Without question, no NFL franchise has been more dysfunctional as of late than Washington. Where do we start? Three names in three years? Strong allegations against the owner Dan Snyder? Stadium falling apart? But hey, none of that has stopped the now-named Commanders from being a commodity at top-used NFL betting sites. Afforded the luxury of playing the nation’s capital, Commanders betting is hard and heavy, hence why we’ve created this betting guide. We’re giving you an in-depth look at what it takes to win at Washington Commanders betting lines.

Washington Commanders Next Regular Season Game

The next Washington Commanders game is listed below (we update this every week). This will be your next chance at betting on the team.

NFL - Regular Season Week 13
Sunday, Dec 03, 202301:00 PM
Miami Dolphins@Washington Commanders
NFL - Regular Season Week 15
Sunday, Dec 17, 202304:05 PM
Washington Commanders@Los Angeles Rams
NFL - Regular Season Week 16
Sunday, Dec 24, 202301:00 PM
Washington Commanders@New York Jets
Last update on Dec 3, 2023 07:45 PM

Washington Commanders Game Schedule And Betting Line

The full Washington Commanders schedule is listed below. Knowing all 17 games will help you plan a long-term betting strategy based on bye weeks, road trips, and more.

Results / FixturesWashington Redskins

What Are The Current Washington Commanders Standings

The NFC East is historic featuring some of the winningest teams in league history — the Cowboys, Commanders, Eagles, and Giants. You can track the ongoing divisional battle with our Washington Commanders standings widget underneath.

StandingsWashington Redskins

How To Bet On Washington Commanders

Washington owner Dan Snyder

Don’t freak, Washington betting isn’t as overly complicated as it may seem at first glance. We’re going to give you a quick rundown of all five categories of Commanders odds you’re most likely to come across. Let’s jump in:

Washington Commanders Moneyline

If you just want to pick whether Washington wins straight up or not, then the moneyline will be your cup of tea. That’s all there is to this bet. Though, the odds will swing from game to game. You might see the Commanders favored one game (- sign before their odds), but double-digit underdogs (+ sign) the following week. That’s just the nature of moneyline odds with an unpredictable team like Washington. 

Washington Commanders Spread

Spreads are a different take on the moneyline. This bet puts a handicap on each side. The favorites must win the game by more than what the spread is “to cover” and cash the ticket. However, the underdog team must keep the game within the spread (or win outright) to cover on their end. 

Washington Commanders Over/Under

If you want a different way to bet on Commanders that doesn’t involve whether they win or not (and by how much), then look into over/unders. This wager is also focused on the score, but specifically on how many points Washington and its opponents combine for. Bookies will set a ballpark number and bettors choose whether the final figure is over or under that bet. Over/unders can apply to individual quarters, halves, or the full game. 

Washington Commanders Props

Props are perhaps the most opened-ended way to go about Commanders betting. That’s because there are unlimited options here and each prop differs. However, you can think of props as “side” bets on events within a game. Who scores the game’s first touchdown? Over/under on passing completions? A field goal longer than 49 yards? All those questions could be found in the prop market. As you can see, most props are statistical in nature. 

Washington Commanders Futures

Futures are very different than the previous wagers in one important way: the time horizon. You could wait weeks, months, or even a year for a futures bet to be decided. That’s because most of these bets are on seasonal outcomes on Washington such as whether they win the NFC East, conference, or gasp, the Super Bowl. 

