It’s been a gradual collapse for the Falcons franchise since the third quarter of Super Bowl 51. The score 28-3 is burned into the brain of everyone, but especially Atlanta bettors and fans. Since giving up the lead to the Patriots, the team has never been the same. They made one more postseason, but are currently in the midst of four years without a playoff berth.

The last remnant of that Super Bowl team left during the 2022 offseason that being longtime quarterback Matt Ryan. He had been one of the NFL’s most-tenured quarterbacks in the NFL — since 2008 for the Falcons — but was shipped out to Indianapolis. Atlanta’s organization might not admit it, but this team is in full rebuild mode for the foreseeable future.

Rebuild or not, there’s money to be made off of Falcons betting. Atlanta is an epicenter of American culture thanks to it’s hip-hop scene. which makes the football team a popular option at top-used NFL betting sites. This page will be your one-stop shop to bet on the Falcons so keep reading on for up-to-date information.

Atlanta Falcons Next Regular Season Game

If you’re going to bet on Falcons, you should start with the next game. You’ll find that matchup in the widget below. This is updated all-season long so you’re always up to speed with what’s the nearest Atlanta Falcons game.

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Atlanta Falcons Game Schedule And Betting Line

Below you’ll find the complete Atlanta Falcons schedule — all 17 regular-season games and a bye week. When evaluating Atlanta Falcons betting lines, it’s good to weigh recent performances. The NFL season is long, after all, and the best indicator of a team’s current playing form is recent games.

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What Are The Current Atlanta Falcons Standings

The Falcons compete in the NFC South, which has been a competitive division in recent memory. All four of its teams — Atlanta, Carolina, New Orleans, and most recently Tampa Bay — have played in a Super Bowl in the last decade or so. To keep tabs on the Atlanta Falcons standing inside the division, see below. We update the standings widget at the conclusion of every game featuring a divisional team.

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How To Bet On Atlanta Falcons?

At first, Falcons betting might feel daunting. There are so many betting options. The terminology is confusing. Numbers are all over the place. But we’re here to clear up the chaos because if you really boil it down, there are only five ways to bet on Falcons, and they're easy to tell apart:

Atlanta Falcons Moneyline

Falcons betting odds don’t get simpler than the moneyline. This wager is strictly about whether Atlanta wins. If their odds have a minus sign before it, then that means they’re favored but plus indicates they are underdogs. Moneyline odds will swing wildly from game to game, especially on a consistently inconsistent team like the Falcons.

Atlanta Falcons Spread

This is typically the most popular of Atlanta Falcons betting lines among bettors. The spread is essentially a handicap of points both teams play with. If a team is favored, then winning alone isn’t enough. They must “cover” the spread and win by more than whatever the handicap was. It’s vice-versa for the underdog in that they cover by losing less than their handicap or just winning outright. Odds are almost always -110 no matter the spread or who is the favorite or underdog.

Atlanta Falcons Over/Under

If you’re not quite sure whether the Falcons will get a victory, a little less by how many points, then you should turn your attention to this Falcons odds: the over/under. This wager centers on how many points Atlanta and its opponent combine for. Bookies will guesstimate a number and it’s on bettors to pick over or under as the actual score. Over/under bets can be set to one-half or the full game.

Atlanta Falcons Props

Props are bets on in-game outcomes not related to the final score. Most of these deal with individual Falcons players and their statistical output. As you can imagine with such types of bets, the gambling options are far deeper here. Props are a perfect way to break the monotony of "traditional" betting.

Atlanta Falcons Futures

Rather than focusing on one particular game, futures bets are on season-long outcomes. Examples would include whether Atlanta wins the NFC championship or any of its players earn an individual award like Defensive Player of the Year. The time horizon is longer to get paid here, but by the same token, payouts are usually heftier too.

