Carolina is amid a full-on rebuild. It’s tried and failed to replace franchise cornerstone Cam Newton the past few years to no avail. The Panthers might not be Super Bowl contenders anytime soon but that sure doesn’t mean there are no betting opportunities on the team. In this betting guide, we’ll explain what we mean. By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll know everything there is to know about Panthers betting. 


Carolina Panthers Next Regular Season Game

The next Carolina Panthers game is your nearest opportunity to bet on the team. You’ll see it listed underneath, as well as the game’s odds.

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Carolina Panthers Game Schedule And Betting Line

This feature charts the entire Carolina Panthers schedule — all 17 games. Take a look and begin planning your long-term strategy.

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What Are The Current Carolina Panthers Standings

The Carolina Panthers standings are updated after each game in the below widget. Pay close attention to how they fare against the Buccaneers, Falcons, and Saints — who are NFC South rivals.

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How To Bet On Carolina Panthers

Panthers betting odds come in all shapes and sizes, but if you really boil it down, there are five ways to bet on Panthers. We’re about to quickly explain each one to give you a macro view of your options at respected NFL betting sites: 

Carolina Panthers Moneyline

Of all the Carolina Panthers betting lines, this is the easiest to pick up on. It’s a simple bet on who wins Carolina’s next game — them or their opponents. Expect the Panthers’ odds to swing wildly from game to game on this line, that is until they find more stability. 

Carolina Panthers Spreads

Spreads add more nuance to Panthers odds. With this bet, Carolina will play the game with a points handicap per se. As underdogs, they must not lose by more than this handicap in order to cover the spread. The opposite is true in the event the Panthers are favorites. Carolina would have to win the game by more than the spread in order to cash betting tickets on that line. 

Carolina Panthers Over/Under

If you’d rather not concern yourself with whether Carolina is winning or by how much, then over/under might be the bet for you. This wager is solely concerned with how many points the Panthers and its opponent combine for. Bookies set a number beforehand and bettors have the choice to pick whether the score will be over or under that figure. 

Carolina Panthers Props

Props are the most open-ended of all Panthers bet types. That’s because there are so many possibilities here. Props, generally speaking, are on mini-outcomes within a game not related to the final score. Most of these outcomes center on statistics — both at the team and player level. For the team, a prop could be a bet on who scores the game’s first touchdown. Player-wise, an over/under number can be set on how many passes the quarterback completes. Those are two small examples, but you can extrapolate that across the board. 

Carolina Panthers Futures

Futures are all about long-term outcomes, not single games. By long-term, we mostly mean the end of the season. That means lines on whether Carolina wins its division or conference. You could also wager on different Panthers players to win an award such as Defensive Player of the Year. 

Carolina Panthers Online Betting Tips

Panthers defense line

Alright, let’s get into the nitty gritty of Carolina wagering — how to actually make money off this team. We’re about to share three betting rules that have guided us to wins more times than not. Read this carefully:

  1. Compares matchups above everything else: there’s a lot of noise when researching picks — “narratives” spun by media, metrics on anything and everything, etc. We’re not saying these don’t matter, but not nearly as much as the actual game-to-game matchups. You have to know Carolina’s strengths and weaknesses first. Once you do, figure out the same for its next opponent. Then compare each to see if there are any possible exploits. Do the Panthers have an imposing run defense? Then that could cancel out an opponent if they are run-first-minded on offense. That’s just one example, but there are so many more. It’s on you to find them and then bet based on any big findings. 
  2. Factor in recent performance more: the Panthers that begin the NFL season will NOT be the same team that finishes the year. They might be better or worse, but certainly not the same. The 17-game season will cause injuries, benchings, coaching adjustments, changes in team morale, and so forth. That’s why when betting, it’s best to form ideas on the Panthers based on recent results. That’s a better indicator of how the team is playing than a game that happened two months ago. Don’t throw out old results completely, but don’t make them the cornerstone of your betting decisions. 
  3. Never chase losses: betting is emotional, it just is, as are most things that involve money. While you might not be able to completely eliminate emotions, at the very least, you want to manage them. One of the worst manifestations of emotional betting is after you lose a wager, likely in heartbreaking fashion or just a big money-loser. It’s very easy to “force” the next bet. By that, we mean bet with the purpose of making up for the prior loss, and not necessarily because you like the bet. When you do this, you’re being irrational and we hate to tell you, but irrationality is a recipe for disaster in betting. If you find yourself emotional after a loss, it’s best to take a break from betting altogether. Recoup and come back stronger — without a dark cloud of emotions following you. 

