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for — tips on actually making money off Cardinals betting. We can’t actually make picks for you, but we can provide overarching advice when deciding to place bets. Here are three hard rules that we don’t budge on:

  1. Adjust your philosophy: just as coaches adjust their game plan mid-game, bettors must do the same or risk falling behind. Who Arizona starts out as in Week 1 will be drastically different than who they are by Week 18 — that’s just the nature of a grueling, injury-ridden NFL season. Therefore, you must adjust your betting opinions as these changes take place. Perhaps the Cards offensive line is on second- and third-stringers. Suddenly, their offense becomes less explosive than they were one month ago at full health. Factor recent information into your betting picks much more so than old results that probably mean little now. 
  2. Manage your betting funds wisely: as a rule of thumb, you never want to bet more than 10 percent of your entire betting fund on a single bet. Once you get into double-digit of your bankroll territory, you’re playing with fire and risk draining your funds. Unlike other games or hobbies you might indulge in, there are no do-overs in sports betting. If you blow up your bankroll, you’re out of the game. Sure, you can buy back in, but now you’re playing serious catch-up. It’s a smart idea to guard your funds and play the “long game” when it comes betting. 
  3. Focus on the next bet: we’ll be honest, at times, it can be hard to have a short memory. Say you just had a costly loss in betting. The sting of that defeat can lead you astray when betting the next time out. Maybe you’re desperate to win and you pick a bet that you like, but not necessarily love. Worse, maybe you up the risked amount in an effort to regain what you lost last time out. As you can see, your betting with your emotions in these instances — not with your rational thoughts. More times than not, emotional betting is a recipe for disaster. 

Arizona Cardinals History

Even though they have only been in Arizona for about 30 seasons, the franchise has been around for 119 years. The Cardinals were founded as the Morgan Athletic Club in 1898 and are the oldest continuously run football team in the United States. Re-read that last sentence because very few NFL fans know that factoid. Here's another crazy but true stat: the only two charter NFL franchises that remain is the Bears, and yep, you guessed it, the Cards.

Despite their longevity, success has been few and far between for the franchise. They've won only two league championships in their history — both long before the AFL-NFL merger. The team won league championships in 1925 and 1940. After the Chicago Cubs ended their championship drought, the Cardinals' winless streak became the longest among North American sports teams in the "Big 4" leagues. How much longer before we just admit the team is cursed like the Cubs once were?

The closest the team ever got to ending the streak was in 2009. In Super Bowl XLIII, the Kurt Warner-led Cardinals had a fourth-quarter lead against the Steelers. However, it was not to be as Santonio Holmes caught the go-ahead touchdown with 35 seconds on the clock. Holmes' toes were oh so close to being out of bounds. Suddenly, there's more weight to the curse theory...

Arizona loses Super Bowl

Before moving to Phoenix in 1988, the franchise called several other cities home. The team's NFL days track back to Chicago, where they stayed put until 1959. Then St. Louis was home for 27 years. The team bolted to the desert of Arizona after this stint.

Arizona Cardinals Odds To Win Super Bowl

Outside of the Kurt Warners years, rarely have the Cardinals Super Bowl betting odds been on the short side. It remains the case now despite the team finding a franchise-level quarterback in Kyler Murray. If a first-ever Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl victory is to happen, then Murray has to be great, not just good. This is a quarterback-driven league, after all. 

But let’s not pin EVERYTHING on Murray. The other pieces have to be in place too for Arizona to end its long title drought. Coaching, the offensive line, the defense, heck, special teams too, will decide just how low or high the team’s Super Bowl line ends up. As a bettor, it’s on you to evaluate these prices against other NFL teams. 

Where Can I Bet On Arizona Cardinals Online

Take a look at where you can bet on the Arizona Cardinals here. Our tool removes any research on your behalf. All you need to do is click, sign up, and start betting with confidence. Read our latest sportsbook reviews if you need help deciding which bookmaker is best for you.