Super Bowl 57 Prop Betting: Predicting Final Totals for Chiefs vs Eagles

Super Bowl 57 Prop Betting: Predicting Final Totals for Chiefs vs Eagles

Are you looking for some alternative betting on the 2023 Super Bowl? If so, theĀ Super Bowl 57 prop bettingĀ markets have you covered. They have every option you could dream upā€”and then probably more. And then probably even more still after that.

For this edition ofĀ NFL Super Bowl picks, we're going to look at a bunch of different scoring totals for the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Kansas City ChiefsĀ matchup. After all, who doesn't love talking about NFL offense?

We'll get things started with individual point totals for the Eagles and Chiefs. You can see the latest online NFL prop betting odds for these markets below:

Total Points ScoredBetUSBovadaBetOnline
Kansas City Chiefs over 24.5-112-110-110
Kansas City Chiefs under 24.5-108-110-110
Philadelphia Eagles over 26.5-106-102-106
Philadelphia Eagles under 26.5-116-120-116

Always remember to double-check these online NFL betting odds until you actually submit yourĀ Super Bowl 57 picks. OurĀ Eagles vs. Chiefs prop betting odds are accurate enteringĀ Thursday, February 2. With the big game set to kick-off on Sunday, February 12, at 6:30 p.m. EST, this gives linemakers plenty of time to adjust theirĀ Super Bowl 57 odds.

Granted, you don't need to worry about missing out on any potential NFL betting lineĀ adjustments if you join up with the right sportsbooks. That's why we've put together our reviews of the top online sportsbooks. By the time you're done browsing through our deep-dive evaluations, you'll have no issue finding theĀ best online Super Bowl betting sites in 2023.

Ready? Set?Ā Let's predict some Super Bowl 57 prop bets!

Will the Kansas City Chiefs Hit THEIR Over or Under in Super Bowl 57?

Mentions of Patrick Mahomes' ankle injury continue to play on repeat like a broken record. And rightfully so. He is perhaps the best player in the NFL.Ā If he isn't at full strength against the Eagles, it puts the Chiefs at a huge disadvantage.Ā 

Still, the concern over his status feels overblown. We know he's going to play, because he slugged it out for the AFC Championship.Ā And while Mahomes was noticeably less mobile during the victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, he still managed to attempt 43 passes and throw for over 325 yards and two touchdowns.Ā 

Indeed, facing the Eagles' vaunted defense will pose a different testā€”among the toughest of the season.Ā But Mahomes' volume isn't suddenly going to dissipate.Ā Also: He's getting extra rest. That should help his ankle. So long as he's standing upright and slinging the pigskin, the Chiefs are virtual locks to clear 25 points per game.

And no, it doesn't matter that they only mustered 23 points in the AFC Championship. If anything, it's comforting. Kansas City hasn't scored fewer than 25 points in back-to-back outings all year.

OSB Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs go over 24.5 points (-112)

Kansas City Chiefs To score over 24.5 points in Super Bowl 57

Will the Philadelphia Eagles Hit THEIR Over or Under in Super Bowl 57?

It's harder for us to envision the Eagles clearing their over of 26.5 points. So many of their scoring opportunities are generated from forcing turnovers, and they haven't done that at nearly the same clip over the past few weeks.

Sure, the Eagles offense is more than capable of scoring without otherworldly field position. But we have seen peaks and valleys from their passing game.Ā Jalen Hurts, in fact, has failed to throw a touchdown pass in three of his past four games.Ā Not coincidentally, the Eagles have failed to eclipse 25 points in two of those games.

Bettors might still flock toward the over because the Chiefs defense gets a bad wrap. It's not that terrible.Ā Kansas City is fourth in net yards allowed per passing attempt, and Philadelphia doesn't have Hurts airing it downfield with obscene frequency in the first place.Ā The Eagles managed to beat up on the historically good San Francisco 49ers defense in the NFC Championship. That matters. But the Super Bowl is different. They won't be in Philly, and the Chiefs' defense has been here before.

OSB Prediction: Philadelphia Eagles go under 26.5 points (-116)

Philadelphia Eagles To score under 26.5 points in Super Bowl 57

How Many Touchdowns will the Eagles and Chiefs Combined to Score?

Here are the latestĀ Super Bowl 57 betting odds for the number of touchdowns the Eagles and Chiefs will combine to score:

  • Over six touchdowns (+102)
  • Under six touchdowns (-124)

Investing in "over six touchdowns" is incredibly tempting. Ultimately, though, the passing-touchdown slump of Jalen Hurts coupled with the Chiefs' much-improved defense against the run game leaves us hesitant.Ā 

Given how the Eagles offense has played in certain matchups, this feels like a two touchdown game for them. And we're just not sure the Chiefs can carry the weight of needing four touchdowns to offset that against this Philadelphia defenseā€”which continues to make life hell on quarterbacks even when they're not getting sacks or forcing turnovers.

OSB Prediction: Under six touchdowns (-124)

Eagles and Chiefs To score fewer than six touchdowns in Super Bowl 57

Which Half of Super Bowl 57 will Feature More Total Touchdowns?

Below you can see theĀ Super Bowl 57 betting odds for the total number of touchdowns that will be scored by half:

  • First half, over three touchdowns (+100)
  • First half, under three touchdowns (-155)
  • Second half, over three touchdowns (-102)
  • Second half, under three touchdowns (-120)

Betting the "over" for second-half touchdowns is a pretty smart decision.Ā There is always at least one team that's bent on moving the ball through the air while playing at a faster pace in the third and fourth quarters. Sometimes, it's because they're already behind. Other times, it's because they decided to make adjustments at halftime.

For whatever reason, we're drawn more toward theĀ first-half over. This has a lot to do with the second quarter performance of both teams this year.Ā They're each averaging over 12 points in the second frame, and the Eagles, specifically, tend to play a little bit looser during the first 30 minutes compared to the latter 30, when they look to lean on their run game even more.Ā 

OSB Bet Bet: First half, over three touchdowns (+100)

Eagles and Chiefs To score over three touchdowns in the first half of Super Bowl 57

Take a look at this list of the top online sportsbooks so you can decide which one to use for all of your Super Bowl betting:Ā 

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