After a 15-plus-year stretch of continuity, the Saints are amid an identity crisis. The team is still figuring itself out without head coach Sean Payton and quarterback Drew Brees who retired in back-to-back seasons. Likewise, bettors aren’t quite sure what to make out of New Orleans, not yet at least. To help you navigate this new era of Saints football, we’ve crafted this detailed betting guide. It’s your one-stop shop for Saints betting and is packed to the brim with useful information. Scroll down to see what we’re talking about. 

New Orleans Saints Next Regular Season Game

The widget will help bettors look ahead to the upcoming New Orleans Saints game. Keep an eye on the odds as they will change with many intangibles such as injury reports and weather conditions (if the Saints are on the road, that is).

My Team's Next MatchNew Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints Game Schedule And Betting Line

Some parts of the New Orleans Saints schedule are much more difficult than others. It’s on you to pinpoint this and bet accordingly. You can find all 17 games the Saints will play this year listed below.

Results / FixturesNew Orleans Saints

What Are The Current New Orleans Saints Standings

When looking at the New Orleans Saints standings, don’t just look at them. Compare them to divisional rivals like the Bucs, Falcons, and Panthers too since they’ll be jockeying for supremacy in the NFC South.

StandingsNew Orleans Saints

How To Bet On New Orleans Saints

There are five different ways to bet on Saints. You don’t have to bet all of them all the time, but it would suit you to at least specialize in one. Which one is up to you, but here are the five options: 

New Orleans Saints Moneyline

Moneyline is an incredibly simple bet. The entire point of it is to pick the straight-up winner of the next Saints game. It could be New Orleans themselves or their opponent. Two choices for the bettor to pick from. 

New Orleans Saints Spread

Spreads add another dimension to who wins and who loses a Saints game. That’s because bookmakers will give the team a handicap to play with. In the event that New Orleans are betting underdogs, then they can NOT lose by more than that handicap — not if the bet is to hit, that is. An outright win as the underdog also cashes the bet. Vice-versa, when the Saints are favorites, they can’t merely just win, but they must do so by a higher margin than what the handicap was set to. 

New Orleans Saints Over/Under

How many points New Orleans and its opponent combine to score will determine the over/under bet. Sportsbooks will set a number and it’s on bettors to decide whether the actual figure is over or under that number. Another simple bet in theory, but one harder to consistently get right. 

New Orleans Saints Props

In terms of pure volume, props are the most well-stocked wager type at respected NFL betting sites. There’s just so much variety to these New Orleans Saints betting lines. The majority will center on individual stat performances, such as over/under on touchdown passes thrown by the starting quarterback or whether a field goal over 50 yards is made in the game. Those are two small examples, but outcomes such as those can be extrapolated to various other positions and statistical figures.

New Orleans Saints Futures

These Saints betting odds are different than the four wagers mentioned before. That’s because there’s a long time period on futures. You’re not betting on individual games with these Saints odds. Instead, you’re staking money on seasonal outcomes such as whether Nee Orleans wins the NFC or any of its players wins a league award (e.g. MVP or Defensive Player of the Year). 

New Orleans Saints Online Betting Tips

Saints betting tips

Can you consistently win at Saints betting? Sure. But it won’t just happen “by chance.” No, no, you must be methodical with your approach— and constantly refine it. To help you out, we wanted to share three betting rules that have served us well over the years. Here they are:

  1. Put the time into research: most betting lines you see at a bookmaker were pumped out by computer models that weighed in vast amounts of data to formulate the line. If you think you’re going to consistently beat these models — that get better over time — by “going with your gut” then you’re sorely mistaken. It’s going to take effort on your end, before the bet is made, to outsmart bookies. Research has to be the cornerstone of ALL your picks. That comes by watching games, analyzing the advanced metrics, reading local coverage of teams, scouring the injury report, and so forth. You should have strong evidence as to why you’re betting on something. Generally speaking, the more evidence, the better. 
  2. Avoid national media: you may have noticed in our last top that we specifically mentioned local media coverage — not national like ESPN or Fox. That was purposeful because the media giants optimize their content for entertainment and attention, not for nuanced analysis. These corporate behemoths have to appeal to the masses, fans who care more about storylines and drama than metrics and in-depth analysis. So we wouldn’t put stock into any opinions these media analysts have on the Saints. Heck, they likely won’t even cover New Orleans unless they’re playing a major-market team (e.g. Dallas or New York). For accurate news on the Saints, it’s best to look into local beat writers that are covering the team on a daily basis. It’s here where you’re most likely to find out what’s changing inside the team. 
  3. Never chases losses: this is a blanket rule that goes for all betting, not just on New Orleans or the NFL. In the event you lose bets and money, don’t ever force the next wager in order to make up for previous losses. This is a textbook example of betting with your emotions — not because of research or actual analysis. That’s a dangerous position to be in that will likely compound into more losses, not make-up gains. Keep your emotions out of betting as much as you can, whether that’s chasing or even blindly betting on New Orleans because they’re your favorite team. 

