Which NFL head honchos are the most winningest clipboard-carriers in Super Bowl history? We're so very glad you asked. This slideshow will review the 10 coaches who have the best records in the league's biggest game. Remember: All ties will be broken by winning percentages rather than the number of Super Bowl rings someone has; this method allows us to break ties between coaches who have the same number of championship trophies to their name, while also paying homage to those special few who have been to a ton of Super Bowl rounds.

Most winningest NFL coaches


Some NFL head coaches are unsung heroes. They get all of the blame when things go wrong, and none of the shine when everything goes according to plan.That's all about to change. Reviewing the coaches who have the most Super Bowl victories in NFL history is a great way to remind us all how important those dudes on the sidelines, carrying the clipboards and donning the headsets, are to the success of their respective teams.

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