“Fly Eagles Fly” that’s the rallying cry the Philadelphia NFL franchise commonly uses. But it should also apply to the team’s bettors, welp, if they want to end up on the winning side more often than not at least. That’s our hope for you if you read this entire Eagles betting guide we’ve custom-made. You’ll find everything to need to know about Eagles betting here effectively making it a one-stop shop for Philly bettors! 

Philadelphia Eagles Next Regular Season Game

Use this feature to track the next Philadelphia Eagles game. Bettors will want to know if the club is home or away, and whether they’re playing one of their longtime divisional rivals.

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Philadelphia Eagles Game Schedule And Betting Line

Below you’ll find the complete Philadelphia Eagles schedule. All 17 games are listed here so you can plot your betting plan for the long and grueling NFL season ahead.

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What Are The Current Philadelphia Eagles Standings

Here are the Philadelphia Eagles’ standings in the ENTIRE NFL against the other 31 teams. It’s important to evaluate where Philly ranks in their division and conference too since this will determine if they are playoff-bound or not.

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How To Bet On Philadelphia Eagles

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You will not struggle to find Eagles odds at the top-rated betting sites for NFL. This is a huge market team and commonly plays against other popular teams like the Cowboys and Giants. Before you jump into any Eagles betting odds you can find, here’s a quick primer on the types of wagers you’re likely to come across:

Philadelphia Eagles Moneyline

The most simplistic of Philadelphia Eagles betting lines is the moneyline. How you make money on this line (pun intended) is by simply picking the winner of the game — whether that’s Philly themselves or their opponent. That’s it. Oddsmakers will have unique lines for each side and it’s on you to pick between them. 

Philadelphia Eagles Spread

Spreads are actually the most popular way to bet on Eagles. With this wager, Philadelphia will be playing with a pre-set point handicap made by the bookie. The handicap will make the Eagles either betting favorites or underdogs. If they are the former, then Philadelphia needs to win the game by a higher point total than the spread. On the contrary, as underdogs, they can not lose by a larger number than the spread. 

Philadelphia Eagles Over/Under

If you’d rather avoid picking whether the Eagles win or not (and by how many points), the over/under will be a great fallback. With this wager, bookies will set a number on how many points Philadelphia and its opponent will tally together. Bettors must choose if the final score will be over or under that pre-set points mark. 

Philadelphia Eagles Props

Forget about outcomes relating to the final score, whether it’s points or who wins, props rarely have anything to do with that. Instead, these act as “side bets” per se on other outcomes inside a game. Most props have a stats component to them such as the over/under on rushing yards gained by a specific player or wagering whether or not there’s a kick return touchdown in the Eagles game. Those are two examples, but you can extrapolate that down to the minutiae and get a ton more props. 

Philadelphia Eagles Futures

Last but not least, there are also futures. These bets are more long-term, and by that, we mean seasonal outcomes. This could be at either the team or player level. Team-wise, a futures bet likely exists on whether Philadelphia can win the NFC championship. Individual-wise, you can bet on a player's prospects to be named league MVP against other players across the NFL. The longer timeframes of futures outcomes mean your money is in limbo for longer periods of time than the previously-mentioned bets. 

Philadelphia Eagles Online Betting Tips

Learning how to be a successful bettor comes predominantly from experience — not just your own, but others who’ve “been there, done that” so to speak. So take out advice here and follow these three hard rules when betting on Philadelphia football:

  1. Take it one game at a time: this not only applies to you but also to the team at large. For you, the only thing that matters is the next bet — not the prior ones. You can’t let overconfidence, or worse, underconfidence, influence your next wager. Follow the same approach from bet to bet, prior results be damned. The same goes for the Eagles. Don’t hold a Week 2 loss strongly against them if it’s already Week 14, for example. It’s very likely that the team has been transformed in the 12-week gap due to injuries and coaching adjustments. So when making bets, focus on where the team is today and how that’ll fare in their next game. Focus on the now, for yourself and the team. 
  2. Research, research, research: alright so you’re living in the now and ready to plop money down on the Eagles’ next matchup. What now? A heavy dose of research, that’s what. Who is on the injury report? Which running back will get the most carries? Is there an in-game matchup rope to be exploited? Answers to these questions come through research and time, not via gut-check decisions. So take the time to analyze the most recent game, read what the team’s beat reporters are writing, and so forth. This is the most up-to-date information you’ll find. 
  3. Specialize your knowledge: this rule piggybacks off the research one, but there’s an important distinction. The only way you’re going to consistently win at this betting thing is by gaining an “edge” over bookies (which usually comes from research). What do you know that they may have overlooked? Finding an edge is more likely when your narrow your focus to one team or maybe a division. If you’re watching every single team, what are the chances of ever becoming an expert in any one domain? Unlikely since you're casting far too wide of a net. Go deep — not wide — and there’s where you’ll find specialization knowledge.

Philadelphia Eagles History

When the Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2017, they ended the franchise's championship drought that dated back to 1960. The win — with a backup quarterback and against the all-time greatest quarterback — was done in quintessential Philly fashion: with the underdog coming out on top. Rocky Balboa etched that story into the city's core and now the Eagles were living representations of it.

Philly wins Super Bowl 2017

Before this moment of glory, you have to remember how the franchise came to be. It was 1933 when the Eagles were born. The name was inspired by the Blue Eagle insignia of the National Recovery Administration, which was included in President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal. You have to remember, this was the Great Depression era and even back then, Philly had to fight for its survival.

Success would come to this franchise the decade after when the Eagles won back-to-back titles in 1948 and 1949. A third would follow in 1960. What followed after that 1960 triumph was an extended period of disappointment. Philadelphia failed to qualify for the playoffs until 1978. The man responsible for turning the franchise around was coach Dick Vermeil, who would later lead the Rams to the promise land, much to the chagrin of the Philly faithful.

Speaking of Philly faithful, we have to mention them. The "City of Brotherly Love" ironically has the reputation for having one of the harshest fanbases, for better or worse. Here's a fanbase that booed a cosplaying Santa Clause and pelted him with snowballs at a game. Here's a fanbase that cheered when rival Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin suffered a career-ending injury on their field. One thing is for sure, opposing teams are in for a harsh environment when playing on the road.

One last thing to note about the franchise is that they've appeared in seven NFC title games — including four in a row with Donovan McNabb between 2001 and 2004. That's the sixth-most appearances in NFC history.

Philadelphia Eagles Odds To Win Super Bowl

The franchise is only a few short years removed from its first-ever Super Bowl championship in 2018. However, the Eagles Super Bowl betting odds have been in a gradual decline since that triumphant year, which speaks to just how hard it is to remain top-tier in this league. 

Whether or not a bet is worth it on a Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl victory should probably hinge on your opinion of Jalen Hurts. He’s the man under center for the foreseeable future in Philly — at times flashing huge potential, and at other times, looking woeful as a passer. The Eagles might’ve won their recent Super Bowl without an elite QB (Nick Foles), but let’s face it, they were an exception to the rule that year and elite quarterbacks still dominate the NFL landscape. 

Where Can I Bet On Philadelphia Eagles Online

You must feel pretty confident about being able to bet on the Eagles by now, right? Have a look at the best online sportsbooks below. You can read our updated sportsbook reviews to gauge which site is best for you.