New Orleans Saints History

For the first 20 years after the franchise was founded in 1966, the Saints were awful. Atrocious, as a matter of fact. They did not have one winning season until 1987. That year, they finished 12-3 and qualified for the playoffs for the first time. But it was mostly a blip on the radar because New Orleans would not win its first playoff game until 2000 — a 34-year drought since being founded. Even better, that year they defeated the reigning Super Bowl champs, the St. Louis Rams.

The Saints would remain hapless until 2006 — the year after the devastating Hurricane Katrina rocked its city (and forced New Orleans to play home games elsewhere while their stadium was used as a shelter for locals displaced by the hurricane). That offseason before the season, the franchise landed two pieces that could alter the course of its history. The first was head coach Sean Payton and the second was quarterback Drew Brees.

What ensued was one of the best coach-quarterback combos of that era. The highlight of the partnership? A Super Bowl ring during the 2009 season. In Super Bowl 44, Brees outdueled Peyton Manning and the Colts to deliver the city of New Orleans its first and only Super Bowl.

Saints win Super Bowl

It remains the watermark moment of the franchise. Brees and Payton shared in success — six division titles, three trips to the conference title — but that victory will be hard to top given the impact of Katrina in the years beforehand.

Brees retired at the conclusion of the 2020 season. Payton would follow in 2021. Both those exits have left a noticeable void in the franchise, and only time will tell if it will be filled anytime soon or if the Saints return to the mediocrity-merry-go-round it was used to before both arrivals.

New Orleans Saints Odds To Win Super Bowl

Yes, the Saints might be amid an identity crisis as we pointed out earlier, but don’t think they’re in complete rebuild mode. This team still features a lot of talent and the team has spent up to the salary cap. Therefore, we’d expect Saints Super Bowl betting odds to remain “middle of the road” per see — not super long shots, but far from frontrunners too. 

That might remain the case until an heir apparent to Drew Brees is found. The team has toyed around with Jameis Winston and Taysum Hill, but let’s be real, neither are long-term answers at the position. The facts are that the NFL is a QB-driven league and New Orleans Saints Super Bowl hopes hinge on getting that position right. 

Where Can I Bet On New Orleans Saints Online

Don’t worry about finding online sites taking bets for the New Orleans this season. We did that for you already and picked them below. Read our up-to-date sportsbook reviews for more context into each chosen site.

  • Where do New Orleans Saints play?

    Saints call the Superdome home, one of the most famous domed stadiums in sports. Caesars casino currently owns the sponsorship rights so it’s technically called the Caesars Superdome right now.

  • Have the New Orleans Saints ever won a Super Bowl?

    Yes, they won it all during the 2009 season. It remains the team’s only Super Bowl appearance to this day.

  • Who is the best New Orleans Saints player of all time?

    Drew Brees, hands down. As we said before, his arrival helped turn around the franchise. The quarterback is a guaranteed first-ballot Hall of Famer.

  • What is the New Orleans Saints schedule?

    Want to see all 17 Saints games this year? Scroll up and you’ll see it listed right there!

  • How to watch New Orleans Saints game?

    Start with Amazon Prime, CBS, ESPN, FOX, and NBC, All five streamers and TV networks have exclusive rights to air NFL games in the US.

  • Who owns the New Orleans Saints?

    Gayle Benson owns the team after her husband, Tom, died in 2018. On top of the Saints, Gayle also owns the NBA’s Pelicans franchise.