Washington Commanders Online Betting Tips

Winning won’t “just happen” in betting — well not consistently at least. You can win some bets by "winging it", but being a long-term winner takes methodology or plan of some sort. The plan can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it, but there still needs to be something underpinning your wagers. If you need help in this regard, we have three valuable tips that have helped us over the years:

  1. Don't bet on reputation alone: look, there's zero denying the Commanders are somewhat the laughing stock of the league. But that doesn't guarantee that'll remain the case going forward. Fortunes change quickly in the NFL based on a lucky draft pick, an injury, great coaching hire, and so forth. That's why we wouldn't be quick to write off Washington just because they sucked last year or the year before that. Most of that matters very little now, especially if the franchise made big changes over the offseason. Our suggestion for you as a bettor is to update your opinions regularly and not get too comfortable with old labels.
  2. Compare matchups closely: when evaluating Commanders' games to bet on, we urge you to put a huge priority on in-game matchups. How does Washington compare to its opponent — passing offense vs. passing defense, for instance. If there's a mismatch, then that's something that can be exploited, whether that's to the Commanders' benefit or disadvantage. The best way to figure out these mismatches is through heavy research and analyzing the stats. The more time you put in here, the more you'll find. Last thing, how many times have you heard the phrase, "football is a game of matchups"? It's cliche, but it's true, and it has a massive effect on betting.
  3. Monitor the weather report: The NFC East is a cold-weather haven with Philly, New York, and Washington all playing outdoors (Dallas has a domed stadium). The NFL purposely schedules divisional games at the end of the season (when it's Winter) so the weather will play a factor in these decisive matchups. For example, say a snowstorm blares through Washington. Do you think that's going to be detrimental to the passing game? Of course, it is. That would mean a low-scoring game more plausible which you'd want to account for when betting the over/under. That's just one hypothetical example, but there are more to account for. So it's best to watch the weather reports as the week progresses and perhaps, wait until closer to game day (when reports are more accurate) to make a final bet.

Washington Commanders History

If there's one thing that's been a constant for this franchise, which dates as far back as 1932, its name changes. They've been called the Boston Braves, Boston Redskins, Washington Redskins, Washington Football Team, and now the Washington Commanders, which is supposed to stick around. The Redskins name came under scrutiny (it's a slur aimed at Native Americans), which forced the permanent name change to Commanders in 2022.

Enough about nicknames, though, because this franchise has a lot of history, plenty of it good history. Washington has won five championships — three of them Super Bowls and another two NFL championships long before the merger. It's collected 15 division titles and 25 playoff appearances. Most of this success started when the team left Boston for Washington in 1937, where it stayed put in the nation's capital.

Being in such a large market has made Washington one of the most valuable franchises in the NFL, and all of sports in general. Forbes estimates its value at $5.6 billion, which is the sixth-most in the entire NFL.

Many legendary players and coaches have carved out their careers with the Commanders.  We'll begin with the coaches — George Allen and Joe Gibbs both come to mind. The latter recorded a 124-60 record with the franchise, which puts his winning percentage at 68, one of the highest in NFL history.

When it comes to players, you can start with the ones who have their number retired — Sonny Jurgensen (#9), Sean Taylor (#21), Sammy Baugh (#33), and Bobby Mitchell (#39). Right up there in franchise importance are the likes of quarterback Joe Theisman, cornerback Darrell Green, wide receiver Art Monk, and the list goes on and on.

All this past success is why fans are maddened by the franchise's current state. Since the turn of the century (when Snyder became the owner), Washington has made the playoffs just five times and won just one postseason matchup.

Redskins Win Super Bowl

Washington Commanders Odds To Win Super Bowl

It’s been 30 long years since the franchise won a Super Bowl. As we covered before, there’s futures bet on Washington winning it once again (as well as the other 31 NFL teams). These Commanders Super Bowl betting odds are up all year long and change as the season progresses based on injuries, game results, and other new information. 

However, we wouldn’t advise rushing to wager on a Washington Commanders Super Bowl win. Not until this team can find some type of footing. Rarely do teams go from afterthoughts (what Washington is right now) to Super Bowl contenders, less winners. If the Commanders can string multiple years of gradual success, then it’s worth getting serious about their title futures. 

Where Can I Bet On Washington Redskins Online

Check out the below widget to see where you can bet on Washington. All of these sites are reputable names in the betting industry, as detailed in our unbiased sportsbook reviews. Your money is in good hands at any one of the sites.