The Vikings are not short on talent — especially on offense. Kirk Cousins is one of the most tenured quarterbacks in the NFL and he has two dynamic weapons by his side in running back Dalvin Cook and wide receiver Justin Jefferson. How they put it all together is the big question mark, not only among NFL brass but bettors too. We can’t answer that question exactly but we can arm you with other pertinent information you need to bet on Vikings. Keep reading for a complete betting guide for the team! 

Minnesota Vikings Next Regular Season Game

Use this feature to track the next Minnesota Vikings game. It’s updated every week of the season with the upcoming opponent. Current odds will also be listed for every matchup.

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Minnesota Vikings Game Schedule And Betting Line

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What Are The Current Minnesota Vikings Standings

The NFC North is rich in history with the Bears, Lions, Packers, and Vikings all sharing bad blood with one another. With the widget below, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of the Minnesota Vikings standings — divisionally, conference, and league-wide.

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How To Bet On Minnesota Vikings

There is no shortage of Vikings betting odds during the NFL season. In fact, there might be too many bets to get a handle on. But to make things easier, we’ll explain the five most common bets you’re likely to come across at respected NFL betting sites. 

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Minnesota Vikings Moneyline

Of all the Minnesota Vikings betting lines, moneyline is the easiest to wrap your head around. It’s a simple bet on whether the Vikings win their next game or their opponent. It’s really that simple. Due to the team’s inconsistent ways, Minnesota moneylines are known to be erratic from game to game. 

Minnesota Vikings Spread

Spreads aren’t as straightforward as picking the game-winner. That’s because margin of victories (or defeat) is what determines this bet’s outcome. Both the favored team and the underdog one must stay within the “spread” — the point mark bookies set. Favorites must win by more than that mark, while underdogs can not be beaten by a higher margin than the mark. 

Minnesota Vikings Over/Under

Over/unders are also bets concerned with the final outcome — but not on who wins or by how much. This wager type is all about the combined score from Minnesota and its given opponent. As a bettor, you’re simply picking whether they’ll score more (over) or less (under) than the point total set by bookmakers. 

Minnesota Vikings Props

Most of the time, props are about Vikings players. Most of the time, on players' statical performance in a given game. So for instance, you could bet on the over/under in on pass completions by Cousins or whether the kicker makes a kick from 50-plus yards out or not. With so many players and stats available, prop betting can go the deepest of all bet types. 

Minnesota Vikings Futures

Futures are perhaps the most different among Vikings odds. That’s because, as the name hints, they are based on future outcomes. By future, we’re talking about end-of-the-season results most of the time. That includes whether the team will win titles (division, conference, Super Bowl) or whether a Vikings player will win an individual award. 

Minnesota Vikings Online Betting Tips

We’re going to be completely blunt: if you have any aspirations to make money on Vikings betting, you’ll need to get serious about it and formulate a legit plan. The plan doesn’t have to be concrete or all that expansive, but it at least needs a few hard rules to follow. To help you, we’ll share our own tried-and-true rules that have helped us mightily over the years: 

  1. Less is more: when it comes to the number of bets you’re making on Minnesota (or another team), less is really more. With so many different betting options, you could easily become distracted — and that’s not how you win at this betting thing. Winning comes from focus. Really diving deep into one bet, researching it, and forming the most evidence-backed reason for betting one way over another. Try this approach out during the season. You’re improved focus will lead you to make the best betting decisions, which is ultimately what matters most. Quality over quantity. 
  2. Weigh recent performances most: who the Vikings are in Week 1 of the NFL season is NOT who they’ll be by the time Week 10 rolls around. That might be for better or worse, but you can guarantee this team will be different based on a number of factors — injuries piling up, coaches making adjustments, and team morale. This is why when you’re making Minnesota bets, it’s better to factor in recent games, not ones that took place months ago. We’re not saying to completely discount old games, but they shouldn’t form the basis of your current opinion, certainly not over recent outings. 
  3. Leave your fandom at the door: if you’re reading this, then there’s a chance you have an actual rooting interest in the Vikings. That’s great, but be sure to check your biases when making bets. As a fan, you might want your team to win, but that want means diddly squat on the field. Your personal feelings have no bearing on the game’s final result. Instead, team matchups and injuries will affect the outcome so weigh those. And please, don’t exaggerate your teams' strengths or weaknesses, which fans have a tendency of doing. 

Minnesota Vikings History

This team has taken its fans on quite the roller-coaster ride in its 60-plus-year history. The Vikings have reached the Super Bowl four times, but have never won. However, they have won four conference championships and 19 division titles. Since the league merger with the AFL in 1970, Minnesota has qualified for the playoffs 28 times, one of the highest in the NFL.

Things started off with a bang for Vikings’ fans in the team’s first game ever on Sept. 17, 1961. Rookie Fran Tarkenton made a spectacular debut when he came off the bench to throw four touchdown passes and run for a fifth score to lead the Vikings to victory. Twenty-five years later in 1986, Tarkenton became the first Vikings player to be elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Minnesota has always been home for the franchise, which isn't always the case for early-era teams (the name was always Vikings too). The team came together when five businessmen — Bill Boyer, Ole Haugsrud, Bernie Ridder, H. P. Skoglund and Max Winter — in the Twin Cities formed an ownership group. Their bid was accepted by the NFL, making the franchise the 14th in the league. Play would begin in 1961.

Perhaps the most iconic period in the team's history is a 10-year-stretch from the late '60s to late '70s. Minnesota was led by a fierce defensive line that was impenetrable to run against and/or drop back to pass on. Best of all, the linemen were called the "Purple Pople Eaters", which has a strong case as one of the best football nicknames ever. The group was led by a pair of Hall of Famers in Carl Eller and Alan Page. Three of the Vikings' four Super Bowl appearances came during this era.

Vikings Purple People Eaters

Minnesota has quite returned to those heights, but make no mistake about it, they aren't complete pushovers either. Kevin O'Connell is its current head coach, and one of the younger ones league-wide at only 37.

Minnesota Vikings Odds To Win Super Bowl

Few quarterbacks are as hot and cold as the Vikings’ Cousins. At times, it appears the quarterback is fully worth the 100-percent-guaranteed contracts he’s routinely fetched from the organization. Other times? He makes head-scratching mistakes that put him far, far away from the elite category. How Cousins goes, so do the Vikings Super Bowl betting odds. 

Since Cousins has been a part of the team in 2018, Minnesota has been middling Super Bowl contenders. Could that change? Maybe if the Vikings improve around their quarterback. But Cousins, being as he is in his mid-30s, is who he is as a quarterback — good, not great. Typically, that makes a Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl victory not all that likely. 

Where Can I Bet On Minnesota Vikings Online

Here’s a list of sports betting sites ready to take your Minnesota Vikings wagers. Our table includes unbiased sportsbook reviews for you to compare and contrast the sites. But believe us, all the ones listed are elite when it comes to football wagering.