Super Bowl LV Prop Bets Picks

Super Bowl LV Prop Bets Picks

Ah, it's that time of year again: Super Bowl props time! The matchup has been set for over a week now. We're getting to see the Kansas City Chiefs face off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If you're looking for our flat-out Super Bowl picks, you'll need to check out the article we have exactly for that. This is for NFL prop bets only.

While there are many options from which to choose, we'll start with everyone's favorite: Super Bowl MVP. After that, we'll get into the more fun stuff. To start us off, though, here are the latest Super Bowl MVP odds for the 25 players most likely to win, courtesy of Bovada:

Super Bowl MVP PickBovada
Patrick Mahomes-120
Tom Brady+200
Tyreek Hill+1000
Travis Kelce+1000
Leonard Fournette+2500
Mike Evans+2800
Chris Godwin+3000
Tyran Mathieu+3000
Devin White+3000
Clyde Edwards-Helaire+3500
Shaquil Barrett+4500
Mecole Hardman+5000
Antonio Brown+5500
Ronald Jones+5500
Cameron Brate+6600
Frank Clark+6600
Lavonte David+6600
Willie Gay+6600
Rob Gronkowski+6600
Chris Jones+6600
Scotty Miller+6600
Sammy Watkins+6600
Jordan Whitehead+6600
Darrel Williams+6600
Antoine Winfield Jr.+6600

Like always, be sure to double-check these Super Bowl prop lines for accuracy prior to deciding on any wagers. The odds shouldn't move too much between now and kickoff, but there will be some shiftiness in the coming days.

Super Bowl LV Props Breakdown

Let's get into our Super Bowl MVP picks first, shall we? We'll dig deeper into the slate after identifying our winner.

Super Bowl MVP Prediction

Quarterbacks are the most popular Super Bowl MVP winners. Three of the last four have gone to those under center, while other positions have won just three of the past 11.

This is baked into the odds. Patrick Mahomes (-120) and Tom Brady (+200) lead the way over everyone else. The safe bet is to pick the QB from the team you think will win the entire game. Super Bowl MVPs are seldom doled out to players from the losing side.

If you're looking for some dark-horse picks, Tyreek Hill (+1000) and Travis Kelce (+1000) deserve your consideration. Both are threats to turn in a 10-catch, 100-plus-yard, multi-touchdown performance. That might be enough to earn them the nod if Kansas City wins.

For Tampa Bay, consider taking a look at someone from their defense. The Bucs are young and frisky on that side of the ball, which is a huge part of why they've made it this far. Linebacker Devin White (+3000) would be our choice if you go this route. He is what you would call the quarterback of Tampa Bay's defense.

OSB Prediction: Patrick Mahomes (-120) 

Patrick Mahomes To win Super Bowl MVP

Correct Score

We won't list all of the options here, because Bovada is offering more than 1,250 correct scores. They are willing to give you odds on more outcomes upon request, too.

Usually, we'd be an advocate against having to pick something so exact. At the same time, payouts on the correct scores currently range from +17500 to +25000. Why not throw a couple of shekels on a final score or two that you believe to be a legitimate possibility?

Working through this prediction can be tough. It's best to start with the Super Bowl over/under and go from there. It's currently set at 56.5. We'd take the over, given that the two teams are combining to average well above 60 points per game so far.

Using that baseline, we then have to make our actual game pick. The Bucs have been impressive, but the Chiefs are dominant. We like Kansas City to win. Finally, we should look at the spread. It has held serve at around 3.5 points. We think Kansas City will cover.

So, knowing all this, we need to pick a final score that amounts to 57 or more points, and that sees the Chiefs win by four or more points. That gives us...

OSB Prediction: Kansas City: 33, Tampa Bay: 27 (+17500)

Chiefs 33, Bucs 27 Correct Score

Number of Times the Patriots Get Mentioned

Tom Brady used to play for the New England Patriots. He won six Super Bowls with them. He and head coach Bill Belichick forged a dynasty. Did you know that? Of course, you did. The announcers will remind you anyway. 

Here are the odds:

  • Over two (-130)
  • Under two (-110)

Easy money much? Even if you wanted to go with the dark-horse pick, it still pays out under 1-to-1.

Not that it matters. Brady leaving the Patriots and heading to the Super Bowl the very next season is bound to garner at least a half-dozen mentions. It will also get brought up if and when Rob Gronkowski ever makes a catch.

OSB Prediction: Over two (-130)

Over Two Patriots Get Mentioned

What Will Happen First?

This is a two-outcome prop. Let's check out the odds:

  • Touchdown (-150)
  • Sack (+110)

Going with a sack is tempting here. Super Bowls so often begin as a slog. Teams are nervous, and they're more so looking to control the pace of play.

But Brady and Mahomes aren't new to the stakes. More than that, only three teams allowed fewer sacks than both these squads during the regular season. Go with the favorite.

OSB Prediction: Touchdown (-150)

Touchdown To happen first

Will a Non-QB Throw a Touchdown?

You might think you know the answer to this one. But check out the odds first:

  • No (-700)
  • Yes (+400)

Stab-in-the-dark alert, but it's worth noting that both Kelce and Sammy Watkins attempted multiple throws for the Chiefs this season. Head coach Andy Reid is known for his creativity, and he could look to try catching the Bucs off guard if the run game isn't working. We're stepping out on a limb.

OSB Prediction: Yes (+400)

Yes A non-QB will throw a touchdown

Will the Game Be Tied Again After 0-0?

This is an interesting one. Here are the odds:

  • Yes (-170)
  • No (+130)

Selecting "no" only makes sense if you think there will be an early safety, two-point conversion, or that this will be a blowout. Otherwise, you should assume that these offenses will knot it up at some point after 0-0.

Then again, this Super Bowl has the makings of a blowout. The Bucs have really held their own during the playoffs, but limiting this Patrick Mahomes-led offense is difficult. Even if they remain within a touchdown all game, we think it'll be a futile competition of catch-up.

OSB Prediction: No (+130)

No The game will not be tied again

Halftime Show Wardrobe Changes

We have to bake in at least one of these fun Super Bowl props. Our choice? The number of times The Weekend changes their clothes during the halftime show. The odds are as follows:

  • Over 0.5 (-380)
  • Under 0.5 (+240)

Betting on something at -380 is far from lucrative, but it's also easy money. Anyone who has ever seen The Weekend perform before, not to mention a Super Bowl halftime show in general, knows there will probably be more than one wardrobe change.

Over 0.5 0.5 Wardrobe Changes

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