The 49ers have become one of the NFL’s most followed and most bet-on teams after decades of winning and legendary figures passing through the franchise. If you want to gain an edge when it comes to 49ers betting, then you need to bookmark this page. That’s because this is a one-stop shop to bet on 49ers that’s packed with ALL the information you need to be profitable at this betting thing. Read on to see what we’re talking about!


San Francisco 49ers Next Regular Season Game

Keep an eye on this widget for the most up-to-date odds on the 49ers and their upcoming opponents. You can track the lines for the next San Francisco 49ers game throughout the week here.

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San Francisco 49ers Game Schedule And Betting Line

Some stretches of the San Francisco 49ers schedule are more difficult than others. This widget will help you find those spots, plus see when they’ll have time to rest with a bye week.

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What Are The Current San Francisco 49ers Standings

The Niners play in the NFC West against rivals like the Cardinals, Rams, and Seahawks. The table below will break down the San Francisco 49ers schedule — not only against those foes but the rest of the NFL.

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How To Bet On San Francisco 49ers

49ers coach and GM

Before you even decide what picks you’re going to make on San Fran, you must understand 49ers odds from a macro perspective. Mainly, what type of 49ers betting odds are even available? Welp, you’re about to find out because we’re breaking it all down below:

San Francisco 49ers Moneyline

San Francisco 49ers betting lines don’t get any easier than moneyline. This is a simple bet on who wins the game — the Niners or their opponent? One team will be favored, while the other is the underdog, which will be reflected in the odds. On rare occasions, the game will be at pick 'em, which just means it’s a toss-up with equal odds both ways.

San Francisco 49ers Spread

The most popular bet across respected NFL betting sites — whether it’s San Francisco or another NFL team — is undoubtedly the spread. With this wager, bookies will add a points handicap to each team. Betting-favored teams must not only win, but they need to do so by a margin higher than spread. Underdogs are the opposite. They can lose the game, but so long as the point difference is below their spread, then they cover. It’s on bettors to choose which side covers their respective spread.

San Francisco 49ers Over/Under

Over/unders are also referred to as point totals. No matter what you call it, the goal is the same: predict the combined score from the 49ers and its opponent. Bookies will set a point total beforehand and it’s on bettors to pick whether the actual total goes over or under that mark.

San Francisco 49ers Props

Betting props definitely have the most variety. These side bets are typically on in-game events not directly tied to the final score. Most props deal with individual players’ stat totals, such as over/under on receiving yards by Debo Samuel or who gets the game’s first touchdown. Props are a great way to “spice up” your betting intake.

San Francisco Futures

Odds on San Francisco winning the Super Bowl is a prime example of a futures bet (more on this specific one shortly). Likewise, you could bet on the 49ers' chances of winning the NFC West or conference as a whole. But as you can see, these bets are long-term plays on seasonal outcomes for the team.

San Francisco 49ers Online Betting Tips

Niners head coach Kyle Shanahan is known for his innovative offensive ways — none of which happen just by chance. He meticulously plans the gameplan and you must do the same when it comes to betting, at least if you’re serious about winning. If you are, then you can start by implementing the following three tips into your betting strategy:

  1. Compare matchups: raise your hand if you ever heard this phrase muttered by coaches and commentators — “football is a game of matchups.” Welp, it is and matchups are going to have a big determining factor on how bets play out. Here’s a hypothetical example to drive the point home. Say the 49ers have a prolific run offense, as they typically do. That advantage becomes more dangerous if playing a team with leaky run defense. In that scenario, San Fran has a higher probability of offensive success, which you’d have to account for when wagering. Matchups change from opponent to opponent so it’s on you to evaluate each individually. Do the work, which leads us to point two.
  2. Research is everything: the ONLY way you’re going to find in-game mismatches and any sort of betting “edge” is through research. Independently found by you by pouring through articles, game tape, injury reports, and so on. This is what it takes to “outsmart” bookies — who most of the time are setting lines off complicated algorithms. You can’t expect to make decisions with your “gut” and be on the winning end over the long run. Not in betting where so much information and money is helping bookies set hard-to-beat betting lines.
  3. Keep emotions out of your decision-making: with a franchise like the Niners, it’s quite easy for emotions to cloud your decision-making. That’s because San Francisco is a love-or-hate type of team. However, in order to make decisions with the least amount of error, you must be more even-keeled. Without those extreme opinions (being a diehard fan or hater), you can think more rationally about what bets to make on the team — whether that’s with them or against them.