Atlanta Falcons Online Betting Tips

Atlanta Falcons Online Betting Tips

Want to be in the minority of bettors that actually make money off betting in the long-run — rather than the majority that lose more often than not? Then you’ll want to read this next part very closely. We’re giving you three expert tips that we had to learn the hard way (aka losing). These tips will help you when betting the Falcons or any other team for that matter:

  1. Be a betting specialist: one of the biggest mistakes we see bettors make is to over-bet. That’s right, they throw money across any sport and any team. This is a sure-fire path to defeat because let’s face it, you’re likely not knowledgeable enough to follow that many teams and sports. You’d be much better off specializing in one specific domain. That could be Atlanta itself, or going slightly broader with the whole NFC South. If you keep your focus on this niche area, you develop specialized knowledge. And it’s that knowledge that helps you pick bets much better.
  2. Keep your personal opinions out of it: are you a diehard Falcons fan? If so, you likely have biases toward the team. Bias that could fault your decision-making when betting, mind you. Most fans fall into the extremes. They either think their team is better than it really is (high optimism) or worse than they are (extreme pessimism). Welp, those extreme opinions — that lack nuance — leave them vulnerable to error-prone thinking with their bets. And that’s just one example too, the same applies to a rival team or player. The point is, in order for you to consistently win at betting, you need to have balanced views that are realistic. The moment you let emotional opinions sway your picks, welp, that’s the moment you set yourself up for failure.
  3. Make in-season adjustments: the best NFL coaches are known to adjust their gameplan and opinions based on new information. Welp, the same goes for bettors. That’s because the Falcons (or any other team for that matter) will change over the course of the season. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. It’s on you to recognize these changes and update your betting opinions alongside them. Maybe they had an effective running game early in the season, but after injuries to the offensive line, they now can’t run the rock. Factor that into your next pick — not their overall rushing rankings which are being propped up by old success.

Atlanta Falcons History

The Super Bowl collapse to New England stings so much because it would've been the franchise's first-ever Super Bowl victory. As it stands, the Falcons are one of a dozen NFL franchises that has yet to taste championship glory in the "big game." Atlanta came close only one other time, in 1998, but was blown out by the John Elway-led Broncos in that Super Bowl.

Even beyond the Super Bowl, there hasn't been a lot of success for the franchise. They first entered the league in 1966 and didn't make their first playoff appearance until 1978. You can refer to that first decade as the "lost years" of the Falcons' history. Thirteen more playoff appearances have followed in the years since — all but six coming from the wildcard spot. Atlanta has captured their division only six times in history.

That lack of success is a sour point for local fans. The state of Georgia is known to be football-obsessed, however, locals seem to have a bigger soft spot for the college team, the Bulldogs, than the pro team. The Falcons' so-so success over the years probably contributes to that.

On the player side, no one has left a bigger dent on the team than "Neon" Deion Sanders. Atlanta drafted him fifth overall and Sanders would spend the first five years of his Hall of Fame career here. Not only did he suit up for the Falcons, but also the city's MLB team, the Braves. Sanders' duel-sport-playing pedigree remains a feat that might never be matched again by modern-day athletes to tend to specialize in one sport nowadays.

Atlanta Odds To Win Super Bowl

Atlanta Odds To Win Super Bowl

Let's be honest: the Falcons Super Bowl betting odds aren't going to be strong anytime soon. It takes an elite-level quarterback to be a serious Super Bowl contender and Atlanta is in search of one post-Ryan era. Perhaps they use the NFL Draft to find an heir apparent or maybe they make a splashy acquisition, the point is, that quarterback isn't on the roster right now which is why we're not surprised to see long odds on an Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl victory.

Where Can I Bet On Atlanta Falcons Online

If you’re in the market for a bookmaker that will take your bets on Falcons odds, you’ve come to the right place. Any one of the sportsbooks featured underneath will have you covered with up-to-date odds. Just be sure to read through our latest sportsbook reviews to get a handle on what awaits you from site to site.