Most Super Bowl Wins by Coach
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Most Super Bowl Wins by Coach

Throughout NFL history, Super Bowl victories are usually attributed to the players. More specifically, these championships are associated with offensive players—mainly quarterbacks, running backs, or wide receivers. But behind every team, there is a head coach guiding them. No, they do not deserve all of the credit; they're not actually playing the games. Still, if you look at the most Super Bowl wins by coach, it's no coincidence that you end up with a list of marquee names.

NFL Coaches with the Most Super Bowl Rings

Specifically, we're looking at all head honchos who have picked up more than one championship ring from the sidelines. Believe it or not, throughout NFL history, there are not a lot of coaches who have earned multiple titles. That speaks to the competitive playoff parity in the league, but because the list is so exclusive, it's also a nod to how important certain head coaches can be. 

Let's roll.

Bill Belichick (6)


All six of Bill Belichick's wins have come during his time at the helm for the New England Patriots. They are the NFL's most recent dynasty, and one of the only few in league history, period.

Though Belichick has often received credit for his team's success, his credentials will be tested in the coming years now that Tom Brady plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After all, Belichick has yet to win a Super Bowl with anyone else under center.

Chuck Noll (4)

Super Bowl Victories: IX, X, XIII, XIV

Do the 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers count as a dynasty themselves? If not, they're pretty close.

Chuck Noll coached the Steelers to four Super Bowl appearances in six years, and the Steelers won every single one of those games. In the seasons they didn't make the big game, they were still bona fide contenders, routinely winning at least one postseason game and dominating the regular-season competition in the AFC.

Bill Walsh (3)

Super Bowl Victories: XVI, XIX, XXIII

Few NFL teams could hold a candle to Bill Walsh's San Francisco 49ers during the 1980s.

Between 1981 and 1988, his squads turned in seven 10-win seasons that included three Super Bowl appearances and subsequent victories. Somewhat oddly, Walsh just missed out on the chance to snag a fourth ring. The year after he vacated the sidelines, in 1989, the Nines won another Super Bowl.

Joe Gibbs (3)

Super Bowl Victories: XVII, XX, XXVI

Remember when the Washington Football Team was, you know, good? You probably don't. And that's fair. They haven't been good in roughly forever—since Joe Gibbs was wandering the sidelines.

Between 1982 and 1991, his Washington teams made four Super Bowl appearances while managing to win three of them. Incidentally, they won the equivalent of fewer than 10 games only once during that decade. It was a true era of dominance, and last Washington has ever known.

joe gibbs

"Joe Gibbs" by ckelley is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0


Vince Lombardi (2)

Super Bowl Victories: I, II

The Super Bowl trophy is called the Vince Lombardi Trophy for a reason.

Its namesake, Green Bay Packers head coach Vince Lombardi, led his team to victories in the first two Super Bowls that ever took place. His team unfortunately never received a chance to three-peat, as he left for Washington after their victory in Super Bowl II.

Tom Landry (2)

Super Bowl Victories: VI, XII

Tom Landry is the first coach the Dallas Cowboys ever employed. He led the team from sidelines during their inaugural 1960 season, and he stayed there all the way through the 1988 campaign.

During that span, Landry coached the Cowboys to two Super Bowl wins and five appearances overall. Though his 2-3 record in the big name isn't too impressive, he remains the winningest coach in Dallas' franchise history.

Tom Coughlin (2)

Super Bowl Victories: XLII, XLVI

Tom Coughlin's two Super Bowl victories with the New York Giants are incredibly unique. Neither squad was particularly dominant entering the postseason; one was 10-6, and the other was 9-7. They also each needed to go up against a dynastic version of the New England Patriots.

Thanks to huge fourth quarters from Eli Manning in both instances, the Giants were able to pull off what remain two of the bigger upsets in NFL history. Coughlin is largely credited with instilling the culture of accountability that allowed a less-than-amazing team to reach amazing heights.

Mike Shanahan (2)

Super Bowl Victories: XXXII, XXXIII

Even Denver Broncos fans who aren't old enough to remember the dominant teams of the late 1990s know how important Mike Shanahan is to the franchise. Both of his Super Bowl squads included quarterback John Elway, but the defense Shanahan built was actually considered their defining trait.

That mentality has trickled over to later versions of the Broncos. Elway now runs the franchise, and he has tried to assemble teams built around elite defenses rather than offenses. The returns have been mixed. He has earned one Super Bowl victory as an executive, but Denver has yet to sniff anything close to the level they played at when Shanahan guided them to five championship-round appearances. 

mike shanahan

"Mike Shanahan" by Sky Noir is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Don Shula (2)

Super Bowl Victories: VII, VIII

All football fans remember the ultra-talented Miami Dolphins teams headed up by Don Shula. They were a smaller dynasty in their own right, winning back-to-back Super Bowls in 1972 and 1973. He is idolized by Dolphins fans to this day—in no small part because they haven't won a title since he meandered about the sidelines.

Tom Flores (2)

Super Bowl Victories: XV, XVIII

Tom Flores' nine-season tenure at the helm of the then-Oakland and -Los Angeles Raiders wasn't always smooth sailing. They compiled a few sub-.500 seasons under his tutelage and developed a reputation for being extremely hit-or-miss.

Still, the Raiders can have no regrets about that time. Winning a Super Bowl is hard, and Flores coached them to two.

Bill Parcells (2)

Super Bowl Victories: XXI, XXV

For some reason, Bill Parcells remains more associated with the Cowboys and the New York Jets than the Giants. That's a mistake. 

Parcells did not win a Super Bowl in Dallas. He picked up two in New York, all while establishing them as one of the most feared defenses in the league over a nearly decade-long span.

Jimmy Johnson (2)

Super Bowl Victories: XXVII, XXVIII

The Cowboys have won one Super Bowl since the days of Jimmy Johnson, but it feels like they've actually won none. Referred to as America's Team, Dallas has spent the bulk of the past two decades wallowing in mediocrity.

Johnson is the coaching symbol from their last reign of terror. They won two Super Bowls in the 1990s while being led by himself and superstar quarterback Troy Aikman. The franchise has spent the past 20-plus years trying to get back to that level.

George Seifert (2)

Super Bowl Victories: XXIV, XXIX

Known for his player-friendly, laid-back coaching style, George Seifert led the Niners to a pair of Super Bowl victories—the first in 1989, the second in 1994. Looking back, it's a wonder he was never able to win more.

No coach in the Niners franchise history has a higher winning percentage than Seifert's 98-30 record. But while he coached some truly dominant teams, San Francisco had this knack for getting bounced in the earlier rounds throughout most of his tenure.

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