Carolina Panthers History

North Carolina native and businessman Jerry Richardson was instrumental in bringing an NFL franchise to the city of Charlotte. With his money, influence, and connections, the city won a bid from the NFL in 1993 to birth a new franchise. They and Jacksonville would join as expansion franchises two years later in 1995. [+]

Success came quickly for the new Panthers franchise. They finished their first season at 7-9, an all-time best for NFL expansion teams in their first season of play (more than doubling the win total of the previous record). In their second season, the Panthers improved to 12-4 and lost the conference championship to the eventual Super Bowl champions. However, the team regressed to the mean afterward and missed the playoffs consecutively until 2003.

But boy, was that 2003 season an outlier. Carolina, behind the electric passing-to-receiver combination of Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith, stormed all the way into the Super Bowl game. With one minute and eight seconds left in the game, the Panthers tied the Patriots at 29-all. However, they were denied overtime when surprise, surprise Tom Brady led New England down the field for the go-ahead kick. That was Brady's second of seven Super Bowls, but perhaps the closest win of all.

Panthers defense


Carolina would go on to make several more playoff appearances but they wouldn't get a second crack at the Super Bowl again until 2016. This team the road was paved by quarterback Cam Newton, who the franchise took first overall in the 2011 Draft. Triumph was denied here again when the Panthers lost 24-10.

All in all, Carolina has played in the postseason seven times — six times by the way of winning the NFC South. Former faces of the franchise, Newton and Smith, are long gone which has left the current state of the franchise somewhat in limbo.

Carolina Panthers Odds To Win Super Bowl

Let’s not kid ourselves, the Panthers' Super Bowl betting odds are shot in the near term. This team hasn’t won a playoff game since 2015 — a year it made the Super Bowl actually — and it’s probably going to take gradual success before a championship win is even thinkable. 

Most of all, Carolina has to hit on the quarterback position to warrant a Carolina Panthers Super Bowl win. The team had a decade of stability with Newton under center but you can see what’s happened since his departure, a musical chair game of quarterbacks. It’s near impossible to win the Super Bowl without a competent QB, and that's just the facts of the matter.

Where Can I Bet On Carolina Panthers Online

Anytime you’re looking for a site that takes bets on the Carolina Panthers, then come on back here. Each of the listed sites are trusted gambling options as detailed in our unbiased sportsbook reviews.

  • Where do Carolina Panthers play?

    The Panthers have not changed homes since debuting in the NFL. It’s been the same stadium this whole time, currently named Bank of America Stadium.

  • Have the Carolina Panthers ever won a Super Bowl?

    They have not despite two different Super Bowl appearances. Both ended in close losses in the fourth quarter.

  • Who is the best Carolina Panthers player of all time?

    Honestly, you could make strong arguments on three players — Cam Newton, Julius Peppers, or Steve Smith. We’ll let fans and historians argue about that one.

  • What is the Carolina Panthers schedule?

    It’s on this page! Scroll up and you’ll see a widget detailing all 17 games.

  • Where to watch Carolina Panthers game?

    Check out one of the NFL’s five broadcasting partners — Amazon Prime, CBS, FOX, ESPN, and NBC.

  • Who owns the Carolina Panthers?

    When founding owner Jerry Richardson died, the team was bought by David Tepper who also owns the local MLS team, Charlotte FC.