Things are looking for the New York Giants heading into the 2023-2024 season. A whole new managerial staff is on the books. After burning through two head coaches in four years, the owner finally decided to replace the general manager as well. The new General Manager Joe Schoen and Head Coach Brian Daboll bring optimism to the Big Blue this year after a rather embarassing slump. Just how much better, only time can tell, but their odds are definitely looking up this year compared to some disappointing past years.


New York Giants Next Regular Season Game

The sports cliche is to “take it one game at a time.” This feature will help a bettor do that as the Giants prepare for their next game.


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New York Giants Game Schedule and betting lines

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What Are The Current New York Giants Standings

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How to bet on New York Giants

Do you know how to bet on New York Giants? Overall, New York Giants have been a fairly successful team, but with their ups and downs. When it comes to betting on the Big Blue Wrecking Crew, it is more important to look at the current season, and the strength of their opponents. Of course, Giants betting history is relevant, but history never repeats itself the same way.

The amount and type of research that you will want to do will depend on the types of bets that you want to place. Think about your strengths when making this decision. NFL betting odds work the same within the logic of each bet. Each bet type will have a different strategy and place in your overall betting portfolio. The important thing for making the best New York Giants bets is to understand your different options and when to employ them. Here are some of the most common types of New York Giants bets:

New York Giants Moneyline

This is a good bet for when the Giants are against their rival the Philadelphia Eagles. Bet on whether or not the New York Giants will win, straight up

Moneyline betting comes with distinct advantages. The main one being that it is fairly easy to understand, so you will know exactly what you are betting on. As long as you understand New York Giants betting odds, then this bet type will be fairly easy. Between the 1964 and 1978 seasons, the Giants only had two winning seasons, so there weren’t many safe bets on the Giants to win these bets! Of course, whenever the games are held at MetLife Stadium, the Giants will have an extra advantage.

Disadvantages include uneven matchups because the odds tend to stay really low.

New York Giants Futures

Futures don’t concern the result of a single game, but instead focus on the overall result of the whole season. New York Giants Futures will tell you the odds for the Giants to win the Super Bowl (or the conference or the division). A great bet for a New York Giants fan prior the start of the season.

New York Giants Player props

Fun creatives bets based on the performance of individual players.

Props are a great choice for people looking for a fun type of bet. Plus, the profits can be nice because these bets tend to be less popular than the moneylines. However, it will require understanding each individual player, in addition to the teams as a whole. Betting on star quarterback Y. A. Tittle to throw 36 touchdown passes in 1963 is an example of a prop bet that was hard to predict! Other props will focus on the team, such as which one will score first, or if the first score will be a touchdown or a field goal.

New York Giants Spread betting

Spreads – This wager disadvantages the favorite making the bet more profitable. The favorite has to win by a certain margin, as set by the bookie, in order for the bet to be favorable.

Spreads are a great option when the moneyline feels too lopsided. If the favorite is an easy win, then the bet will not be worth too much. Spreads help bring things more into balance. If their matchups against rival Philadelphia Eagles aren’t exciting enough, this type of bet will heat things up! It will raise the risk, and therefore also the potential for profit. Even though their defense is not what it used to be, the Wrecking Crew’s legendary years would be a good time to bet on a lower margin.

New York Giants Over/unders

Bet on how many points the two teams will score when you combine their points together. If a Giants team is playing a lot of slow, tight games, opt for the under. But if the Giants’ offense is off the hook while the defense is on holidays, opt for the Over.

New York Giants Team props

Wagers based on teams, but not dealing directly with the end result of the game. Example team proposition bet for New York Giants: The New York Giants to win over 10,5 games this season. 

New York Giants Online Betting Tips

Once you’ve selected your bet type, you still need to remember some basic online betting tips to have the best chances of winning. There are some important rules to stick to when wagering, which are often referred to as “strategies”, though, in reality, they’re more essential for any bettors that want to find success when wagering online. We offer pages dedicated to sports betting strategies for those that want to get a comprehensive understanding. But, for now, let’s just cover some vital points for our readers.

  1. Never bet more money than you can lose – At the top of any betting tips list should be this. As is the case with investing or any other kind of betting, it’s important that those involved are doing it for fun and not putting themselves or anyone else at financial risk for the sake of a bet.
  2. Don’t only bet on the favorites – The Spread or the Over/Under could be a better option, if the favorites odds aren’t favorable on the moneyline. Always be willing to explore other betting lines.
  3. Compare odds across a couple of sportsbooks – This is often referred to as “line shopping” and is one of the principal sports betting strategies that bettors use. It basically involves signing up to various different bookmakers and then checking the betting line you want to wager on across all those oddsmakers, in order to find the best value in the odds.
  4. Specialize – One avenue for success is to only bet on one team. This allows bettors to gain a comprehensive understanding of a team and always look for value in the odds; it doesn’t have to be the moneyline, bettors can explore other markets if the moneyline isn’t favorable.
  5. Don’t chase losses – One of the most difficult lessons to learn for any online gambler. When you lose, you feel that one more wager in your favor and you’re back on top. Sometimes it’s good to step away, have a breather and come back to it when the time is right.
  6. Check the weather – The weather can have a drastic effect on how games unfold. This is especially true for teams that train in warm weather and then suddenly end up playing in the snow. Take the Tampa Bay Buccaneers playing the Green Packers at home.

New York Giants History

The Giants were one of five teams that joined the NFL in 1925, and it’s the only one in that group that still exists today. They are currently one of four teams in the East Division of the National Football Conference. The team plays its home games at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., which it shares with the AFC’s New York Jets. Their oldest rivals are the Philadelphia Eagles, dating back to 1933. But they also have no love lost for the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins, the other teams rounding out the division.

The G-Men have won the Super Bowl and NFC championships many times. Head coaches Bill Parcells and Tom Coughlin hoisted the Lombardi Trophy twice each.

The Giants retired the number 1 worn by Ray Flaherty in 1935. It was the first number to be retired by any team in professional sports. The Giants also boast more than two dozen hall of famers, a list which includes Phil Simms and Lawrence Taylor.

The New York Giant’s largest rival is the Philadelphia Eagles , which is actually the oldest rivalry in the NFC East Division. The team’s nicknames have come and gone through the decades and include:

  • Big Blue Wrecking Crew
  • Big Blue
  • G-Men
  • Jints

The nickname Big Blue Wrecking Crew now applies to the whole team but was born in the 1980s in reference to their strong defence. This line included George Martin and Leonard Marshall at defensive end and Jim Burt at nose tackle. They famously limited Joe Montana to just 3 points in the playoffs.  This Blue Crew helped them win Super Bowl XXI against Denver Broncos.

The Giants experienced large ups and downs in the 1980s. After a successful Super Bowl run in 1986, their very next season was a losing one, reduced to 6-9. The very next season was marred by a scandal involving Lawrence Taylor and was suspended for several games.

New York Giants odds to win the Super Bowl

The Giants haven’t been anywhere near a Super Bowl title since they grabbed their last back in 2012, with that famous win over the New England Patriots. With much work to be done around the team, and notable improvements to the roster, they are coming in around +4000 to clinch a 5th Super Bowl title each year. There are hopes amongst Giants fans that things will improve. But, due to a lack of star players, there is little hope of a Championship in the coming years.

Where Can I Bet On New York Giants Online

Now that you’re ready to bet on the New York Giants, have a look below to find the sports book that is the best for you. We recommend opening two accounts to make the most out of bonus offers.

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