San Francisco 49ers History

Few NFL franchises rival the success of the 49ers. But before we get to the Super Bowl wins, lets trace back the early origins of the team. It came into existence in 1946 under the All-America Football Conference. The league folded within three years, but San Francisco — along with Cleveland and the Baltimore Colts — were admitted to the NFL. The decades that followed in the '50s and '60s were forgettable with the Niners making the playoffs just one time.

However, the franchise's fortunes were forever changed when they hired Bill Walsh to be their head coach in 1978. What ensued was a dynasty that dominated the '80s. Joe Montana was drafted in 1979 and he would be the perfect architect for Walsh's West-coast offense that was predicated on short, but accurate throws. With an all-time receiver like Jerry Jones (drafted in 1985), that offense became near unstoppable.

49ers The Catch

The dynasty was born in 1981 with its first-ever Super Bowl victory. Four would follow in the next 13 years — all led by Montana except the last which was under the arm of left-handed QB Steve Young. Only the Steelers and Patriots have won more Super Bowl titles than the Niners.

San Francisco hasn't tasted title glory since the Young-led team of 1994, but it's certainly knocking on the door. The team has lost two Super Bowls in dangerously close fashion since 2013.

When the Raiders left Oakland in 2020, San Francisco was left as the only NFL team in the Bay Area — an important distinction because the pro team was also the first in the entire region, no matter the sport. In fact, the 49ers are one of the earlier pro teams located in the West side of the country.

San Francisco 49ers Odds To Win Super Bowl

As mentioned in the history section, the 49ers have quite a checkered past. If you believe organizations create championship teams, then it’s hard to go wrong with what’s being built in the Bay Area. And if you’re of the assumption that these winning ways will continue, then we suggest taking a hard look at the 49ers Super Bowl betting odds. As of late, they’ve been near the top of the league — but not high enough where they’ve lost their betting value.

Perhaps the biggest question mark on whether another San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl victory is imminent or not is its quarterback situation. Jimmy Garropolo felt like the weakest link of recent teams, which fell dangerously close to a championship win on two separate occasions. Trey Lance is being groomed to be the next guy. The question is, is he the right person for the job? You can vote with your bet, that’s for sure.

Where Can I Bet On San Francisco 49ers Online

Need a place online to bet on the San Francisco 49ers? It's your lucky day then! We have vetted the best options for you below. You can read our unbiased sportsbook reviews to get the full scoop on what makes these bookmakers the "best of the "best" in the industry.

  • Where do the San Francisco 49ers play?

    The home of the Niners, Levi’s Stadium, opened in 2014. Ironically, it’s not even located in San Francisco. It’s all the way in Santa Clara.

  • Have the San Francisco 49ers ever won a Super Bowl?

    They’ve won five, as a matter of fact. The wins came in 1981, 1984, 1988, 1989, and 1994.

  • Who is the best San Francisco 49ers player of all time?

    It’s either Joe Montana or Jerry Race. Strong arguments can be made for either one, which we’ll leave to fans and history writers instead.

  • What is the San Francisco 49ers schedule?

    It’s on this page already. Scroll up and you’ll see all 17 games listed right there!

  • Where to watch San Francisco 49ers game?

    Due to the team’s popularity, you’ll see them on national TV plenty and often. NFL’s TV partners are Amazon Prime, CBS, ESPN, FOX, and NBC.

  • Who owns the San Francisco 49ers?

    Denise York is the team owner, making her one of the very few female owners in the whole NFL (and American sports in general). Her son, Jed, runs the team on a day-to-day basis.